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Miami Food Trucks

Thanks to our sunny weather, our mix of many cultures and the availability of large parking lots, Miami has passionately embraced the food truck phenomenon. From single trucks that park next to an office building, to giant cuisine caravans that gather in public parking lots, food trucks are now a permanent part of the Miami landscape.

The menus are as varied as Miami’s local population. Cuban hamburgers, gourmet Vietnamese, fish tacos, dim sum, grilled cheese, gelato – if you’re craving it, you’l

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A huge advantage of being here in St. Lucia is the year round growing season”, says Allen Susser, Consulting Chef at Jade Mountain Resort. A twisting back country road leads from Soufriere, the closest village, traversing deep forest and steep cliffs overlooking the ocean and craggy jade colored peaks of Saint Lucia’s 2 signature mountains…Petit and Gran Piton.

Situated at the edge of a vast rainforest, Jade Mountain’s 650 acres include their Emerald Estate gardens blessed with perfect growing

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Thousands of people converged on Regent’s Park in London for an annual summer event which showcases the vibrant food and culture of Britain and other parts of the world. Taste of London offers visitors the unique opportunity to dine from 40 of the capital’s top restaurants, sample and buy from 200 food and drink producers, enjoy wine tasting and watch some of the world’s greatest chefs demonstrate their skills live on stage.


As in previous years Thailand’s section seemed to attract the biggest

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29 Must Visit Cities for 2011

Longing for some sunshine, want to explore a new culture, have a craving for new tastes or fancy a night out in town? City Breaks are an ideal and affordable weekend escape for you and your friends, your partner or the whole family. We have taken the most important factors: weather, cost, food, accessibility, culture and safety, and have rolled up a list of Must-Visit cities around the world. You just have to get up and go!


#29 Amsterdam


Did you know: Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 7

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Popular with the yachting community,
Kinsale is a beautiful little town in southern Ireland, clustered around a harbor. White sails still reflect the sun as small and medium sized sailboats come and go, some preparing for the many sailing competitions held here annually.

In the 17th & 18th centuries, Kinsale was an important naval center. All that remains of that history now is the Charles Fort, one of the finest remaining examples of star-shaped bastion forts common in that time.

In addition to i

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Hanoi is famous for not only tourist attractions but also famous for good and traditional dishes. Hanoi Imperial Hotel would like to recommend you top 5 good dishes in Hanoi which you should not miss to try when travelling to Hanoi.

  1. Phở (Noodle soup):

The dish was invented in the early 20 century and become one of the most famous foods in Hanoi. Pho or noodle soup is appeared anywhere from street vendors to high end restaurant chain Pho 24. Some is served with chicken and some with beef. Each type

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Miami is full of culture and each culture has it’s own traditions, practices but most importantly food. As a native Miamian I thought I knew all there was to know about Miami when it came to good restaurants and where to eat what but recently I went on Miami Culinary Tours South Beach lunch tour to be taught a lesson.

Covering a variety of cuisines from Colombian, to Cuban, to Jewish, to Italian, to Venezuelan, to Peruvian the tour did a pretty great job of encompassing an entire city’s melting p

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Acclaimed Latin Rock band Del Castillo will perform at Party on the Pier on Sat., July 20.  Mitchell Historic Properties and the restaurants and attractions at Pier 21® present this new free, family-friendly gathering, which takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through October and features live music and entertainment including performances by award winning Austin musicians. 

Del Castillo has won upwards of 18 awards for their eclectic blend of Flamenco, Rock, Lati

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GALVESTON ISLAND, Texas (May 10, 2013) –   Galveston has long been home to a thriving art and live music scene.  This year, Mitchell Historic Properties and the restaurants and attractions at Pier 21® are raising the bar with a new monthly event called Party on the Pier.  The free, family-friendly gathering takes place on the third Saturday of the month from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through October and features live music and entertainment including performances by award winning Austin musicians. 


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Cirebon: That Duck Place

Your heart beat faster, a moment of anticipation...even how may times you are told that nothing good will come from indulging from it, yet you still come back for more.

In its cholesterol yummy goodness Bebek Goreng had become my comfort food since I had arrived here in Cirebon. Back home bebek (or duck) is not usually part of a staple diet at least where I came from. It was the one of the first restaurants we were introduced to when we first got here. We went to H. Salamet Bebek Goreng. Everbody

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Ho Chi Minh City has an abundant cuisine with many delicious dishes made as well as on the side of the road as in a top-end restaurant.

Let’s see favourite foods in HCMC listed by One2Fly magazine:

1. “Bánh bèo” - bloating fern-shaped cake – Ben Thanh Market

"Bánh bèo" is a special cake. Its main ingredient is milled-rice powder. It is accompanied with ground shrimps, a little salad oil, fatty and sweet source made of fresh shrimp. Banh Beo is also a very popular nosh in Hue city.

This is a type of

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It all started one day in Malaysia while I was traveling around the world, over a bowl of roti canai at a guesthouse breakfast. A fellow traveler, from Britain, who had just come from a India, and I began talking, until he made a statement that seemed so ridiculous, so far-fetched that I refused to believe it could possibly be true.

As many of you know, I eat spicy. Rare is a dish (besides those from my mother's kitchen) that is too hot for me. That is because, within India, a country famed for i

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Must-Take-Home Cayman Island Savories


When you're packing light, it's tough deciding what to take back home for souvenirs. Is it liquid, too heavy, fragile? Well, if you're coming from the Cayman Islands, you have options! Here are 3 not-to-miss Cayman savories that you'll absolutely enjoy for weeks to come after returning from your island escape.

Tortuga Rum Cake

In 1984, while working for Cayman Airways, Captain Robert Hamaty and his wife Carlene founded the Tortuga Rum Company. For years Carlene baked rum cakes for special occasion

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Braised pork with hard-boiled eggs also known as : thit kho nuoc dua or thit kho tau, thit ko riu, thit kho trung. This dish usually cooked in the Tet holiday (Vietnamese Lunar New Year ) and served with fresh cabbage, bean-sprouts pickles, pickled spring onions and steam rice or sometimes rice-paper.


- 1kg boneless pork shoulder (or pork belly 1:1: fat : meat)

- 5 hard-boiled duck or chicken eggs, shelled.

- 4-5 cup coconut water

- 1/2 cup fish sauce

- 4 cloves of garlic, mashed

- sugar

- s

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via Wandermelon.combushtucker tours

Like canoeing and exotic food? Or just raring to play Crocodile Dundee or Steve Irwin? (OK, maybe not Steve Irwin.) Have we got a soft adventure tour for you. With a starting point in Margaret River, 172 miles (277 km) south of Perth, in Western Australia, the Cave and Canoe Bushtucker Tour from local outfitter Bushtucker Tours (a Tripatini member) floats you into the Outback, with its unusual fauna and flora, aboriginal cave dwellings, and culinary offerings. Sure, kangaroo

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Fish Stew from Setubal, Portugal

Caldeirada-3.jpg?width=250Are you ready to an excelent plate at lunch? A caldeirada, a traditional Portuguese fish stew, can consist of seafood (caldeirada de marisco), salted codfish (caldeirada de bacalhao) or any fish of your choice.


Ingredients (besides the fish):

4 large potatoes, 4 cloves of garlic, 1 large onion, 3 large tomatos, 1 red and 1 greene pepper, Olive oil, White wine, Sea salt, Coriander




Take a large pot, cut the fish into big lumps (including the heads, tails and bones, don’t throw away the

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A big part of our traveling is the food. How often do we find a delicious delicacy and wish we could have it at home?

Bouillabaisse in Nice; Schweinhocken in Munich; Leige waffles in Belgium; or even a gumbo from Lousiana. It may be hard to find that perfect ethnic restaurant in your neighborhood that makes it but you can always try to recreate it yourself.

That’s what we did after our recent trip to Ensenada in Baja California. We had the most perfect dish of chilaquiles con huevos at Restaurant

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Top Chefs Promote Local Cuisine at Cayman Cookout


The Caribbean is filled with fresh from-the-tree & garden ingredients along with daily just-caught fish right off shore. Up until just 5 years ago, many Cayman Island restaurants simply had key ingredients shipped in from elsewhere instead. On the surface, this may seem like lunacy. Why not simply harvest what's in your backyard rather than have it shipped from around the globe? The answer is twofold. First, more obscure island produce couldn't be farmed and sold profitably. As a result, island

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Here's my dilemma: I often write about food. I'm supposed to be (and occasionally am) discerning beyond the pale of ordinary mortals — you know, the kind who relish fast food and chain restaurants. I also majored in Chinese. I'm supposed to know the top Zhongguo joints in a 10-mile radius, no matter where I am. Then why, I do wonder, am I so fascinated with Pei Wei, the casual cousin of P.F. Chang's, two chains spreading the length and breadth of our land like crazed straw mushrooms?

Flavor, I

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