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New York City's Street Fare


Give the best ingredients to Yassir Raouli, founder of the Bistro Truck, and he’ll create a masterpiece . . . or, as was9008652666?profile=original the case early in August, five of them.

Raouli left its usual spot in the city one summer afternoon for an uptown corner in New York City to serve his creations to foodies, who thrive on street fare.  “This is what I do. This is my art,” said Moroccan-born Raouli, who swapped his usual Moroccan-Mediterranean menu and used Jennie-O all natural turke

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Miami Food Trucks

Thanks to our sunny weather, our mix of many cultures and the availability of large parking lots, Miami has passionately embraced the food truck phenomenon. From single trucks that park next to an office building, to giant cuisine caravans that gather in public parking lots, food trucks are now a permanent part of the Miami landscape.

The menus are as varied as Miami’s local population. Cuban hamburgers, gourmet Vietnamese, fish tacos, dim sum, grilled cheese, gelato – if you’re craving it, you’l

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