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Admittedly, inflight dining has not gotten a lot of love over much of the course of commercial aviation's history. Actually, early in that history, in the 1930s, multi-course meals were cooked onboard. However, as the postwar demand for flights took off in the 1950’s and 60’s and aircraft sizes (and therefore passenger numbers on each flight) grew, this soon proved impractical, and the complexity of cooking for hundreds of passengers in a tight space within a limited time frame prompted airl

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9009004684?profile=originalOne of the great aspects about visiting the famous cloud forest in Monteverde, Costa Rica, is all of the fantastic restaurants in the area. Whether it is because so many international residents from all over the world live here, or that Monteverde is a popular tourism destination in Costa Rica, the result is the same – excellent gourmet cuisine at dozens of restaurants in the high mountain jungle.

Two of the best restaurants in Monteverde are located at the luxury Hotel El Establo. Located very n

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New York City Is Hungry for Food Halls

Increasingly popular in many cities throughout the world – food halls have especially become a big thing of late in New York City, and for visitors they’re providing some of the most fun ways possible to take a bite out of the Big Apple. Unlike the “food courts” that have been with us since the 1980s, these extensive venues are usually crammed with multiple, cutting-edge vendors. Three were launched just last year and at least three more are due over the next year, courtesy of celebrity chefs A

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A Slice of "L'Italia," San Diego-Style

2996640.jpgThe recipe seems simple: take 2 award-winning chefs and one acclaimed restaurateur. Blend with high-quality sustainable ingredients, sprinkle liberally with lots of creativity and serve with class.  

The result: Pizzeria Mozza!

A southern California favorite since they opened the original Los Angeles restaurant in 2006, it seemed only fitting than when owners Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich were seeking a location for their new San Diego incarnation, they selected a slice of l
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If you are lucky enough to visit the striking Cuban capital Havana, we’d like to recommend a few nice places where you can have lunch or dinner:

Paladar El Rincón de Elegguá

Here you will find many chicken, pork or fish-based dishes. It is a very well located restaurant, which might make the dishes more expensive than at other places but the difference is worth it. The decoration at El Rincón de Eleggua is simple and the service is very good. It is located at Aguacate 257 between Obispo and Obra

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After arriving in the late afternoon and settling in at the Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott on Chincoteague Island for a weeklong August getaway, we were ready for an early dinner.  Our plan was to kick back at a nearby eatery that was a favorite of the locals, and had a loose vibe.  Fortunately, we didn’t need to travel far; a ten -second walk from our rooms was the front door of Chincoteague’s first and only waterfront hotel restaurant - The Jackspot.

Located right on property, 
The Jacksp

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It's official: gastronomy is overtaking gambling as Vegas' highest grossing attraction. Most of us want a sure bet these days and our palates rather than the comp card increasingly drive the buying decisions. Thanks to celebrity chefdom and farm-to-table ethos, our awareness of fresh ingredients and demand for exquisite dishes prepared by culinary artists has risen meteorically.

Venetian-Palazzo, a raging culinary flashpoint on the Vegas strip boasts the highest number of James Beard chefs togeth

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Cold Beers are flowing at Rock & Brews

What do you get when you take a legendary rock star, a successful restaurateur, and a rock promoter and put them together?  You get a micro-pub restaurant like no other.

If you’re like me and grew up as a teenager in the 70s, you most likely attended a Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd or Stones show back in the day. If you find yourself in the confines of Los Angeles and make your way to its south beaches, you can relive your “rock n roll fantasy” and dine on barbequ

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9008997056?profile=originalWouldn’t it be nice to dine in a restaurant that only served freshly-made meals made with locally-sourced ingredients, vegetables picked that same day, sauces that didn’t come from a jar or can, bread hot out of the oven, juices that only a moment ago were whole fruit, and desserts loving crafted by an on-site pastry chef?


In fact, you can. This is what is cooking at Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The renowned Costa Rica eco-adventure hotel at the base of the Rincon de la

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Old India Restaurant – Avant Garde Indian Cuisine


If you are ever in Bristol, England and crave scrumptious Indian cuisine, then a visit to the old Bristol Stock Exchange is in order. Located in an old 100 year plus old structure, the old home of the Bristol Stock Exchange, is now the home to Bristol’s premier Indian Restaurant, ‘Old India.’

Old India Restaurant is worth a visit for the ambiance and décor alone. Although the old Victorian interior is deteriorating a bit, the grand old building ha

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While planning a recent visit to the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, I was on the hunt for a unique, super casual, and customer-approved restaurant where the fam could grab a tasty dinner.

After some searching, I found Barley Creek Brewery in Tannersville, within spitting distance of where we were planning to set up base.  My wife Sue, who appreciates a well-executed brew, would definitely be in the mood for a tall, frosty one after our scheduled day of water parking in the July heat.  

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Rose & Ron Krumpos Dining in Europe


Dining Journeys  (part 2 of 3)




Pølsers in Copenhagen at Tivoli Gardens, where everyone seemed happy

This was our first trip to Europe together, we stayed across from Tivoli Gardens, the whimsical entertainment park enjoyed by young and old alike. It was Walt Disney's inspiration for Disneyland.  We had pølsers (the national sausage) and beer and noted that everyone seemed happy. On the Strøget cobblestone shopping promenade, we ate smørrebrod, open-faced sandwiches. We both like Danish

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Rose & Ron Krumpos Dining in Asia

9008982287?profile=originalDining Journeys  (part 1 of 3)


Ron's Swedish grandmother had once said "I live to eat...I don't eat to live." That sounds like our philosophy. This journal recalls our most memorable dining experiences, in loose geographic order (and mostly chronological) , during 30 years of travel outside the U.S.

Many details add a little color to our foodielogue, including tales (those we dare print) about people in the travel industry who we met along the way. Working for and with international airlines and

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9008978458?profile=originalDining is avant-garde at the Shambala Restaurant at Hotel Tropico Latino in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Now, the restaurant section of the Hotel Tropico Latino website matches the creativity coming out of the kitchen.

Large high-density images flow across the top of the restaurant webpage. Caution: the images of sample dishes may induce drooling. Photographed in such full color detail, you can almost smell and taste the tantalizing cuisine. A video shows off the restaurant of the Santa Teresa beach

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The relaxed Caribbean beach town of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica not only has some of the prettiest beaches in Costa Rica, along with upscale Costa Rica boutique hotels, is also the gastronomic capital of the Costa Rica southern Caribbean coast.


Puerto Viejo’s dining scene reflects its widely varied international population – Caribbean, Italian, Argentinean, Mexican, Asian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, North American, and of course, Costa Rican.


9008926863?profile=original“Considering the size of Puerto Viejo – a small beach tow

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Venice Insider Tips - Eating and Drinking


Sitting down to eat or drink at an Italian café costs more than standing at the counter and nowhere will charge you more for the honour than Venice, particularly if you're outside, in somewhere like St Mark's Square and there's an orchestra playing. The mark-up on your bill can be over 500%! Here are a few tips that will help you keep within your food and drink budget.vce3.jpg

Eating out in Venice is very expensive, but choose to perch at the counter and opt for the dish of the day or a selection of bar

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“Honey, I still don’t see any action in the restaurant!”  

We were sitting on the balcony of our hotel high above the Adriatic with a view directly into a large, empty, open-air restaurant built in a cave which was also high above the crashing surf. For experienced independent travelers we were getting a little concerned. Did we just make a big leap of faith on a good friend’s recommendation to go to this isolated location for an exceptional dining experience?

The Journey of Faith and a Twinge

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Once a humble Howard Johnson's overlooking I-95, JHouse is now Greenwich, Connecticut’s newest hotel and live-music hotspot. Resulting from extreme adaptive reuse, the property’s exterior footprint is the only discernible clue revealing its HoJo origins. The rest is a tricked out ultramodern architectural gem. A grand glassed entrance with a valet at the ready leads into a bright reception area. At first it feels as though you’re entering a museum and in some ways it is once you look up at the i

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Where do you go in Washington DC for a special celebration to make memories with family and friends over food and wine?

My choice for my birthday this year was Fiola Mare restaurant, the newest brainchild of award-winning chef and owner Fabio Trabocchi (below), whose passion for cooking and for seafood came from his years growing up in Le Marche region of Italy.
Opened in February 2014, Fiola Mare strives to evoke the kind of seaside dining experience found along the coast of Italy and the Med
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jupiterhotelexterior1-1024x786.jpg?width=515To countless monikers like " Rip City" , "Stumptown," and "Beervana,"  I have added Bridge City to Portland, Oregon's list. The Willamette River runs right through the center of the city, with a total of 9 bridges (not counting rail) connecting downtown to Eastside neighborhood districts like Buckman, Sunnyside, and Ladd's Addition. Some bridges are only doable by car, but others like the Burnside Bridge are pedestrian/ bike-friendly leading directly to streets flanked with former warehouses, fa

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