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Top Places To See While Visiting Cairo!

Cairo is the city that amazes us with tales of the distant past. When Cairo is mentioned, thoughts automatically turn to the pharaohs. A visit to this Egyptian city affords us the opportunity to experience the awe-inspiring phenomenon of a journey through time, in which every element coexists in perfect harmony with the environment. 

Cairo is one of the most visited cities in the world that offer beautiful architecture and alluring sights. There are a lot of places to see and also engage in a lot

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Cairo, Egypt, the Pyramids and More

I’ll start this post at the Pyramids. In the words of Alexander the Great, Marc Anthony, Napoleon, General Montgomery and Jerry Garcia, “oh maaan”. My wife, who has been here before, warned me that I would be overwhelmed and might cry.  I was so overwhelmed I had to get into an ambulance, but more on that later.


The paramedic made me comfortable but he was dissapointed I turned down a ride to the hospital. I just could not imagine the hospital.

Let us start with the midnight flight from Sharjah t

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4 Fabulous Highlights of Cairo


Al-Muizz Street

In addition to its bustling shops, cafés, restaurants, and street life, this street is also home to the greatest concentration of medieval treasures in the Islamic world and one of Egypt's greatest Islamic open museum. The charming Muizz street was built by 969 AD and holds many castles and mosques the features the masterful architecture design of the Ayubid, Mamluk and Ottoman dynasties.

Old Cairo Nightlife

During the daytime, Cairo offers countless number of monuments and ar

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