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This narrow strip of land along the Mediterranean coast between Israel and Egypt is tiny – just 141 square miles/365 sq. kilometers (about the size of Las Vegas or the British city of  Sheffield) – and with a population of nearly 2.1 million, making it one of the world´s most densely packed territories.

And Gaza has of course massively been in the news since October 7 because of the tragic and horrific reasons with which by now we´re all too familiar. And when it comes to spots

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Dubai Garden Glow Is a Unique Attraction


Dubai Garden Glow, a magnificent gem nestled in the heart of the bustling city, is a realm of luminance, artistry, and boundless creativity. Tucked away in Zabeel Park, this remarkable attraction is a testament to Dubai's knack for turning dreams into reality. As I stepped into this magical world, I found myself transported into a realm of wonder, where imagination knows no boundaries. In this blog post, join me as I explore the captivating attractions that Dubai Garden Glow has to offer, and d

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Arabian Ranches Villas for Sale in Dubai

Nestled amidst the tranquil desert landscapes of Dubai, the Arabian Ranches Villas stand as a testament to elegance, luxury, and modern living. This premier residential community, developed by Emaar Properties, offers an exceptional blend of contemporary architecture, lush green spaces, and world-class amenities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an upscale and tranquil lifestyle.

Comprising a diverse range of meticulously designed villas, Arabian Ranches caters to the discerning taste

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Conquering Israel´s Masada

L2F-Jul-16-pic-Israel-Masada-far-aerial-shot-Itamar-Grinberg-for-the-Israeli-Ministry-of-Tourism-Flickr.jpg?profile=RESIZE_930xItamar Grinberg/Israeli Ministry of Tourism

Israel is truly a land of exceptional sights – and sites – from top to bottom. But roughly two hours south of Jerusalem, one of its most evocative (and popular) high points, so to speak, looms in the Judea desert some 396 metres (1,300 feet) above the shores of the Dead Sea. Masada (Hebrew for fortress) is an imposing UNESCO World Heritage Site, and after Jerusalem the most visited spot in the country. At this rugged fortress complex, excavated in th

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Saudi Arabia's Top 9 Destinations


Long relatively inaccessible to tourism, this kingdom of oil, sand, and Islamic history, steeped in culture and tradition, has in recent years been opening up to and even promoting tourism. And it has much to offer, from the bustling cities of Riyadh and Jeddah to the tranquil beauty of the Arabian Desert to the the holiest sites in Islam, such as the cities of Mecca and Medina, visited by millions of Muslims every year for their Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages (with a range of Umrah packages avail

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Opulent vibes, Arabian charm, and iconic attractions made Dubai a world-famous holiday spot. Every year hundreds of travel fanatics choose this city for some exclusive experiences. Besides, desert, beach, mountain- you get everything in one place.

Hence, what else do you need for an ideal vacation? Therefore, we have curated a list for those who want to take their family on a fun vacation. It will surely make your trip relaxing, rejuvenating, and memorable.

IMG Worlds of Adventure

The IMG Worlds of

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Now that COVID restrictions are largely a thing of the past, once-in-a lifetime, bucket-list experiences are again within reach - with the caveat that our will to see the world is tempered with an awareness of travel's negative impact. So the pandemic was an awakening.

Offering handpicked riding holidays, specialist tour operator Ranch Rider has rounded up five dream horseback adventures that align with our newfound consciousness:



Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, British Columbia


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Historic Mosques in Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Makkah is the city where the religion Islam emerged. It is considered the first holiest place in the world. Makkah is the birthplace of the last Islamic Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Makkah is the heart of Islam. Makkah is usually known as the fountainhead and Cradle of Islam. The largest annual gathering (Hajj) of the World happens in Makkah. Muslims visit Makkah to perform Hajj and Umrah in the holy House of ALLAH “the Kabaa”. In Ramadan, the reward of good deeds increases in the proportion to virtue

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4 of Qatar's Top Tourism Allures



Qatar is one of the most famous tourist destinations as Qatar tourism nowadays has recently become a great tourism country. Qatar is located in the Gulf area in Western Asia which is in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula. In addition, Qatar has played a great role by hosting the World Cup 2022 as the world witnessed an amazing organized World Cup. Moreover, Qatar is a peninsular Arab country, thus it is famous for its natural sites overlooking the gulf. So, we will tell you everything

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Petra, the Jewel of Jordan

Petra, a mysterious ancient city of Jordan

Petra, is the Crown Jewel of attractions and sites in Jordan, Petra, certainly is the jewel of Jordan. It is a mysterious ancient city that was hidden throughout modern history until being rediscovered by John Lewis Burckhardt back in 1812.

Interesting facts about Petra

The city was lost for so many years because the Bedouins kept it a secret from them. They saw the city as a place to live during the winter and stayed until 1984. In the s

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Dubai is a city of lights, as well as a city of spectacle, and larger than life. So naturally you can expect to be able to ring in the New Year in spectacular fashion, and here are my top five suggestions:

Take in the Fireworks at Jumeirah

(Top) To see the fireworks, you will have to go to Jumeirah Beach Residence. The show starts at 8:30 pm and lasts for 30 minutes.The best way to get there is by taxi or your own car. You can also take public transportation there as well, but it's not recomme

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An Introduction to Muscat, Capital of Oman

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After arriving on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul, as we drove in from the airport to Muscat's Mutrah district to begin our Oman tour, it struck us that this city of 1.7 million was everything we'd expected as the capital of a wealthy Gulf sultanate in the 21st century - modern highways in perfect condition, lavish buildings, decorative lighting - in addition to the streetlights from the road which give way to the old houses with a European flair (Oman was occupied by

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Planning a Business Trip to Dubai



Traveling to a foreign country is never easy. You have to deal with language barriers, cultural differences, communication problems and airline hassles, and of course you don't know your way around. Your business trip to Dubai doesn't have to be a stressful experience, however, if you prepare in advance.


When to Go

Dubai weather is sometimes unpredictable, and most people won't schedule a business trip during the summer months. You are better off planning your trip for the late fall and ear

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by Inka Piegsa-Quischotte 

Israel’s neighbour Jordan is home to some the most fascinating excursions from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Top of the list for many, of course, is Petra, the jawdropping, 2nd-century city hewn out of living rock, and nearby Wadi Rum, a mix of dramatic natural scenery and more ancient historic sites.


But many visitors tend to overlook several sites in the kingdom which are just as important and nearly as dramatic as Petra, best done in a two- or three-day itine

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Next Year in Jerusalem!

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by Marcia Levin

Legendary Jerusalem! The ancient city holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims alike is also an irresistible magnet for history, archaeology, and culture vultures the world over. Furthermore, it’s a fascinating and highly photogenic mix of ancient, merely old, and cutting-edge, with world-class hotels, myriad dining options and life-changing sights and experiences around every corner.

The first step in exploring Jerusalem is a visit to the Old City, where the Western

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