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Now that COVID restrictions are largely a thing of the past, once-in-a lifetime, bucket-list experiences are again within reach - with the caveat that our will to see the world is tempered with an awareness of travel's negative impact. So the pandemic was an awakening.

Offering handpicked riding holidays, specialist tour operator Ranch Rider has rounded up five dream horseback adventures that align with our newfound consciousness:



Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, British Columbia


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Truth be told, many travellers from abroad fail to understand what you should know before visiting Kenya and the reasons to visit Africa, right? Visiting a new place always comes with lots of cautiousness because of the unique and uncommon things one might experience. Good news, this article will help you know some of the best practices you should implement or should know before visiting Kenya for amazing vacations. And so, Kenya, a land of diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and abund
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9 of Cape Town's Most Photographable Spots



The "Mother City" is a photographer's dream, offering an seemingly endless supply of impressive landscapes and cityscapes making it the perfect place to practice and hone your photography skills, whether your're a beginner or a pro. And needless to say, Instagram ❤ Cape Town! Here are nine terrific examples.

The Bo-Kaap

Situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre, this district also known as the Malay Quarter is one of the most colourful in Cape Town. It's also ste

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Venturing into Morocco's Sahara Desert

10972318069?profile=RESIZE_930xphotos | David Paul Appell

When good friends asked my husband and me to join them to spend New Year’s Eve in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, it was hard to say no. We’d visited this country many years ago and had been utterly entranced by its culture, architecture, food, and people – yet we’d not yet gotten to the vast dunes of its northeast. And quite a trip it turned out to be..


Flying into Marrakesh, we spent a couple of days exploring its exotic, labyrinthine medina; its expansive Jamaa El-F

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Get your vacation package tailored with the best of Southern Africa packages from the South Africa DMC. Offering the best destinations, loaded with adventure and leisure, the tour package can be ideally customized as per your needs and travel reference. Talking about the family vacation in South Africa, the tour operators offer the best activities as biking, zip-lining and more.


For kids, a destination like Sun City Resorts and Tsitsikamma are the best that where one can enjoy the day at Water Pa

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Whether they're here on a honeymoon tour or for any other reason, the Rainbow Nation in addition to history, culture, and safaris as well as other ecotourism sweetens visitors' experiences with its own unique cuisine, the legacy of African, Dutch, English, French, Indian, and Malay influences over the centuries. Here are a half dozen not to miss:

Bunny Chow

South Africa's most famous dish (top) originated in the city of Durban's Indian community in the 1940s and has been gradually finding i

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A Rare White Giraffe Sighting in Kenya

In early june this year, reports of a white baby giraffe and its mother were reported to us by the rangers who got the report from one of the villagers adjacent to the Ishaqbini Hirola Conservancy of northeastern Kenya. We hurriedly headed to the scene as soon as we got the news. And lo and behold, there right in front of us were the two celebrated albino giraffes, so close and extremely calm and seemed not disturbed by our presence.  The mother kept pacing back and forth a few yards infront of

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Kenya and Tanzania Travel Deals

9008700697?profile=original If you are looking for good safari deals in Africa, it is advisable to be sure if it is a genuine deal or it has hidden costs.  The phrase 'Good Deals' has a lot and a very deep meaning when it comes to tourist reality check and it takes a tourist time to come to terms with it. The experiences by different tourists and their feedbacks after their various adventures has really left a lot to be desired. Some travelers find out that the quotation they had been given has hidden costs when it is too

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Just to hit the nail on the head, one of the best Africa tourist destinations is Tanzania. This is another region in Africa that I can comfortably describe as 'the world in summery', because in the tourism fraternity, it has all it takes for any adventurous traveler to sacrifice till the last penny for! This is the basic reason why budget travelers, luxury lodge travelers, the young, aged and any other group of travelers who get a chance of coming to Africa would always want to spare a week or s

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16 Days Kenya Tanzania Uganda Safari Gorilla Adventures Safari

Start in Nairobi and end in Lake Naivasha! With the safari tour 16 Days Kenya Tanzania Uganda Safari Adventures, you have a 16 day tour package taking you from Nairobi to Lake Naivasha and through Nairobi, Kenya and 11 other destinations in Africa. 16 Days Kenya Tanzania Uganda Safari Adventures includes accommodation as well as an expert guide, meals, transport.

Day 1 Nairobi - Masai Mara National Park

Pick up from your Hotel at 8.30 a

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Having read a recent article in the Associated Press about the lack of knowledge that travellers between 18 to 30 have about the World, I asked myself: is this ‘responsible’? Shouldn’t they know about the destinations they are going to visit? In my view, education before departure nurtures a sense of respect and responsibility towards a countries people and heritage and can have a substantial effect on minimising the negative effects of tourism.

There are many reasons why young people want to tr
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In a world such as ours it is essential to work together in order to achieve goals If attempted alone it is not possible. Since West Africa Discovery started we have made a big effort to develop partnerships to help develop Responsible Tourism in West African region. We are extremely grateful to our current partners in the field who have made a lot of effort already to spread the word of Sustainable Tourism in their respectful countries, and to have gathered important information which has helpe
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Last Sunday, on a cold day in London, I was settled in for a day of sport which of course featured the Cup of Nations final between Egypt and Ghana. The two hours of coverage on BBC2 gave me the chance to watch football in faraway lands, and enjoy a beer in the comfort of my living room; perfect. Unfortunately this was one of only three matches accessible to the masses (the semi finals were shown on BBC3) and scheduled at the same time as the big Arsenal v Manchester United match. You just have

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Happy New Year and welcome to the first WAD blog of 2010! As Tom mentioned last week the last year has been a busy one, and there is going to be plenty of exciting stuff coming up too. As I’ve talked about in a previous blog there is going to be a massive focus on the African continent this summer with the World Cup Finals hosted in South Africa. For the sport hungry people amongst you there is a nice warm-up to the World Cup with the African Cup of Nations starting in Angola within the next few

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Bénin, a former French Colony in the Central West of Africa lies east of Togo, west of Nigeria and south of Burkina Faso and Niger. It is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, and is a place of unusual beauty. This destination is home to rich natural and cultural heritages, interesting architecture and UNESCO World Heritage historic sites in its capital city Porto Novo. Bénin is easily accessible by air with flights to the city of Cotonou departing from Belgium, France, and a number of A
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This Is Africa

Africa consists of people of different tribes and languages that form communities. There exist as many ethnic languages as there are ethnic tribes. Some communities may share the names of some objects or how they refer to different occasions of seasons while other communities are completely different depending on their direction of origin or the influence they experienced during the invasion of Africa by the white.

After a lot of time has passed and so many remarkable changes have been noticed si

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9008696071?profile=originalMostly referred to as the highest point of Africa by mountain climbers, Mount Kilimanjaro is actually the tallest mountain in the African region. Its highest peaks rest at an altitude of 5895 meters above the sea level. Climbing mount Kilimanjaro is a memorable adventure activity, full of a wonderful and life-long experience as one goes from one campsite to another at different altitudes of the mountain with the help of a mountain guide.

Most climbers prefer climbing this gigantic African mountai

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Thanks a lot for picking up the receiver! And this has definitely reached you in time. You could be 15 or 50, but my fantastic experience with African Home Adventure tours and travel, keeps reminding me to tell you to give them a try. Even to help coloring your trip more, not to mention making you realize the real meaning of a holiday. Tell like-minded people about a trip with African Home Adventure and convince them to go on a trip with you. If you book the same trip at least four of you or mor

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Welcome to tripatini! An introduction...

Hello All,


I am so glad to find this website and all of its resources and thought I'd take the time to introduce myself and weasel my way into the community - lol. My husband and I consider ourselves avid travelers, in the past time and money constricted what we could do - now it is just money. We retired last year, I was a teacher, he worked for the utility company. Our travel was restricted to spring breaks and summer vacations - now we can take advantage of offers anytime of the year and are

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