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They're baaack...well, actually they never really left. Ranging from around seven down to just one milimetre (a quarter to 1/32 of an inch) in size, cimex lectualarius lurk on mattresses and sheets and feed on your blood - usually at night while you sleep, and can cause reactions from patches of redness to good-size blisters, usually accompanied by itching and occasionally allergic symptoms. Bed bugs are tenacious - able to survive nearly a year without feeding - and getting rid of them

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Observations and Advice about Jet Lag

Those who often Non stop flights from USA to India travel across various time zones may have jet lag, also known as jet lag disease. Circadian rhythms (your body's internal clock) tell you when to stay up and go to bed. Due to your body's internal clock to your home time zone rather than the new time zone you've gone to, you experience jet lag. Travelling between time zones increases your risk of jet lag. Daytime weariness, a general sick feeling, difficulties concentrating, and digestive issue
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Sun Health & Safety Tips

by Phil Paoletta

Paradoxical thing, the sun. It brings life to our planet and makes our holidays warm and enjoyable, but at the same time it also ensures that the most menacing threat around the water actually comes from the sky. Overexposure can lead to skin cancer, but also to some pretty disgusting wrinkles, brown spots, and other nasty damage down the road that will make you look back with regret even if you manage to escape melanomas and carcinomas.

And although obviously you’re more at

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9 Foods to Avoid When Flying

In this day and age, for every person who takes care about what he or she eats, it seems many more are still fairly careless about it. But even those who watch what they eat may not realize that conditions while flying in a commercial jetliner – especially longhaul – can present issues when it comes to certain foods. And so, there are some you really might want to avoid in order to make your flight as comfortable as possible. Some of these may seem like no-brainers, so consider this simply a re

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How To Avoid Getting Sick On a Flight

This post is courtesy of guest blogger Marybeth Bond, National Geographic Author and Founder of the popular website Gutsy Traveler.
If you’ve flown with me, you know I’m a germ freak. I wear an air purifier around my neck for ion technology clean air, and use a tissue to touch anything in the bathroom.

Charles P. Gerba, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona, swabbed airplane bathrooms and tray tables on eight flights to see what bugs might be lurking onboard. Four
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5 Ways to Maintain Your Travel Fitness

9008738488?profile=originalFor those times when life doesn't have you exploring new territory, there are certain qualities of travel that need to be cultivated regularly or they are quickly lost to the comfort zone that becomes your familiar routine. Trouble is, routine is the antithesis of rewarding travel. To make sure that you're best prepared for your next trip, here are some ways to maintain your travel fitness while immersed in a work-a-day lifestyle.

1. Exercise and Stretch Regularly

Travel often involves sharp cont

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Bedbugs are ugly little creatures that suck your blood while you sleep, leaving nasty bite marks. And they seem to be everywhere, including in the headlines. With holiday travel season approaching, it’s important to know how to avoid bringing bedbugs home from your hotel. Here are some top tips for protecting yourself from bedbugs when you travel:

Before you book a hotel


When packing for your trip

  • sealable plastic bags are your best
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Guarding Against Malaria in Africa

Many would-be tourists have failed to conquer their fear of traveling to Africa with many misconceptions. Malaria and mosquito bites are very much feared by these tourists, however malaria can be avoided on your trip to Africa. Malaria, spread by the anopheles mosquito, kills millions of people in tropical and sub-tropical Africa every year. As a visitor to Africa you are also at risk of getting this disease. But with the right precautions you can minimize your chances of getting malaria.


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Volunteers Abroad and Vaccinations

“Vaccination is the medical sacrament corresponding to baptism.” - Samuel Butler. No one likes to fall ill when travelling, be it for volunteer work, but more so if you are taking a trip as a tourist. The risk for catching disease is increased when travelling to another continent. It is therefore advisable when you are travelling to any country for you to make sure you have all your immunization shots. Immunization schedules are usual personalized according to an individual immunization history,

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It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare: you’re having a great time on your vacation, then – boom – a fall or a fever sends you to a local hospital. After initial treatment, the big question is: “Now how do I get home without breaking the bank?”

While there is more than one option, MedjetAssist is one of the premier medical evacuation membership services in the United States. If a member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home - virtually anywhere in the world and requires continued hospital
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Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite


I love traveling in the developing world, but I don’t love dealing with insects – and I especially don’t want to bring them home with me. However, as more and more travelers vacation in exotic places, that’s exactly what’s happening. As suitcases move around the world, insects get a free ride. In the U. S., New York tops the list of cities with major bed bug infestations, followed by Cincinnati, Baltimore, Dallas, and San Francisco.

What’s a traveler to do? An easy precaution is to put your suitc

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26/05/11 Ebola haemorrhagic fever (update) A further two deaths suspected to be due to Ebola haemorrhagic fever are under investigation in Luwero district, Central Region of Uganda. This is the same area where the first confirmed death due to ebolavirus infection occurred. Another suspected case of ebolavirus infection is being investigated in hospital in Kasese district, Western Region of Uganda. The Ministry of Health plans to launch a national awareness campaign on Ebola haemorrhagic fe

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Sun Safety Tips


It’s nearly summer and chances are you’re looking forward to enjoying a few days of vacation at the beach, a golf resort, or a hotel with a great swimming pool. Everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere, folks are spending more time outside these days as the weather gets warmer.

In any case, skin cancer is the farthest thing from your mind and I hate to be a drag – but this is a blog about Staying Healthy On the Road – and just one melanoma could put a permanent end to your traveling days.

So what’s a

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Every holiday is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture but what happens when good vacations go bad? Common travel illnesses like too much sun and sexually transmitted infections can be easily avoided if you apply common sense. But what about the nasty diseases that you might come across?Here are a few to watch out for:

1. Montezuma’s Revenge aka Traveler’s Diarrhea is probably the most common travel illness, because it can be found anywhere. Unfortunately it is also one o

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7 Travel Health Tips for Your Next Trip

by Phil Paoletta

Whether it’s a mild cold, a stubborn case of the runs, or occasionally something worse, many of us have had the unfortunate experience of getting sick on the road. Illness of any kind can derail or even ruin your trip, which is why it’s important to avoid catching something in the first place. Some of these tips will seem like no-brainers, but you’d be surprised how easily they can fall between the cracks in the whirlwind of travel. Stay mindful, though, and stay healthy.

Do S

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