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Navigating Travel Uncertainties

Embarking on an international journey offers a blend of excitement and exploration. Yet, it's vital to acknowledge the unpredictable nature of travel. Securing 여행자보험 is not just a precaution; it's a cornerstone of smart travel planning. It ensures that unexpected events, from minor mishaps to significant emergencies, don't derail your adventure.

The Layer of Protection Abroad

When stepping into unfamiliar territories 해외여행자보험, becomes your invisible shield. It add

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Traveling can be a great source of adventure, exposing you to new sights and sounds. This experience, however, may come with challenges for those who wear glasses, Ranging from lens breakage to misplacement; travel can pose unique challenges for individuals who wear glasses. For that matter, here are some practical tips to make travel easier for glass-wearers, whether you're navigating the bustling streets of a foreign city or checking into a business hotel.

Opt For Prescription Sunglasses


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How to Choose the Best Travel Insurance Plan


More and more people are beginning to realise that travel insurance is a very important part of any comprehensive plan to have a fun, healthy and successful trip. Plans vary greatly when it comes to what they do and do not cover, but most people will definitely find a plan that fits their needs perfectly. The risks covered by travel insurance plans are very significant, and having coverage would be a very big mitigating factor to those risks. Accidents, emergency evacuation, terrorism, bankrupt

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Illness & Injury: What Every Traveler Should Know


  • What happens if you become ill or have an accident while traveling?  
  • What if you need medical attention but need to verify the hospital’s or doctor’s credentials? 
  • Who will pick up the hotel bill if illness or quarantine prevents you from traveling home? 
  • How do you negotiate care if you don’t speak the local language?


According to the US Travel Insurance Association, getting the right care, communicating with medical professionals and those back home, and paying for emergencies are issues that t

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by Maggie Downs

I purchased travel insurance before embarking on my year-long, round-the-world backpacking trip. Of course, it's not the kind of thing you ever want to use, but I figured it might come in handy for medical woes, bag theft or a broken iPod.

I did not expect that my mother would die. 

She passed away in Ohio. I was at a yoga camp in Dahab, on the Red Sea shore of Egypt's Sinai peninsula (pictured above).  I never felt so physically or emotionally isolated before in my life.  

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There are, of course, various travel insurance companies out there. How as a travel agent can you best find a reputable provider and reassure your clients that the insurance they're purchasing is legitimate and that the insurance provider can meet its obligations to them? For any agent, knowing the answers to the questions below is a way to make absolutely sure they are working with the right kind of insurer.


9008639488?profile=originalHave you asked a few questions about the travel insurance provider?

Is the insurer licen

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Volunteer-Abroad Insurance Tips

“Its success lies in the fact that it's an insurance plan, not an investment plan or a welfare plan.” -James Roosevelt. As any volunteer abroad would attest, travelling just like everything else comes with its risks, some are foreseeable therefore avoidable but a good number are not. To make sure you are not very highly affected by such risks, it is beneficial to most volunteer to purchase some travel insurance when they leave their countries. This is just in case anything goes wrong shortly bef

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Ten Reasons to Consider Travel Insurance

About 1 in 3 travelers buy insurance for their trip, according to the US Travel Insurance Association. Should you be one of them? Here are 10 practical reasons, based on 10 situations where travel insurance can prove invaluable.

You’ve paid nonrefundable deposits or bought nonrefundable tickets.

For some trips, you’ll need to pay deposits significantly in advance of your travel dates, and in most cases, those deposits will be nonrefundable. Travel insurance can help you recover your deposits if yo

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Traveler Tips and Advice for Lost Luggage

With more than 20 million pieces of luggage going missing every year around the world there’s a possibility that this could happen to any one of us. Whilst there’s nothing that we can do to prevent it happening to us, if the worst should happen here is some advice on what you can do and what your rights are.

Did you know?
When any piece of checked-in luggage goes missing it is the responsibility of the airline you are travelling with. Therefore, when it becomes apparent that your luggage has gone

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Travelers tell-all: confess top travel annoyances and their

own naughty behavior in this year’s Vacation Confidence Index 

This holiday season, Americans aren’t just opening up their wallets to buy presents for family and friends – they’ll also spend 12 percent more on holiday travel, according to the fourth annual Allianz Travel Insurance Vacation Confidence Index released today by Allianz Global Assistance USA.  Following cautious holiday-travel spending last year, this year’s spending is on the

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9008734670?profile=originalAccording to the travel insurance companies, you shouldn’t leave home without travel insurance.

And according to Dear Abby, you shouldn’t leave home without travel insurance.

The popular columnist known as Abigail Van Buren (real name Jeanne Phillips) took over from her mother, Paula Phillips, who started the widely-read column. 

In this case, "Abby" was advising a man whose wife had booked a surprise trip for the two of them. When he wrote in expressing anxiety about travel and some of his healt

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It’s no secret that travel today is more challenging than ever. In fact, as events like the flight delays, cancellations, and pilot contract disputes currently overwhelming American Airlines increase, so too do the odds that your own travels will be impacted in some fashion.  The solution: protect your trips with travel insurance. 

Travel insurance covers many things that are not covered by credit cards, homeowner policies, and healthcare plans.  Here are ten clear-cut reasons consumers can’t aff

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No sooner do we do a piece on Travel Insurance, and a volcano blows, stranding thousands of people and ruining hundreds of vacations.

But don't worry, you read our post, bought insurance and you're covered.

Well, it seems that your claim could be denied, depending on whom you bought the insurance from and whether the company views the disaster as "weather related," usually covered, or "natural disaster," questionable coverage. Or a "trip interruption" or "trip cancellation," which is still being w
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In an effort to better service its customers, the travel insurance broker opted to open a second office in Mississauga as part of its expansion plan.

Brossard, Qc, (PR Publisher) June 5th, 2012:  SecuriGlobe a leader in the travel and health insurance industry, is announcing the opening of its new office in Mississauga, Ontario on June 11th, 2012.

The office located at 2233 Argentia Road, is offering the same line of health and travel insurance as well as insurance products exclusive to SecuriGlob

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Americans embrace travel insurance as a hedge against Olympic hassles


The 2012 Summer Olympics have provided a welcome boost for airlines, hotels and other travel suppliers that will benefit from an expected jump of more than 30 percent in the number of global travelers going to London compared to the same period in 2011.  Now it appears that travel insurance providers are among those experiencing a strong uptick in sales. Richmond, VA-based Allianz Global Assistance USA, the country’s leading p

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Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

When shopping for travel insurance, it’s essential to match your own needs with that of the policy. Here are a few coverage areas to be aware of:

9008636266?profile=originalProvides cash payment for accidental loss of life or limb while traveling.

Baggage  This benefit provides reimbursement for lost, stolen or damaged baggage or personal items. Coverage usually applies to your entire trip, not just your flight, but a subset of this coverage is for baggage delay, which offers reimbursement for clothing, toiletries and oth

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It’s every traveler’s worst nightmare: you’re having a great time on your vacation, then – boom – a fall or a fever sends you to a local hospital. After initial treatment, the big question is: “Now how do I get home without breaking the bank?”

While there is more than one option, MedjetAssist is one of the premier medical evacuation membership services in the United States. If a member is hospitalized more than 150 miles from home - virtually anywhere in the world and requires continued hospital
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How well do you know the facts about travel insurance? Here are eight of the questions we get the most:

9008633471?profile=original1. What does travel insurance usually cover?

A general rule-of-thumb: insurance usually protects against unforeseen events that may cause you to cancel or disrupt your trip. Travel insurance can also provide protection and assistance for you (your health) and your personal belongings. That being said, travelers should read the specific policy so they can be sure of what is covered.

There are

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