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Planning a trip is the responsibility, and it asks you to do proper research regarding the destination. The most important thing is to select the place to travel according to the traveller's choice.  If a person genuinely wants to experience heaven on earth, then Srinagar is your place for them. It is the destination for adventure lovers, peace seekers and nature admirers.

The beauty of the city gives you magical, blissful and colourful vibes. You will undoubtedly get several best ambiences that

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Suggestions for Solo Tourist

Travelling comes with responsibility, and if we talk about the solo traveller, it's about to self-concern. Tourists should be aware of the availabilities of services and things, and it asks you to collect knowledge before planning a trip. One should have some clue regarding culture, lifestyle, local areas, etc., to have a better experience. Planning a journey needs specific advice to take initiates to live it. In this article, you can get helpful suggestions for solo tourists. Find detailed info

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Despite the oppressive heat in most country regions, India boasts a plethora of ideal destinations for a summer holiday. You'll discover the most incredible places to visit in summer, whether for a weekend break with friends and family or a week-long solo journey. However, deciding on the best place for your vacation might be challenging. As a result, they have compiled a list of 5 destinations in India to visit over the summer.

Due to its proximity to the equator, India has sweltering summers, a

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Fun in Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Located on one of the state's barrier island, just south of the historic city of WIlmington, Carolina Beach is bursting with exciting events and things to do. The action starts on the lively, classic beachfront boardwalk, with pizza, doughnut, ice cream stalls, and an arcade. Cast a line from the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier or go on an ocean fishing tour. Stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, or riding the waves on a float or surfboard are all fun ways to spend time in the water. Visit Carolina Bea

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Top things you shouldn’t travel without

Solo traveling is one of the finest experiences and is an experience to have at least once in a lifetime. However, your first solo trip can easily become overwhelming, and thus you need to be well-equipped for it. Also, booking  Flights to India from NYC  isn’t all you need to do to take a solo trip. Because it takes more steps than that and one of them is packing necessary things. Thus, we have brought you the list of the top things you shouldn’t travel without anywhere in the world.

Let’s know

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Exhibiting glory, history and culture, Pushkar needs no introduction. Located in Ajmer, Pushkar is an ancient city of Rajasthan that is largely known for its religious significance. The rare temples of Lord Brahma, the annual cattle fair, the holy lake, and adventure activities make this place popular among tourists. Book your air tickets online and head to Pushkar to visit the popular places of attraction in the city, mentioned below-

Mahadeva Temple


Pushkar is known for its amazing temples, and

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When booking flights, most of us look to save as much money as we can. But if you're looking to book cheap air tickets, you need to understand the various factors that influence the cost of fares. 

Flight Distance

The logical rule of thumb is that the greater the distance, the higher the ticket prices. Thus we conclude airplane ticket prices are directly proportional to the distance covered. But though distance is an essential factor, it's not the only one - the relative popul

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Is Life in Europe Better than in the USA?


Confused about whether to book Direct flights to Barcelona from US or from anyplace else or travel to the US? Or looking for the answer of Is Europe better than the US? Well, then you have landed at the right spot as here we will discuss which country is better, the US or Europe.

There are many differences that exist between Europe and the US and as a traveler, you must be aware of them. But also, there are differences between the European countries themselves along with differences between diffe

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6 Hacks for Maximum Airplane Seat Comfort


Flying long haul (especially overnight) and worried about airplane seat comfort? After all, nobody wants to land at their destination feeling fatigued and uncomfrtable. But if you're traveling coach, low humidity along with narrow seats with minimal reclinability and legroom all add up to what can be a pretty unpleasant six to 18-plus hours.

Pick a Window Seat

You're far from alone if you find sleeping upright hard during a flight. You can certainly try a neck pillow or similar kind

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While planning to travel internationally you need to make sure that you arrive at the airport at least three hours prior to the departure as the lines and security check-ins for international flights are a little more complicated as compared to domestic flights. There are more documents to be submitted at the airport for international flights like your Visa, your passport along with your ticket and identification card. Verification of Visa and passport takes quite a while and judging by the fact

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When to Visit Goa, India

Goa is renowned the world over for its velvety shores. Planning a holiday in Goa, you can rest assured that you are in for some good times. But while contemplating a trip to the state is never be a bad idea, it is still important to know when the best time to book cheap air tickets to Goa is. Find it out below:


December to March

The weather conditions are simply perfect during the winter season and you can easily do anything you want. December to March is also when several festivals and events tak

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Top Fun Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai, one of the most visited cities in the world, draws people with its stunning architecture, luxury shopping scene, adventure sports opportunities, lively nightlife and much more. In the past some time, it has become to go-to place in Asia for couples, families and groups of friends. If a Dubai trip is on your mind as well, then you are in to make some memories. Without any further ado, take a look at what is in store for you on this amazing holiday.

Capture cityscape from Burj Khalifa

There i

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2019 is coming to an end with great hopes for another brand new year. While some of us went on to visit our favourite destinations around the year to stay motivated and work hard, some didn’t get a chance to step out for a vacation. So all the busy bees out there, take some time out for yourself and hit a happening place like Goa to explore something you haven’t before and enjoy the festive vibe in the last week of the year. We have prepared a list of handy things to do in Goa in December that w

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If your dream to experience snowfall has not come true yet, then January 2020 just might be the time you check it off your bucket list. There are many places in Himachal Pradesh where you can behold gorgeous snowflakes dropping from the sky. The best of these are:

The Spiti Valley

The Spiti Valley is among the most beautiful places in the country, in terms of culture as well as natural beauty. This cold mountain valley remains enveloped in a blanket of snow, which takes the charm of its landscape

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Lapland: In the Happiest Nation

According to the 2019 World Happiness Index Report Finland is declared as the happiest nation in the entire world. And in Finland, Lapland is one of the cleanest and also has loveliest landscapes including a thousand of forests and lakes.  You can get your reservations done by Delta Airlines for commuting. There are some totally ravishing reasons to visit Lapland, Finland.

  1. Northern Lights
    Aurora Borealis in a clear night sky can be an awe-inspiring experience. In northern Finland, there is a place
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When you are travelling by air, it is important that you properly plan every aspect of the trip. This means making sure that everything you need for a good flight is in place - such as your plane tickets, accommodation arrangements, properly packed travel luggage, and of course, getting to the airport a few hours before your flight.


For most people, the latter is usually the problem. Not only do they wake up late, but waiting for a cab, Uber or airport shuttle to arrive and take them to the airp

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