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Observations and Advice about Jet Lag

Those who often Non stop flights from USA to India travel across various time zones may have jet lag, also known as jet lag disease. Circadian rhythms (your body's internal clock) tell you when to stay up and go to bed. Due to your body's internal clock to your home time zone rather than the new time zone you've gone to, you experience jet lag. Travelling between time zones increases your risk of jet lag. Daytime weariness, a general sick feeling, difficulties concentrating, and digestive issue
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Long flights can be rather unpleasant for us Corporate Road Warriors.

Sure you plan to catch up on your sleep and read that book you never finished but there are so many distractions like people talking loudly. It’s always one or two people on the whole plane (first class or economy – there is always one in the crowd) who start up these conversations with anyone who will listen. All you have to do is look their way and once they catch your eye – you’re done.

They like to talk about how many busine

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El despacho de vuelos


El despacho de vuelos es la “cocina” donde se amasan los preparativos de un vuelo. 
A escasos metros de la puerta de embarque, mientras esperamos la salida del vuelo, se fragua la planificación de lo que será nuestra travesía. Es lo que se conoce como despacho del vuelo. Su funcionamiento podría comparase al de la cocina de un gran restaurante. Es una sala a la que llega todo tipo de información desde muchos lugares diferentes. La persona encargada de recabar esa información es el despachador del

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