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For the ones searching for a completely unique and unforgettable excursion experience, consider celebrating Christmas surrounded via the untamed splendor of the South African wilderness. South African safaris offer a festive twist to the traditional holiday season, blending the magic of Christmas with the joys of encountering majestic wildlife. Here's how to make your Christmas within the wild an great and remarkable adventure.

1. Safari Lodge Celebrations

Many luxury safari lodges in South Afri

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All across the world, all sorts of holiday activities– both religious and secular, age-old and relatively new – are in full swing during this season, including festive lights, special street markets, trees, Santa and elves everywhere, and the rest of it.  But a handful of places feature oddities which range from whimsical to scary to occasionally potentially offensive. Here´s a particularly memorable top ten:

Austria & Germany: Demonic Doings

December 5 is celebrated as St. Nicho

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Christmas in Bangalore is a magical time filled with joy, lights, and festivities. While the city is adorned with Christmas decorations and cheer, you don't need to empty your wallet to experience the holiday spirit. There are plenty of budget-friendly places to visit and activities to enjoy in Bangalore during this festive season. Let's explore some of the best spots that won't cost you a dime.

Commercial Street:
Commercial Street is a bustling market area that transforms into a festive wonderla

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Christmas Travel Deals with Reeling Offers


Do you have the plans on travelling around the Christmas? comes with amazing Christmas travel deals for making your Christmas Eve just incredible.Book your airline tickets now and make this Christmas special.


Christmas is celebrated with immense fervour and religious Christian traditions across the globe. Unlike the Christmas traditions that are followed in the western world and the Europe, Anglo Saxons have uniquely different ways of celebrating the Christian festivity. Deco

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Europe’s towns and cities famously light up and don holiday finery for Yuletide, but during the Christmas season in Colmar, in northeast France’s Alsace region – already famous for its charming historic quarter, with its cobblestone streets, canals, and half-timbered houses – the displays reach another level entirely, going far beyond lightbulbs adorning the main streets to the façades of the small houses in its old town illuminated in all the colours of the rainbow. The results, as any perus

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These Are the Best Days for Christmas Travel

It would help if you started by making vacation flight reservations as soon as feasible. The Traveler advises that holiday flight reservation must be before Thanksgiving. It is recommended to plan an international flight for at least two and up to eight months. Most airlines give their best Christmas travel pricing between August and September, so book early.

Since the holiday date varies yearly, picking the best flying days might be tricky. This year's Christmas also happens on a Saturday, addi

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5 Highlights of the Holidays in Puerto Rico



There may be no snow - and precious little ice skating or hot cocoa - on this lush, tropical Caribbean island, but there’s certainly holiday cheer, and lots of it, for a good long time – in fact, Puerto Rico takes pride in having the world’s lengthiest season of Navidad (Christmas), around 45 days or so, beginning right after Thanksgiving (meaning the third Friday in November) and lasting through mid-January. Along the way are various festivities, activities, and highlights not to mis

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9008906864?profile=originalSome of the most elaborate traditional Christmas celebrations take place in the seven countries of Central America. Read on for more about each country’s unique festivity.


Christmas Celebrations in Central America



The Panama City Christmas Parade is the big festivity here. Decorated floats, marching bands and dancers in traditional costumes parade through Panama City to the beach where there is a tree lighting ceremony. At nightfall, there is also a parade of boats decorated with Christmas

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9008901082?profile=originalWhat do a little black mare and the Virgin of Guadalupe have to do with Christmas traditions in Costa Rica?


9008901459?profile=originalOne of the more interesting Christmastime festivals held in Costa Rica is the Festival of “La Yeguita” (the little mare) on December 12. Held annually on the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, the celebration combines traditional native beliefs and Roman Catholic customs.

According to the University of Costa Rica, the indigenous legend tells about two brothers caught in a machete-fight over a

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Christmas in Costa Rica is for the birds!

Trogon-at-Veragua-Rainforest-photo-by-Daniel-Torres-203x300.jpg?width=203Christmas is a special time of year for birders. Equipped with binoculars, bird guides and checklists, avid birders throughout the Americas brave snow, wind, rain, or maybe even tropical sun, to take part in the Christmas Bird Count. The longest running “Citizen Science survey” in the world, the annual Christmas Bird Count provides critical data on bird population trends. The National Audubon Society of the USA and other organizations use data collected in this wildlife census to assess the heal

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A funny thing called christmas

I was sitting in my t-shirt in Federation square, just enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the warm sun. I saw people who just finished their christmas shopping or were leaving the many different art galleries around Federation Square. Me, I was just relaxing and enjoying my time in Melbourne and looked at the cathedral, where they displayed a christmas tree and stars on the cathedral. I loved this moment.

Christmas back home before I was addicted to travel and when I really loved ugly sweaters

That was exactly one year ago. This year I'm back in Holland again. Happy to be back seeyin

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Vacations in Winter

Those looking for unusual destinations for the winter, climb volcanoes, explore deserted beaches or enjoy the holiday all the romance of winter.Christmas Holidays in winter is highly popular. When the days get shorter and the gray day, it attracts many in southern climes. In addition to popular destinations like the Dominican Republic or the Maldives, there are a number of other countries that are particularly in the winter months a visit. These do not always lie at the equator.

Holiday in the Ca

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Weekend for Christmas Getaways

With just a week to go before the ‘big day’ the UK’s airports have geared up for what is the busiest few days in the Christmas getaway rush!

Millions of UK Passengers Passing Through UK Airports This Week
The next two weeks are one of the busiest fortnights in an airport’s year, this week especially Saturday 18th through until Christmas Day,
with Heathrow expecting half a million passengers, whilst Gatwick
Airport set to see a phenomenal 700,000 passengers pass through its
terminals from this weeken

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Mediterranean Highlights gives travelers an opportunity to enjoy the Christmas holidays while sailing to the best Mediterranean ports for under $1,300If the idea of icy roads, frigid temperatures, and chapped lips doesn’t appeal to you for the holiday season, take heart. For under $1,300, Friendly Planet Travel can transport you to the temperate shores of the Mediterranean in high style. Starting today, travelers can choose from two new cruises which sail to the best ports in the western Mediter
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