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The "Isle of Enchantment" offers an amazingly diverse menu of options to visitors, in capital San Juan and well beyond - history and culture, for sure, but also tasty eating, drinking, and beaching, along with memorable partying and much much more. But one side of Puerto Rico you should definitely not miss is its wealth of eco opportunities, from glowing "bioluminescent" bays to spectacular waterfalls, and most especially a large swath about an hour's drive from San Juan:

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5 Highlights of the Holidays in Puerto Rico



There may be no snow - and precious little ice skating or hot cocoa - on this lush, tropical Caribbean island, but there’s certainly holiday cheer, and lots of it, for a good long time – in fact, Puerto Rico takes pride in having the world’s lengthiest season of Navidad (Christmas), around 45 days or so, beginning right after Thanksgiving (meaning the third Friday in November) and lasting through mid-January. Along the way are various festivities, activities, and highlights not to mis

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Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort, announced the company’s initiative to grant seals of approval to hotels and tourist facilities endorsed by PRTC. PRTC currently endorses 154 accommodations, which are inspected a minimum of two times per year.


9009071286?profile=original“These new seals of approval will help visitors identify hotels and tourist facilities endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company,” said Rive

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Vieques & Culebra, Puerto Rico's Paradise Isles

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The Latin-flavored bit of the USA in the Caribbean that is Puerto Rico is itself a tropical paradise of balmy, palm-fringed beaches, rain forests, and vibrant island culture and history. But when Puerto Ricans themselves want to "get away from it all", they (and a few discerning gringo visitors) escape to their own pair of smaller islands off the east coast, like unpretentious, castaway slices of the olde-tyme Caribbee. Welcome, amigos, to Vieques and Culebra.


Haakon S. Krohn


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You don't book a room in Condado, an isthmus lined with beachfront condos, hotels, fabulous restaurants and bars, clubs, and casinos near downtown San Juan, because you love stand-up paddleboarding. (Stand-up bar-hopping, that's another thing.) But every day more and more locals are shelling out $1,000 and up for paddleboards so they can slice through Condado Lagoon, which separates Condado from the mainland. And now a start-up company named Velauno, which I discovered with a little help from

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