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Best Destinations to Spend Halal Holidays

As a Muslim traveler, it's a daunting process to find the places that are best from a halal point of view. You have to examine everything, ensuring the meal and drinks are Halal. In some places even the surroundings are not according to the Islamic premises, there is music or the dress of people around is not appropriate. That makes the place not so halal and Muslims feel uncomfortable spending time in such places. So for your ease, we have suggested several destinations that are suitable for sp

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Dubai is a city of lights, as well as a city of spectacle, and larger than life. So naturally you can expect to be able to ring in the New Year in spectacular fashion, and here are my top five suggestions:

Take in the Fireworks at Jumeirah

(Top) To see the fireworks, you will have to go to Jumeirah Beach Residence. The show starts at 8:30 pm and lasts for 30 minutes.The best way to get there is by taxi or your own car. You can also take public transportation there as well, but it's not recomme

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5 Highlights of the Holidays in Puerto Rico



There may be no snow - and precious little ice skating or hot cocoa - on this lush, tropical Caribbean island, but there’s certainly holiday cheer, and lots of it, for a good long time – in fact, Puerto Rico takes pride in having the world’s lengthiest season of Navidad (Christmas), around 45 days or so, beginning right after Thanksgiving (meaning the third Friday in November) and lasting through mid-January. Along the way are various festivities, activities, and highlights not to mis

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