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India´s Top 10 Most Famous Beaches


Tired from your daily routine? Explore the most beautiful beaches in our country. As India is always one of the tempting tourist spots and will, no doubt, continue to remain one. There are so many amazing beaches in India. People who want to get relax from their life can visit these charming beaches with your family members, friends or with your loving one. Book your holiday tour packages to pay a visit top 10 amazing beaches in India and make to moments memorable and enjoyable.

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5 Popular Temples to Visit in Goa

Goa is famous as the “Party Capital of the Nation”, but it is not just about the parties alone. There are ample magnificent and divine temples in the state, which most may not know of. The place boasts of some great ancient Hindu temples with unique historical insights. It may sound quite weird as the state is known to be the party destination for many people. For accommodation purposes, there are many budget-friendly hotels in Goa where you can stay. So, in this post, we will look at some of th

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Best Tourist Place in Goa

Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach, situated between two hills to the north of Palolem, is one of the most romantic places in Goa for couples to visit.

Butterfly Beach is one of the most popular places to visit with girlfriends it is mainly known for its secluded environment,

serene beach, and exotic and beautiful butterflies. Tell that Butterfly Beach cannot be reached by road, so there is very less crowd of tourists here.

With which you can spend a romantic and memorable time in solitude away from th

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Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Goa This Year

Goa is the ideal vacation spot in India. If you're in love, in need of excitement, adventure or want to escape your life, there's Goa, the best place to be. It is a favourite of tourists in India. The tiny state of the country is blessed with an abundance of endless pleasures. From the beaches that are golden of the ocean to water sports, wildlife sanctuaries, nightlife, churches, and a myriad of other amazing adventures, Goa has it all.


If you're planning to go to the Party Capital of India, ou

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Yoga TTC

Yoga is one of the greatest gifts from the consciousness to humans to connect to our divine nature. Each culture responds to the environment they inhabit. Different survival strategies develop, when the group goes beyond mere survival and start focusing on spiritual development, then a rich culture is developed.

You will learn new things about your mind and you will start to notice more of your thought patterns in asana, in meditation, in lecture, in presentation, and this information will help y

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Adventure Activities to Try in Goa


With a plethora of adventure activities to offer, Goa is a dream destination for any thrill seeker. The hordes of adrenaline junkies booking cheap flight tickets to Goa is a testament to that. Here are some of the most sought-after adventure activities to try in this beach haven.

Scuba Diving

Replete with diving spots, Goa is counted among the best scuba diving destinations in the country. Besides, you can also try snorkelling to explore the underwater world near the coast of Goa.



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This list covers the top destination of Cordelia Cruises and the packages of the place where Cordelia Cruises will go has also been given.

Cordelia Cruises covers several destinations during her travels, including Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Jaffna, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Colombo, and Kochi, etc.

Goa - The most popular cruise destination in India is Mumbai to Goa if we talk about cruise packages popularity-wise. One has to make advance bookings to book the sailing. Goa is a wonderful place, surrounded by

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Adventure sports to try on your Goa Honeymoon

Regarded as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India, Goa excites couples with its sun-kissed beaches, buzzing nightclubs and bustling markets. The adrenaline-rushing adventure activities of Goa will definitely add thrill quotient to your vacation. From quiet romantic evenings on shores to thrilling water sports, Goa has everything you want. Try these water sports while at this amazing honeymoon destination:


Water Sports to try in Goa

It’s easy to choose from the hotels in Goa, but what’s

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Most Famous Beaches in Goa

Although there are a number of beaches in Goa, some are more lively, happening and popular than the other. If you have booked flight tickets to Goa and wondering which beaches these are, then find out below.


Baga Beach

Baga is among the most frequented beaches in Goa. You can relax on the velvety sands on enjoy a plethora of activities in the water. There is a lot to do on Baga Beach.

Candolim Beach

The scenic beauty of Candolim draws holidaymakers in vast numbers. Several Goa hotels are also prese

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Grand Island Boat Tour Goa


Located on the west side of Mormugao, in the Arabian Sea off South Goa, the Grand Island is a perfect place to enjoy the sea at its best. Also known as Ilha Grande, Bat Island, and Monkey Beach, it's one of the most sought-after vacation getaways by Indian tourists and that too at pocket-friendly rates. One can reach the island in a boat ride. There are many tour operators which will provide budgeted trip to the island and this will be an all-inclusive trip which is a package of sightseeing, dol

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As one of the largest beaches in north Goa with unbroken coastline, Calangute has always been able to catch the fancy of millions of travelers who have visited Goa over the past few decades. As a matter of fact, the beach has always found special position among the world’s leading points that travelers love to throng during their vacations or festive seasons.

Although food, sports, and crowds are major reasons, but it is particularly the beach shacks of this beach that has gained enormous popular

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A Wonder of India: Goa's Dudhsagar Falls


A tour to the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is an experience like no other. Situated at Goa border, it is the fourth tallest waterfall in India. Its name meaning "Ocean of Drain", It is a four stage fall over soaked slopes that makes it hard to take in all at once without a bit of hiking. 

It is not your run of the mill visitor goal where you get on transport at your recreation, land at the area , have a decent view while crunching on a great nibble and after that head back. Nope, a long way from that.


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Tourism Guide of India Tours

India is among the top tourist destinations of the world and is visited by millions of tourists every year who visit this amazing land to experience its diversity of cultures, traditions, religions, languages, art and architecture, and natural wonders. A number of tourists who come to holidays in India stay here for months in order to explore in detail each and every major destination of this colorful land. However, there is no dearth of tourists who prefer short tours to India. During their Ind

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Goa Vacations Guide

Where to Stay & What to See on India's Stunning Coastline. Goa's relaxed attitude and tropical beach setting make it a popular holiday destination, with something to offer everyone.

The hedonistic legend of Goa lives on in the minds of many foreigners who come seeking sun, sand, sea, and of course the psychedelic party scene. Many are surprised to discover that Goa India is not a place, but is infact India's smallest and most liberated state. It was actually a colony of Portugal up until 1961, an

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