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A honeymoon can be a divine occasion where two hearts unite to form one, an marvelous beginning to married life. Along with the ceremonies of the wedding, the youngsters weave dreams about their honeymoon. Celebrating honeymoon varies from person to person. In India, many newly married couples visit the many serene places in India akin to "gardens of Eden.." Even though there are many places in the northern parts of the country, most of the people flock to the southern states especially to Ker

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 A lengthy coastline with stunning shores is fantastic for sea and sunbathing. Back seas and lagoons supply the tourist an opportunity to go through the enchanting ship cruise. Stay at a houseboat at a serene, serene, and fantastic atmosphere with all food and facilities is well worth remembering for a lifetime. Forest regions of Kerala are plentiful in wildlife such as elephants, tigers, leopards, bison, bear, sambar, spotted deer, and species like a lion-tailed monkey, flying squirrel and a p

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That is why India, Kerala, attracts tourists. In this amazing place the rich cultural heritage harmoniously combines with the magnificence of nature, which is emphasized by the design of high-class hotels. They all look like old villages. Guests are accommodated in houses, the architectural style of which has a thousand-year history.

If India (Kerala) is chosen for your vacation, then you will surely enjoy the magnificent beaches on the sandy stripes of the earth at the azure ocean caressing your

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Kerala is the best place to enjoy the tranquil houseboat cruises.  You can't experience a backwater experience as in Kerala nowhere else in the world. One of the main factors making Kerala a top notch backwater destination is some of the incredible Kerala houseboat packages that are provided by some of the authorized and professional tour operators like IPR Backwaters, which let the travelers enjoy the backwaters of Kerala in an amazing way.


One of the best time to enjoy a Kerala trip, especially

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A Memorable Holiday Trip to Goa


It was my dream to spend a few days in Goa and finally I got a chance and this trip provided me a memorable holiday to Goa.I was planning to capture beautiful Beaches, Churches, sunshine, culture and characters. I choose one of the best tour operators in Kerala, Go with IPR.

If you are looking to relax particularly in comparison with the north India then Goa is the best place and you can also enjoy some of Goa’s famous seafood while dining beside a comforting backdrop of the ocean with a cool sea

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I was so thrilled that I am going for my most awaited honeymoon trip. I could not believe that my dream is going to be fulfilled. It is being half a year that I got hitched. Due to several issues, we were not able to make our honeymoon trip. Several places came into our minds. After surfing for a long time on the internet we decided to select a place that is closely related to nature. We both are nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts and we thought Munnar, situated in Kerala will be the best d

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The backwaters of Kerala never have to be introduced to the tourists visiting them from all across the globe. Of late, they had been even acclaimed internationally in various spheres. Moreover, these serene water bodies spreading over a vast expanse of the area in every aspect deserves to be listed and recognized globally. One of the most exciting things that make them a standout is the fully equipped large houseboats that sail across these placid lakes. These adorable houseboats are built on th

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5 of the Best Hotels in Kerala, India

Here a list of the 5 top luxury hotels in Kerala will delight all those for whom great comfort and extraordinary life are a living holiday. Due to its variety of sciences and amphibians, Kerala State is one of the most attractive holiday destinations in India. The choice of panoramic sites in Kerala seems endless: backwaters surround Kollam; Palakkad is a great hill resort; Kochi is a famous shopping hub, And Kozhikode is the most prominent city on the Malabar Coast. And they are just a few of t

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8 Places to Visit in Kerala During Monsoon


Monsoon- a blessing of showers! A vibrant season among all seasons.
Outing in this cheerful season in Kerala, a paradise on the earth, will be a breath-taking experience for all, especially for peripatetic. Let not the rainy season dampen your spirits. The land of backwaters will be a delightful place to watch during this season because of the diversity of rain and shine. This season transits between the rainy and wet climate. Being the top tourism destin

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A holiday just after a long wedding is much needed to retrieve the energy couples usually lose during the long rituals and celebration. Honeymoon is a sign of love and happiness and a nice beginning of a couple’s married life. But planning a honeymoon is not as easy as it may construe, especially when someone is traveling from south India to the northernmost part of India. Although it is easy to find a honeymoon destination to visit in Manali yet there is no relevant guidance on how to plan a ho

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Have you ever longed to go for a small cruise in a classic village boat which will take you to extreme emerald green picturesque space? You can make your wish fulfilled by visiting the beautiful Munroe islands located at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and Kallada River in Kollam district. Kerala has always astonished us with its never ending beauty of backwaters. The most preferred tourist activity in backwaters is a boathouse cruise taking through the outskirts of backwater villages and lush

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Climate of Kerala - The Best Times to Visit


Kerala, God’s own country which lying on the Southwestern tip of India has commonly been called the tropical paradise of India. Kerala is a beautiful land with stunning beauty and it has an equable and tropical climate. The climate of Kerala offering a pleasing atmosphere throughout the entire year because of it is bounded by Arabian Sea at one side and the Western Ghats on the other side. Geographically, Kerala can be divided into three climatically distinct regions. They are Eastern highlands,

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Reknowned for its scenic beauty, with highlights including gorgeous beaches; verdant hills and forests; and a network of inland waterways plied by traditional houseboats, Kerala state - which Indians like to dub "God's own country" - is also highly literate, cultured and a trove of traditional arts. Here are some of the highlights which can enrich your visit - which you can experience on your own or through reputable tour operators such as IPR Holidays.


Dating back more than more th

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The honeymoon is one of the most-awaited time for the couple, which they plan to spend together away in the bosom of natural beauty. Though many married couples think of their honeymoon as an opportunity to visit foreign countries, others look forward to exploring hidden Indian gems before they head to international lands. If you too are planning to spend some cosy time in India, you will find countless honeymoon destinations, for example, Kerala. Kerala is not only home to natural beauty, but a

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Kerala Tourism - Beaches

Kerala has a 600 km long shoreline dotted with some of the finest, most charming beaches of the world, coconut groves, natural harbors, lagoons and sheltered coves. All of it as peaceful as the rest of the land, washed by the pleasant tropical sun and as pristine as ever. Kerala tourism is blessed with these natural occurances. These places are excellent spots to spend your kerala honeymoon packagesKovalam BeachThis internationally renowned beach resort of Kerela has been a favorite haunt of tou
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Kerala Tourism

The forests of Western ghats are punctuated with large and small waterfalls that gurgle and splash down the mountain side. The wooded forests forests of Western ghats are hidden with cascading showersKerala tourism is a heaven for nature lovers. Abundant greenery ensures a continuing freshness for weary heart and soul. Along with the vast stretches of sea and river water, mountains and forests, the lakes and waterfalls of Kerala captivate the imagination of the incoming visitors. There are no le
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