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Mardi Himal Base Camp Trekking

“A paradise of the Himalayas”

Mardi Himal is the name given to the feature of the long rising ridge and its summit from the southwesterly lower slope of Mt. Machapuchare, the famous triangular skyline that is seen from the Phewa Lake at Pokhara. As we shall soon see from a closer and more westerly vantage point, the mountain hold wins peak – thus its name, Machapuchare, which in English means “Fishtail”. Machhapuchhare is the most southerly high point of the Annapurna Massif, the awesomely majest

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Best of Shillong Tour (6 Days/ 5 Nights)

Shillong is a popular tourist destination in India. With its pleasant weather and breathtaking environment, it has become a tourist attraction over the years. If you are looking for a memorable Shillong Trip, Travenjo Shillong Tour Packages are the right choice for you. With our ShillongTour Packages, you'll not only get unique and themed tours like Family Tours, Honeymoon Tours, and Adventure Tours but also packages that are economical.

The journey can be taken through various means either by bu
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Dubai Tour Package 4 Nights 5 Days

Dubai is considered as the real voyage of discovery and so the Dubai culture, places, and all the itineraries are not to be missed. Dubai has all the fascination one needs to complete their adventure, beach beauty, sand, romantic resorts, and everything. With all the excitement, here's how one should plan a Dubai tour package for 5 days and 4 nights.

Day 1: Arrival at the Dubai Airport and visiting Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa 

Burj Khalifa is one such place that will be on one's checklist and cannot

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Canada's Top 5 Bucket-List Musts


Being the world's second largest country by area, Canada is abundant in beautiful landscapes and unique locations for travellers to explore, boasting culturally rich cities and incredible natural wonders, including 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (and skiiers/snowboarders take note: it also has the world's longest season). There are almost too many fantastic Canadian destinations/experiences to list, but these five, in my estimation, are the ones you should absolutely not miss!

Niagara Falls


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Morocco welcomes travellers with the magic of its enchanted landscapes, the lunar atmosphere and the fine white sand beaches. This country in North Africa, which in some places is separated from Europe only by a thin layer of the Mediterranean Sea, offers unique atmospheres thanks to its always friendly climate. Another big plus? Morocco is the best travel destination for your surf

holiday! For this reason it is one of the most requested destinations for those who want to move in search of surf,

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A goal that is precisely magnificent. Live the past and reproduce the future in the most customary manner conceivable. Granules of sand that spread the whole state, water bodies that discover their way in the most remote spots shaping desert spring and cheerful vibe of local people just as the occasions that happen from time to time. Welcome to Rajasthan!

Imperial royal residences in Rajasthan

At first occupied by the rulers who ruled Rajasthan and their ultra enormous families, these royal reside

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The Breathtaking Na Pali Coast Caves of Kauai


On the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the 17-mile Na Pali Coast (Na Pali meaning "the cliffs") is home to deep valleys covered with remarkably pristine forests and vegetation, punctuated by steep pinnacles and waterfalls. The coastline itself, meanwhile, is marked by various shallow inlets and hidden beaches, as well as a number of sea caves formed by powerful waves that hammer the coastal porous lava rocks. Here are three of particular note:

9009357076?profile=originalNa Pali Riders

Open-Ceiling Cave

Also known as Pukalani

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Fabulous Phu Quoc, Vietnam's Largest Island



Awash in the balmy waters of the Gulf of Thailand 45 kilometers off Vietnam's southwestern coast and due south of Cambodia's southern coast, Phu Quoc (written in Vietnamese as
Phú Quốc) is 574 square kilometres (222 sq mi) and has a population of around 103,000. Home to green forests and gorgeous sandy beaches, this once sleepy island has been undergoing major development as luxury resorts, casinos, restaurants and other tourism amenities take advantage of its paradisiacal allures, some examp

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India's fourth largest metro area, with a population around seven million (metro 8.7 million), Chennai - known before 1996 as Madras Pattanam - is the capital of Tamil Nadu state and the a hub of the diverse artistic, religious, and culinary culture of South India. Modern and industrialized (including a recently booming IT sector), it's also rich in heritage, and thus ranks high in popularity with visitors, but independents and on tour packages.


Sitting on the Bay of Bengal, Chennai also has s

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Holidays are a luxury everyone wants to enjoy from time to time, but they’re also a luxury many struggle to afford. When planning a holiday, costs can quickly add up with flights, accommodation, food and drinks, and luxurious entertainment to consider. Bring a family a long and the price will sky rocket.


These costs can keep people from enjoying the experiences and life long memories that travel can provide. However, there’s ways you can not only save money, but make extra cash while you’re on h

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Think of tourism in Scotland, and you can expect the countryside, hills, and breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, you’re likely to foregather images of skirling bagpipes, huge castles, and majestic highlands. All of these are part of the mystique of this uniquely fascinating country. Hence, this makes it the most attractive holiday destination for tourists. 

So, the next question is how you can tour this strikingly grand country? Interestingly, you can explore Scotland by boat, on foot, on scenic t

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In these days, touring North India is the most preferred travel circuit in India. When vacationers choose from our North India tour package, they get to best experience the culture, heritage, traditions and history that every corner of India loves. The trip will be for some of your favorite memories.

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North India Tour Package

North India Tour Package are available from different travel agency located in and accross the national capital.The very adventurous north east excursions and affirdable holiday packages are simply wow. Travel to India offer different tour packages depending on the travel plans of their customers.

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Planning your next family trip to Dubai? You're in for a treat, because Dubai has everything that an ideal family vacation needs – with amazing accommodations, delicious food and numerous entertainment options. With a focus on tourists with varying interests, Dubai tour packages for family are planned in a way that leaves everyone satisfied. 


There's plenty of ways to book an ideal Dubai tour family package but nothing beats a well-researched plan. 

Here's a list of things you should look out for

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Know Before You Go to Thailand

Thailand is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Southeast Asia that attracts travelers from all over the world. The success of the Thailand tour package can be attributed to the fact that in this country everyone can find what he or she is looking for. There are not so many countries in the world that are so abundant in beautiful white sand beaches, paradise islands, lush rainforests with spectacular wildlife, amazing religious monuments, and a super interesting modern capital.


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The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico was once best known for pretty fishing villages, but is now a world-class site for luxury holidays and some of the most diverse diving opportunities you'll find anywhere in the world. It's no great surprise really, the basic ingredients were always there. The Riviera Maya offers white sandy beaches, the second longest barrier reef in the world, and Caribbean water known for both its clarity and its dive-friendly temperatures.

Scuba Diving Options in Rivera Maya

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Top 10 places to visit in Dubai

Dubai, such a modern city that is known for its luxurious shopping,ultra-modern design, and the beauty of its nightlife.


Dubai is such a town, where you will find tourist spots that replace each other.

10 places to visit in Dubai:

In this article, 

we will discuss, how to reach those places, about the tickets, and what else will you be able to do there.

10 - Lamer beach.

  • Lamer beach is located at Jumeirah, one island of Dubai.
  • And it's three minutes away from the Jumeirah mosque.
  • No fees is charged to v
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Dubai Holidays - Full Of Guaranteed Fun In The Sun

Are you planning a holiday? Look no further than Dubai. A vacation here is filled with fabulous fun in the sun. You will enjoy an infusion of heritage, culture coupled with modern amenities. It flamboyant and flashy appeal will impress you with a magical appearance. You should not hesitate to take a Dubai holiday will adequately fulfill all your wildest fantasies. Dubai holidays are full of guaranteed fun in the sun for the whole family.


Five-star accommodation

No other city in the world compares

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So, you are getting married and looking for a perfect place for your honeymoon. Believe us if we tell you that the Maldives is the best place where you can honeymoon and create lovely memories with your better half. The place is quite romantic and exudes positive vibes. Imagine enjoying light conversation with your beloved over a candle lit dinner, under star filled skies. It is an image that comes straight from a book of fairy tales, but this is the reality in this island country.

Check out Mald

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The beautiful islands in the Maldives is a great tourist attraction these days. People love to visit this beach destination that promises them complete rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Azure blue waters of the Indian Ocean bordering the white sandy beaches is a lovely sight to behold. The richness of marine life also proves to be a great attraction for the visitors. There are amazing diving sites which they can access by a boat and explore the hidden treasures of the ocean. When planning a va

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