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The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico was once best known for pretty fishing villages, but is now a world-class site for luxury holidays and some of the most diverse diving opportunities you'll find anywhere in the world. It's no great surprise really, the basic ingredients were always there. The Riviera Maya offers white sandy beaches, the second longest barrier reef in the world, and Caribbean water known for both its clarity and its dive-friendly temperatures.

Scuba Diving Options in Rivera Maya

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Thailand is known as the ‘land of smiles.’ If you’ve been to Thailand, you know, it’s because almost everything about this beautiful country fills your heart up with joy and peace. Pristine beaches, magical islands, deep spirituality, and an abundance of coconut water – this land has so much to offer.

Among some of its offerings, yoga retreats in Thailand require a special mention as they draw millions of people every year to this exotic land. If you wish to be a part of a yoga program in Thailan

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Professional yoga teachers who have an in depth knowledge about their subject actually trains the teachers so that they learn from the best. The entire atmosphere at the teaching camp is serene and calm ensuring that the students grasp the most out of the situation.

There are various tenures for which one can avail diversified Yoga teacher training course depending on the subject they are mastering, the level they are in and the time they have at hand.

The usual Yoga Teacher training courses are a

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