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The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico was once best known for pretty fishing villages, but is now a world-class site for luxury holidays and some of the most diverse diving opportunities you'll find anywhere in the world. It's no great surprise really, the basic ingredients were always there. The Riviera Maya offers white sandy beaches, the second longest barrier reef in the world, and Caribbean water known for both its clarity and its dive-friendly temperatures.

Scuba Diving Options in Rivera Maya

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How to Choose a Scuba Diving Vacation

Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities loved by tourists across the world. No matter whether you are a first-time diver or you are an experienced one, you will definitely enjoy diving. Everyone has the wish to explore the deep sea and to touch the aquatic life. There are several living forms present deep in the water and some of the people do have such courage to dive underwater for the exploration. If you are an adventure lover and want to fulfil your dream to dive underwater to ex

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Your Pre-Dive Safety Checklist

Scuba diving does have innate potential hazards, yet the sport also boasts an impressive safety record. That's because scuba divers recognise that they owe it to themselves, to their diving buddies, and even to the sport to dive responsibly.

Diving responsibly starts with gaining the proper training and certification, but it certainly doesn't end there. Even experienced divers can run into difficulties yet the vast majority of accidents and incidents can be avoided by completing a systematic and

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Scuba Diving in the Philippines

9008640875?profile=originalEXPERIENCE THE ADVENTURE

Experience the thrills of an adventure under water and be amazed by the beauty, scuba diving in the Philippines offers you all of this and more……

Scuba diving in the Philippines is undoubtedly one of the most exciting diving locations in the world. At Monarch Sands Dive Resort we have a number of truly magnificent dive sites for you to choose from. Dive trips to nearby Apo island and Dauin Reef is our highly popular speciality. Divers from all over the world come to see ou

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Marine Tourism In Indonesia's Raja Ampat Islands

Marine Tourism In The Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua is the most ideal place of maritime tourism in Indonesia today. Beautiful views of Raja Ampat, is second to none elsewhere. So far, Raja Ampat is better known for diving marine tourism. And for tourists in our country can enjoy the nautical tourism with a walk by renting speedboad among the small islands which around 700 island in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat name reputedly comes from the legend rooted in its territory. It is said that there was a

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Five Can't-Miss Adventures of a Lifetime

Starting to think about warm-weather travel yet? Check these out:


During the summer months biking in Alaska is a fun way to see America's largest state. Get up close with Alaska’s nature and wildlife, meet the locals.


 By bike you get far away from tourist areas, but still travel on paved highways, on less traveled roads. Give yourself at least seven days to cover 50-70 miles of this pristine,  outdoor wonderland.


 Local knowledge, small group size and personalized service have made Alaska Bike,

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9008769080?profile=originalThe mention of coral reefs usually brings to mind crystal-clear, warm tropical waters, bright colorful fish and coral … maybe even the movie, “Nemo.” Coral reefs form such vast, diverse ecosystems that they are commonly called the “rainforests of the oceans.”

Like the rainforests on land, coral reefs are extremely threatened by humans’ actions and climate change. Since the late 1970s, coral reefs across the world have been dying at an unprecedented rate, and it only seems to be getting worse, acc

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by Shannon Farley

Costa Rica is known for its adventures. One that draws adventure enthusiasts from all over the world is scuba diving in Costa Rica’s warm and beautiful waters.

The “Rich Coast” in Central America offers under-the-sea adventures ranging from impressive coral reefs to vast schools of fish and other marine life to shipwrecks. With two coastlines, the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica presents scuba divers with a myriad of fascinating dive sites. Warm, tropical waters off Costa R

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Costa Rica is known for its adventures. One that draws adventure enthusiasts from all over the world is scuba diving in Costa Rica’s warm and beautiful waters.

The “Rich Coast” in Central America offers under-the-sea adventures ranging from impressive coral reefs to vast schools of fish and other marine life to shipwrecks. With two coastlines, the Pacific and the Caribbean, Costa Rica presents scuba divers with a myriad of fascinating dive sites. Warm, tropical waters off Costa Rica stay near an

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One of my earliest travel memories, back in the early 1970s, Cozumel at that time was the Yucatan's biggest (hell, only) beach resort deal. Cancun was still but a glimmer in the eyes of Mexico's government tourism planners and the "Riviera Maya" was little more than miles of hot, buggy scrubland punctuated by a string of barefoot (not even electrified) villages with the seaside Maya site of Tulum stuck in there somewhere (suffice it to say, a whole lot more inaccessible in those days). 

My, oh

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Under water Ship Wreck

A little over 300 years after it was scuttled and left to lie at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, the Quedagh Merchant was discovered in 2007 just off the coast of the Dominican Republic's Catalina Island, off the southeastern coast near La Romana. Four years later, this famous shipwreck was opened up to the diving public as an imaginative new attraction, the Museum of the Living Sea. The story of how it got there is a real life tale of Pirates of the Caribbean and one of which Captain Jack Sp

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Australia: Diving With Your Life at Stake


It is not much of a city – but the ocean has the more to offer. With water so blue that photos seem artificial afterwards, Cairns in northeast Queensland, Australia, attracts divers from all over the world to experience the most magnificent maritime environment nature has to offer.

Swordfishing and a gold rush built Cairns, looking much as an American small-sized city, but that era is long gone. 50 kilometers from the city’s seafront promenade, the Great Barr

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Sometimes taking the more difficult route or the road less traveled is simply part of a grand adventure. This would be the case when I made my annual Christmas migration from my native San Francisco to what I call “my adopted country” of Mexico. For the past 12 years, I have been having a not so secret love affair with the country “south of the border.”

Having a deep affinity for “winging it” without much thought I started the journey with a drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, then a $179.00

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Scuba diving: 
one of my greatest dreams. Unfortunately, my inner ear won’t let me. But over the years I’ve talked to plenty of serious divers, and they’ve told me that the Canary Islands are most definitely a scuba do, boasting some of Europe’s best diving at all skill levels (and snorkeling, too, for that matter – now that I can do). The water’s usually warm all year round, there’s good visibility, and both the marine scenery and fauna (including the gorgeous lobster above, and 11 species fou

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Heritage Tourism: Shipwrecks


For centuries, humanity has been awe in the ocean. It was a source of sustenance, a road for trade and for the discoveries of new worlds, the last frontier. If it's true that life began in the sea, then that does much to explain our ages-long love affair with the ocean. In older times, the sea was also a place of countless dangers, where sea monsters roamed the waters and the abyss awaited those who dared approach the ends of the world. Nowadays, there are many shipwrecks that became famous tour

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Wild & Wonderful Water Adventures in Croatia

Starting to thing about sun, sand and sea or action, adventure and adrenaline for next spring and summer? It might not be an easy choice, but luckily, some places have it all.


Croatia has long been a hidden gem for travellers. In recent years, it’s become one of the most popular destinations in Europe due to its fantastic climate, stunning scenery and gorgeous beaches. A private holiday home will allow you to enjoy the very best that Croatia has to offer. And if you’re looking for a more adrenali

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Goa, Paradise on Earth



People who live a hectic life find themselves taking a break and enjoying every bit of their tours to Goa, India. Fun and entertainment quotients are high in Goa and its cool and festive like environment makes it a refreshing holidaying destination. Learn how entertainment becomes an inseparable part of a Goa package tour.

Partying at Beaches
Goa Beaches are quite different from those found in other parts of the country. The
difference lies in the way people love to party at Goa beaches. Arjuna Be

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Things to Take on an Ice Diving Trip

I believe that most of us should have some hobbies that we can utilize to escape the true world. A few are straightforward, like sewing, and others tend to be more adventurous. My favorite thing
to accomplish is go ice diving. This isn’t an easy thing to try and do -
but it can be rather fun. Obviously you just have to find the correct
supplies that will allow it to come about.

Dry Suit

The dry suit might be one of the most vital things that you need when beneath the water. It is created to stretch o

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The largest of the three major U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, making it the perfect choice for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or a breathtaking scuba diving trip.

With a tropical climate and endless white sand beaches, the weather forecast for St. Croix is frequently given as “88 degrees, mostly sunny, 10% chance of rain.” Cited as the most cosmopolitan of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. Croix offers a diverse landscape ranging from the rainfore
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