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9009013676?profile=originalThere is a magic in peacefully gliding along in a kayak, especially when it is on calm, smooth water along picturesque coastline.

Kayaking in Costa Rica in the “sweet gulf” of Golfo Dulce by the Osa Peninsula – one of only four tropical fjords in the world – it is like paddling across a giant mirror to the sky. Close to shore, the clear water’s blues and grays turn to liquid jade, reflecting endless shades of green palm trees and jungle that crowd the water’s edge. Look down and you’ll probably s

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I have been whale-watching a few times (always a joy) and visited Anacapa Island, but our recent Channel Islands Outfitter trip to Santa Cruz Island was one of the highlights of my travels. Kayaking in February may not have been the ideal month to choose, but we were well-prepared thanks to the helpful information on Channel Islands Outfitter’s website, including to dress warmly for the hour-long boat ride to Santa Cruz and to wear a bathing suit and rash guard under their supplied (and warm) we

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 is the outdoor haven of the northeastern USA. Between the beaches and the camping, there is no shortage of outdoor activities here for people to enjoy.

There's a reason that this is such a popular location in this part of the country. It's an idyllic location that offers the best of every world: old charming towns, stunning landscape, and great places for kayaking and paddling.

There are so many different places that you can choose from in this gorgeous state that picking only five places w

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Kayaking in Costa Rica's mangroves

9008837865?profile=originalOne of my most favorite tours at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica is to go kayaking in the mangrove estuary at the Esquinas River, and then snorkeling in Golfo Dulce.


There is a magic in peacefully gliding along in a kayak; the only sounds coming from small splashes of kayak paddles sliding through the water, the songs of birds, and the occasional explosion of noise from rainforest insects. Tangled mangrove roots stretch down into silty water like tentacles, while multicolored crabs

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Exploring Costa Rica by Kayak

9008815075?profile=originalExploring Costa Rica by kayak is a fun way to enjoy nature and spot wildlife in a myriad of different settings. Costa Rica counts close to 800 miles of ocean coastline between the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, along with hundreds of rivers and estuaries, and several lakes – all full of kayaking possibilities.


Kayaking is good exercise, and you can work on your tan at the same time! Oftentimes, kayaking trips include other activities like snorkeling, wildlife spotting or trail walking. You can ea

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Siem Reap isn’t known for its water sports,  but one enterprising local has now made it possible to kayak down the more undiscovered parts of Tonlé Sap lake.

The Tonle Sap Lake (otherwise known as the Great Lake) is a combined lake and river system in Cambodia. It is the largest fresh water lake in Southeast Asia and the richest fishing lake in the World.
Kayaking on Great Tonle Sap Lake
We would like to invite you to join and experience the wonders of the Great Tonle Sap Lake by Kayak in the amazi
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Top California Kayaking Spots

Kayaking is one of the best adventurous water sports enjoyed all over the globe, and when you are planning a trip to California you have to visit these kayaking spots. It's a great experience for tourists, and you will enjoy the paddling sport. Here are the top kayaking spots in California.

Lake Tahoe

Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe is one of the best places for kayaking. There are numerous tours offering services for those who want to paddle in Emerald Bay's calm pristine waters and enjoy the peace tha

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Discovering Halong Bay by Kayaking

If you’re looking for a different and fun way to experience Halong Bay, I can assure you a kayak tour is the best way to go. Though notorious for being misty this time of the year, the scenery was incredibly dramatic as it created a mystical- almost magical type of environment with the limestone rock formations producing truly beautiful reflections on the water.
Seeing the other boats pass us with the rock formations in the background made for great photos ops and at times, it felt as if we were
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Wild & Wonderful Water Adventures in Croatia

Starting to thing about sun, sand and sea or action, adventure and adrenaline for next spring and summer? It might not be an easy choice, but luckily, some places have it all.


Croatia has long been a hidden gem for travellers. In recent years, it’s become one of the most popular destinations in Europe due to its fantastic climate, stunning scenery and gorgeous beaches. A private holiday home will allow you to enjoy the very best that Croatia has to offer. And if you’re looking for a more adrenali

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A 'Junk' Trip in Vietnam

I hunkered in the doorway of an office building as gray clouds moved in, threatening to break open above me. Piles of luggage were stacked in the doorway, but I held tightly to my backpack. As a solo traveler making my way through Vietnam, I had yet to let someone else touch my bag, the essence of my livelihood halfway around the world.

Earlier that morning I had taken a hired car from Hanoi to the coast of Vietnam. This part of the country, known as Halong Bay, was rumored to be tacky and touris
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Praise from a jury of my peers!


I am absolutely over the top with the response from the Vagablogging reviewer for Rolf Potts. 

Linda Ballou’s Lost Angel Walkabout isn’t your standard collection of travel essays. At first impression it reads more like nature writing than anything else. Sure, most travelers are drawn to the scenic beauty of the countries they visit, or a powerful sea or desert expanse. However, Ballou brings an intelligent meditation to her travels in the wilderness. Her pages express a deep appreciation of natu

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Mostly modern in its architecture, New Zealand's biggest urban area (pop. 1.7 million), is set amid a gorgeous landscape and offers a cosmopolitan mix of culture, a spot of history, dining, shoppinardg, nightlife, and plenty of great attractions in the greater region, including vineyards, beaches, and adventure on its surrounding waters. If you're planning a visit here, you can be sure of dozens of activities to make it a memorable one. Here are seven of the most exciting when you visit the "Ci

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