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The world’s foremost destination Galapagos

Everything you need to know about this Island, the Galapagos Islands are actually quite big. The archipelago is a home to a grand total of 21 major Islands, 14 of which are open to visitors. These Islands spread out over 45,000 square kilometers of Pacific Ocean and are located 906 km off the coast of Ecuador.  If you want to experience something outstanding and adventurous in this case Galapagos Islands cruises can be the best experience of your life. If you want to enjoy the nature we prefer a

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I have been whale-watching a few times (always a joy) and visited Anacapa Island, but our recent Channel Islands Outfitter trip to Santa Cruz Island was one of the highlights of my travels. Kayaking in February may not have been the ideal month to choose, but we were well-prepared thanks to the helpful information on Channel Islands Outfitter’s website, including to dress warmly for the hour-long boat ride to Santa Cruz and to wear a bathing suit and rash guard under their supplied (and warm) we

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Exploring the Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar

Tourists are visiting Myanmar in greater numbers each year but few visit the southern part of the country.  The Mergui Archipelago with its 800 islands is one of those areas that remain almost totally unvisited by foreigners. Though now some live-a-board dive boats and yachts venture with special permission into the southern islands from their bases in Thailand, the bulk of the archipelago has remained unvisited since colonial times. During that period

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Koh Tao – Thailand’s Island Paradise

A cloudless sky, the song of birds carried in the wind laced with the calm sound of waves crashing into each other and scent of the sea filled air. White sands and a turquoise sea that is so clear you can see the fish swimming. Have you ever wondered what paradise would be like? Stop wondering, paradise is a plane ride away in Koh Tao, Thailand.


The name Koh Tao means Turtle Island. Koh Tao is one of the three islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao is the smallest of them all. The island was

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9009075893?profile=originalphoto: David Kay

Back in April while my two teen kids were enjoying their spring break from school, my wife Sue and I researched destinations for an August family vacation.

The four benchmarks that we used in the vetting process were:

  1. It had to be a beautiful beach site with lots of charm.

  2. It had to be within a reasonable driving distance from our HQ in northern New Jersey.

  3. It had to offer land and water activities that allowed for exploration of the area.

  4. Commercial mayhem needed to be minimal:  we w

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by Myrna Katz Frommer & Harvey Frommer

Coming out of the snowiest March in New England history, imagine what a pleasure it was to disembark from a plane on a morning that felt like the middle of June, swiftly exit a calm and orderly airport, and find a man named Jorge standing in the sunlight, waiting for you. He loads your bags into the trunk of a blue BMW, and off you go on a thrilling fifteen minute drive up and down the roads of a velvety green island with the glinting Atlantic to the so

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They say that a beautiful and sexy beach is in the eyes of the beholder. However, few will argue that Kolymbithres beach is not one of the most alluring Greek seaside hangouts. Located on the Cycladic island of Paros, this is one of the most unusual beaches you will ever visit. The place to be seen on Paros. Not a beach for the prudish. Anything goes on Kolymbithres, including the consumption of large quantities of the chalky Greek liquor ouzo.
In Greece, all age groups meet at the beach. You wil
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Pilots fly guests to Santa Rosa Island, where they explore forests, beaches, and a historical ranch on foot or in four-wheel-drive vehicles.

To begin this 5 1/2-hour excursion, pilots whisk passengers away on a 25-minute flight in a Britten-Norman Islander, across a stretch of the Pacific to the hilly, grass-strewn Santa Rosa Island. Upon landing, enjoy a self-packed picnic lunch on a secluded beach or on one of the cliffs that overlooks the water. After lunch, visit popular attractions on the

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9008955053?profile=originalEver wanted to have your own private tropical island?


That was the dream of Argentinean Jorge Benatuel, co-owner of eco-boutique Hotel Laguna Azul in Bocas del Toro, Panama.


The intense city-life of Buenos Aires is a far-cry from the backwater southern Caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro in northwestern Panama. But in 1998, Benatuel and his wife traveled from Argentina to Bocas del Toro on vacation. They spent 15 days boating around Bocas del Toro’s nine major islands and 200-plus islets, lo

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Traveling to Greece means traveling back in time, to its invasions and great battles, to the great empires of the past.  To do so on its islands is to relive great moments reflected in the history books and in the ruins of the ancient buildings sprinkled around each and every one of them.  But to set foot on Kos is to enter a world that mixes all the great cultures that have inhabited the Mediterranean over thousands of years, and visit landmarks that help form the basis of human knowledge today

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Greece's Island of Leros


Some Greek islands suffer from the effects of ‘kalimari and chips’ mass tourism. But, sometimes, you only need to take a short trip in a ferry or a kaiki to enter a different world altogether.

Let’s look at one of the lesser-known islands, Leros. There are jails and mental institutions here, and the name is similar to the Greek word for a rogue or a rascal. This put a lot of people off visiting, for all the wrong reasons, because really, it’s quite a laid-back, pleasant place.

I suspect the averag

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Winter in the Canary Islands

Each and every one of the 7 islands that make up the Canaries are an irresistible temptation for travellers at any time of year, but in winter in Europe, they’re in a league all of their own. The average annual temperature is more than 20ºC (in fact, UNESCO has classified the microclimate in Morgan, on Gran Canaria, as the best in the world). And it’s precisely for this reason that each year, large numbers of Europeans choose this archipelago as their winter holiday destination.

The Canary Isla

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If you’re planning a holiday in the Dominican Republic, then make sure a visit to Saona Island is onf your list of things to do.

Lying off the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, this is one of the country’s largest islands, forming a long expanse of land that stretches out for 110 square kilometres. It is situated in the province of La Romana and is part of the National Park of the East.

The excursion to Saona Island includes the crossing on a large catamaran, during which a wide range of

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Marine Tourism In Indonesia's Raja Ampat Islands

Marine Tourism In The Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua is the most ideal place of maritime tourism in Indonesia today. Beautiful views of Raja Ampat, is second to none elsewhere. So far, Raja Ampat is better known for diving marine tourism. And for tourists in our country can enjoy the nautical tourism with a walk by renting speedboad among the small islands which around 700 island in Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat name reputedly comes from the legend rooted in its territory. It is said that there was a

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Hon Khoai Island, primeval and interesting

Hon Khoai, the biggest of a group of islets, is a rocky island of hills and forests including various kinds of precious wood like the “Star” wood. The wild natural landscapes attract a great deal of tourists...

Hon Khoai Island lies off the southern tip of the Mekong Delta and is is one of the well-known landscapes of the southernmost province of Ca Mau, about 15kilometres from the mainland.


Formerly, Hon Khoai was called Giang Huong, Independence Island and Poulo Obi in the French domination. How

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Hiking adventures on Cat Ba Island

“Here’s the trail,” our guide said. He pointed up – at what appeared to be a sheer rock wall.

Most people come to Cat Ba Island as part of a two-day cruise on Halong Bay. They generally view the island as little more than a rest stop before the long drive back to Hanoi.

But there’s far more to Cát Bà than the port town. Staying at the Cát Bà Eco-Lodge, 13 kilometres inland, my friends and I got to explore an impressive landscape where there are seemingly more rice paddies than tourists.

We arrived

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Think all islands in the world are the same or similar? Think again. Ever dreamed of a protected island, complete with its unique biosphere, where you bring your rented 4-wheel drive from the mainland and pitch your own tent? Welcome to amazing Fraser Island, where part of the experience is getting there. Located 200 north of the hustle and bustle of busy Brisbane, approximately a three-hour drive, and a short ferry ride and you reached what any beach wanderer would call Shangri-La.
Fraser Island
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St. Barts Travel Guide: 10 Tips, Part 2

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9008743083?profile=original6. Even if you're renting a villa, you'll want to dine out, too -- especially on St. Barts. A short list of St. Barts' best restaurants has to include...

  • Le Gaiac at Hotel Le Toiny, a just-renovated Michelin-starred destination gastronomique atop a mountain with killer views, plus a picture window offering views of the kitchen.
  • Bonito Saint Barth, which offers high-concept ceviche and tiraditos as well as chef-crafted main courses on a terrace overlooking
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Have you ever stayed in a convent?  Surprisingly, many of our fellow travel fanatics out there have shared with us that they have, indeed, spent some time staying in converted nunneries or convents.  Besides the inherently peaceful aura that seems to surround these modernized convents, many of them are located in absolutely gorgeous locations, and offer the traveller a different perspective.  I'd like to share our experience at El Convento, a gorgeous hotel in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Read

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Nantucket on My Mind

From NMT Images
Years after Nantucket’s whaling industry virtually decimated the Atlantic whale population and became fabulously wealthy in the process, Ahab and the White Whale are gone, but the wealth and charm of the island remain.

This small island (9 x 12 miles) well off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, has lost none of its magic.

Late fall Nantucket is a perfect time to visit this storied island, far from summer's "madding crowds," and very much how she really is without the excess of to
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