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Located in Heradurra on Costa Rica's Pacific Coast, near various beautiful beaches and national parks, Los Sueños Marriott Resort and Marina is an exquisite 1,100-acre oceanfront spread including a luxurious 201-room hotel as well as 600 apartments and private villas with an amazing raft of high-quality amenities and friendly, world-class service. It's just an hour's drive from the international airport outside capital San José, and right near the buzzing beach town Jacó as well as the magical

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See another side of Santa Teresa, Costa Rica – rolling green hills, shady tree-lined dirt roads, clear running streams and verdant pastures on a thrilling horseback riding tour with Hacienda Ario.

Santa Teresa, on Costa Rica's middle Pacific Coast, lures surfers and others entranced by the vibe of this laid back beach town. But there's a side of it many visitors never get to see. Most people fall under the spell of white sand, coconut palms, cobalt blue sea and stellar waves, never leaving the b

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For some people, fishing is not just an activity but a passion and delight. Los Suenos in Costa Rica offers you everything that you need for great fishing. Los Suenos fishing helps you in catching the most antagonistic fishes like Sailfish, Marlin, Rooster Fish, billfish, whoo, Dardo, and more. The popular Los Suenos fishing charters will help you in finding some of these fishes. To enjoy the best fishing in Costa Rica you need to get on with different types of fishing done here.


One of the best

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Los Suenos in Costa Rica offers all that you could ask for momentous fishing. Los Suenos remote ocean fishing helps you to go one on one with the most antagonistic fishes of the sea like Sailfish, Marlin, and other Pelagic Fish or catch some Rooster Fish in our inshore fishing contracts, all occurred here in Los Suenos, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.


The most ideal approach to explore fishing in Los Suenos is through the Los Suenos fishing charters in Los Suenos resort Costa Rica. If you want to boo

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Fishing is a popular activity in Costa Rica and in the last few years, Costa Rica has become one of the top destinations in Central America offering sport fishing and fad fishing. Many people from different parts of the world travel to Costa Rica in search of brighter fishing opportunities.


Over the years there is a lot of talk about fishing adventures in the country. The Costa Rica fad fishing is popular for the bundle of rare fish found in the Costa Rican Ocean especially at Los Suenos which is

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Dreamy Destination Weddings in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is an exotic and gorgeous Latin American country that is a gem for destination weddings. It 's very stable politically and offers spectacular backdrops for making your day extra special and memorable. Exotic beaches, breathtaking sunsets, waterfalls, dramatic skylines, panoramic mountain views, jungles, and even volcanoes welcome you to host your wedding in this beautiful country.

What’s Your Wedding Style?

The incredibly diverse landscape of Costa Rica allows you to pick any kind of c

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Best Places to Go Backpacking in Costa Rica


With its sparkling beaches, stunning waterfalls, and beautiful rainforests, Costa Rica is a paradise for backpackers. Here, you can make your way through forest canopy walks or fall in love with the relaxed pura vida (a favorite local phrase, meaning "pure life") of this lovely Central American country. There’s so much to do here that if you plan well you can truly have the trip of a lifetime. And here are some of what I think are the best places to go backpacking here:

Chase Wat

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Costa Rica has a strikingly diverse terrain that includes tropical beaches, wild reserves, and wildlife reserves. In simple words, it has something exciting for every traveler. With so much to explore and enjoy, you need to plan your Costa Rica vacation meticulously to get most out of it. Here are some tips for planning your trip to Costa Rica.

Decide the Places You Want to Visit

When going for a vacation to Costa Rica, you need to ensure you do not miss any happening places in Costa Rica. Costa R

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The Hidden Secrets of Southern Costa Rica

Everyone knows Costa Rica is a beautiful and amazing place to vacation, but do you know about the lesser-traveled southern Costa Rica and its breathtaking secrets?

9009058866?profile=originalWild, breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly biodiverse, southern Costa Rica is not on most tourists’ itineraries. Least-explored and less-traveled than other parts of Costa Rica, the southern Pacific region is a wondrous, untouched paradise to discover. Best loved by adventurers and nature-lovers, this is the place to go to for rugge

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Essentials for a beach vacation in Costa Rica

Summer's end doesn’t mean a stop to beach vacations, if you think tropical. Head south this time of year for great deals on a beach vacation in Costa Rica. What to pack? Get our essential packing guide.

9009080475?profile=originalIt’s nearing the end of summer. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end for beach vacations. When temperatures start to nosedive at home, think tropical. And head south for a beach vacation in Costa Rica – glorious any time of year. With all of the flights from North America and Europe arriving in Cost

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In the last few years, fishing has gained gigantic popularity in Costa Rica which has now become one of the top destinations in the world offering a wide range of sport fishing & fad fishing activities and events. Nowadays, many people from different parts of the world travel to Costa Rica for better fishing opportunities.


There has been a lot of talk about fishing adventures in the country. The fad fishing in Costa Rica is popular for the bundle of rare fish found in the Costa Rican Ocean that y

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9009068500?profile=originalWhen you think of having a destination wedding, is the usual location of a picture-perfect beach in some exotic tropical setting what comes to mind? What about scenic countryside? Or a live volcano?

What if you and your betrothed, or your family and friends, are not really beach people? Luckily, beaches are not your only option for a destination wedding in Costa Rica. An equally romantic choice for where to tie the knot is at Hacienda Guachipelin by Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in the countryside o

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Student educational trips to Costa Rica

9009017495?profile=originalPlanning a student educational trip to Costa Rica? This amazing country has so much to offer students in learning experiences – more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity, multiple climactic zones, awe-inspiring natural beauty, and a fun, friendly local culture in a very safe country for travel.

For an unforgettable student learning experience with hands-on research at a facility certified in sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, go to Veragua Rainforest Eco-Adventure. One of the most important resear

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You always hear about Costa Rica’s amazing beauty. The fabulous uncrowded beaches. The exciting volcanoes. The thrilling adventures like zip lining and whitewater rafting. The wildlife … rainforest … and the warm, tropical climate.

What you don’t often hear about is Costa Rican food.

That’s not because there’s nothing to write home about. It’s just that Costa Rican cuisine isn’t touted as much as its sloths and surfing.

That’s all changing. Costa Rica’s government is on a mission to promote the

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9008963452?profile=originalCosta Rica is one of the hottest holiday destinations of 2016, but planning a vacation to Costa Rica can be overwhelming given the seemingly endless choices of what to do, and where to go and stay. A simple Google search for “Costa Rica vacations” yields close to 78 million results!

Who has the time to research all of that information? You just want a vacation, right?

To help you plan your perfect Costa Rica vacation, see these essential insider travel tips from travel expert Eliot Greenspan of Co

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9009051494?profile=originalFor its fourth year, the intense ultra-trail running endurance race The North Face Endurance Challenge Costa Rica returns to the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

On Saturday, May 28, 2016, hundreds of runners from all over the world will challenge themselves and each other in four endurance trail-running races of 10 km, 21 km, 50 km and 80 km on the slopes of Rincón de la Vieja Volcano. All races are individual, with no teams.

Demanding trails cover difficult yet beautiful ter

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9009047465?profile=originalCosta Rica has always taken pride in its efforts to rely mostly on renewable energy sources. According to the Costa Rica Electricity Institute, the Central American nation was powered 285 days in 2015 fossil fuel-free.

Solar is the clean energy of the future, and more and more homes and businesses in Costa Rica are installing solar panels to reduce electricity costs and positively impact the environment. For remote locations not connected to the national electrical grid, solar energy is a godsend

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Stargazing in Guanacaste, Costa Rica


Whether or not you can name the constellations or planets, it is always fascinating to look up at a clear night sky and get lost among the stars.

Anyone can enjoy stargazing. The best places to go, of course, are where the sky is wide open and very dark, with no distracting city lights. Up in the mountains, or in the desert, or out on the open ocean; it is breathtaking to stare upwards at night at millions and millions of twinkling stars and planets in a blue black sky.

Costa Rica is one of the

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9009037660?profile=originalMore and more travelers want to feel they are contributing in some way to the place where they vacation. Giving back while on vacation has become a global movement sparking volunteerism and community outreach with tourists.

In Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, two top hotels share a heartfelt program that lets their guests feel good about supporting the community there.

9008858655?profile=originalHotel Tropico Latino and Florblanca Hotel implement the $5 Check Out Program that allows their guests to add an optional charge on thei

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9009037466?profile=originalYou have decided to move to Costa Rica, or at least buy a vacation home in one of the world’s most popular places for living abroad.

How do you choose where is the best place to buy a home in Costa Rica?

The five most important things to consider are: lifestyle, climate and geography, infrastructure, community, and pricing. Your best strategy is to rent a place for a few months to see how you like living in that area.

1. Think about what kind of lifestyle are you looking for? What are your hobbies?

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