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9009047465?profile=originalCosta Rica has always taken pride in its efforts to rely mostly on renewable energy sources. According to the Costa Rica Electricity Institute, the Central American nation was powered 285 days in 2015 fossil fuel-free.

Solar is the clean energy of the future, and more and more homes and businesses in Costa Rica are installing solar panels to reduce electricity costs and positively impact the environment. For remote locations not connected to the national electrical grid, solar energy is a godsend

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9008814480?profile=originalThe immense plains, powerful volcanoes and dry, sunny climate of Guanacaste are becoming pivotal for Costa Rica’s production of renewable energy. The second largest province in the country is being tapped for its powerful resources of wind, solar and geothermal energy.

Costa Rica currently produces 91% of its energy from renewable sources: 73% from hydroelectric power, 13% from geothermal plants, 4% from wind turbines, and 1% from biomass, according to the Costa Rica Ministry of Environment and E

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