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You always hear about Costa Rica’s amazing beauty. The fabulous uncrowded beaches. The exciting volcanoes. The thrilling adventures like zip lining and whitewater rafting. The wildlife … rainforest … and the warm, tropical climate.

What you don’t often hear about is Costa Rican food.

That’s not because there’s nothing to write home about. It’s just that Costa Rican cuisine isn’t touted as much as its sloths and surfing.

That’s all changing. Costa Rica’s government is on a mission to promote the

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hotsaucenation.jpg?width=248Buffalo wings are now a staple American dish, bottles of Tabasco and Sriracha sit nestled between salt & pepper on countless restaurant tables across the country, and BBQ sauce seemingly gets hotter by the year. Our love affair with capsaicin, the chemical compound that makes peppers hot, is obviously growing but how did it all begin and what's fueling its meteoric rise?

Hot Sauce Nation: America's Burning Obsession written by Denver Hicks & released just several months ago provides an in depth e

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It's official: gastronomy is overtaking gambling as Vegas' highest grossing attraction. Most of us want a sure bet these days and our palates rather than the comp card increasingly drive the buying decisions. Thanks to celebrity chefdom and farm-to-table ethos, our awareness of fresh ingredients and demand for exquisite dishes prepared by culinary artists has risen meteorically.

Venetian-Palazzo, a raging culinary flashpoint on the Vegas strip boasts the highest number of James Beard chefs togeth

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by Nellie Huang

9296575690?profile=originalWith its romantic Mediterranean flair, rich cuisine and millennia-old history, Spain has captured the hearts of many – including world-famous Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s no denying that the 40-year-old celebrity has had a long love affair with Spain: she speaks almost perfect Spanish with an Iberian accent, she’s worked closely with several Spanish directors and she’s even hosted her own culinary show based in Spain.

Paltrow Hails Spain as Her Second Home


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Old India Restaurant – Avant Garde Indian Cuisine


If you are ever in Bristol, England and crave scrumptious Indian cuisine, then a visit to the old Bristol Stock Exchange is in order. Located in an old 100 year plus old structure, the old home of the Bristol Stock Exchange, is now the home to Bristol’s premier Indian Restaurant, ‘Old India.’

Old India Restaurant is worth a visit for the ambiance and décor alone. Although the old Victorian interior is deteriorating a bit, the grand old building ha

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42 stories above downtown White Plains’ Ritz Carlton, the tallest building between NYC and Boston, the glass paneled walls of 42 The Restaurant offer eye popping views of Westchester County and a distant Manhattan skyline. With 4 kitchens, banquet space, and a lounge that extends up to the 43rd floor, the even bigger attraction here is down home Portuguese cooking in a casual fine-dining setting. Accessible via an elevator ensconced in an alcove well beyond the hotel lobby, you would think that

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9008799468?profile=originalIn 2013 it's hardly news that that dining options in big luxury hotels have for the most part evolved way beyond the good-quality-but-bland fare of yore, with high-profile marquis restaurants showcasing some of the world’s top chefs. But in my experience, few offer a culinary experience so cozy, intimate, and downright romantic as downtown Miami’s Trapiche Room. The fine-dining star of the four eating/drinking venues at the 274-unit, Four-Diamond JW Marriott Hotel on downtown’s premier business

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Perhaps, nothing says “comfort food” more than pizza. If you’re traveling to the Napa Valley and crave paper thin, scrumptious pizza napoletana, pay a visit to Napa’s Oxbow Market, where you will find Ca’ Momi Pizzeria and Restaurant.



Ca’ Moni Winery was founded in 2006, created  to pair old world winemaking talents from Italy with the finest Napa Valley grapes. Quickly realizing that crafting great wine was only half the accomplishment; the other was introducing it to the public. After perfecti

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10 Dishes You Must Sample When Visiting Hanoi

Hanoi cuisine is one of the most special local aspects of Vietnam's capital which draws tourists from all over the world. In addition to pho - the most well-known dish, there are lots of others, from fancy to popular, which shouldn’t be missed. All of them help to build up a beloved image of Hanoi capital thousand years of civilization. This article will introduce the most famous dishes of Hanoi and best places for you to enjoy them.

1. Bun Oc (Shellfish Soup and Vermicelli)

Whoever has ever l

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How to Travel Costa Rica as a Vegan Easily

I had a pair of friends visit me in Costa Rica not long ago who were vegetarian and vegan. My first reaction was, "Oh, no, what are they going to eat?" I know how much Costa Ricans love their chicken, beef, chicharrones (fried pork), fish, etc.

They said, not to worry. Rice and beans are the nation's main staples, and there is a wealth of fresh vegetables and tropical fruits. It's true!

Vegetarian meal in Costa RicaTraveling in Costa Rica as a vegetarian or vegan, or even needing a gluten-free or dairy-free diet, is relativel

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A huge advantage of being here in St. Lucia is the year round growing season”, says Allen Susser, Consulting Chef at Jade Mountain Resort. A twisting back country road leads from Soufriere, the closest village, traversing deep forest and steep cliffs overlooking the ocean and craggy jade colored peaks of Saint Lucia’s 2 signature mountains…Petit and Gran Piton.

Situated at the edge of a vast rainforest, Jade Mountain’s 650 acres include their Emerald Estate gardens blessed with perfect growing

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Thousands of people converged on Regent’s Park in London for an annual summer event which showcases the vibrant food and culture of Britain and other parts of the world. Taste of London offers visitors the unique opportunity to dine from 40 of the capital’s top restaurants, sample and buy from 200 food and drink producers, enjoy wine tasting and watch some of the world’s greatest chefs demonstrate their skills live on stage.


As in previous years Thailand’s section seemed to attract the biggest

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Top notch Dining Destinations in Dubai

9008771666?profile=originalDubai’s effervescent lifestyle is alluring large number of tourists from around the world. The city is not only known for spectacular contemporary architecture and splendid shopping malls but also for its sophisticated restaurants where you can choose from variety of multi-cuisine dishes. People booking cheap Flights to Dubai must consider dining at Fire and Ice.

The restaurant is located in Raffles Dubai Hotel. The architecture of the restaurants comprises of four essential elements of life i.e.

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Must-Take-Home Cayman Island Savories


When you're packing light, it's tough deciding what to take back home for souvenirs. Is it liquid, too heavy, fragile? Well, if you're coming from the Cayman Islands, you have options! Here are 3 not-to-miss Cayman savories that you'll absolutely enjoy for weeks to come after returning from your island escape.

Tortuga Rum Cake

In 1984, while working for Cayman Airways, Captain Robert Hamaty and his wife Carlene founded the Tortuga Rum Company. For years Carlene baked rum cakes for special occasion

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Top Chefs Promote Local Cuisine at Cayman Cookout


The Caribbean is filled with fresh from-the-tree & garden ingredients along with daily just-caught fish right off shore. Up until just 5 years ago, many Cayman Island restaurants simply had key ingredients shipped in from elsewhere instead. On the surface, this may seem like lunacy. Why not simply harvest what's in your backyard rather than have it shipped from around the globe? The answer is twofold. First, more obscure island produce couldn't be farmed and sold profitably. As a result, island

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seixal_boats_BaiaDoSeixal.jpg?width=200Seixal located on Portugal Dream Coast has an enormous economical, cultural and social potential for tourism.
Nowdays has several activities like canoein (clubs and associationsI), boat trips where is possible to participate in a unique tour on on boats constructed before 1914 on the Tagus River (Rio Tejo in Portuguese).
It is the land that Pedro da Gama used to watch the construction of caravels of his brother Vasco da Gama, that he used to discover the Maritime Route to India. The house located
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by Asli Pelit

Imroz meyhane, Istanbul, TurkeyAlong with the dramatic blue waters of Turkey‘s Bosphorus, the opulent dome and minarets of Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia, travelers to Istanbulalways come away wowed by its incredible cuisine. And I confess, as a seventh-generation local, I dream about the sight of a well prepared Turkish table when I’m away from home.

Atop seven hills where two continents meet, encircled by the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the perfect setup of the ancient city once known as Constantinop

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Texas Eat 'Em: BBQ in San Antonio, Texas

9008603670?profile=originalThe definition of barbeque has nearly as many meanings as sauces. First, you can attend an event or outdoor party, which, in Texas is usually held on a ranch. The act of barbecuing is the process of preparing food with smoke, low temperatures and long periods of time. Don't be confused by the backyard griller who claims to barbeque, but simply heats food outdoors, often over a gas source. And, don't try to find the best recipe as everyone claims their method holds prize winning secrets.


I recent

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