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Best Time To Perform Umrah For UK Residents


Verily, Umrah is a spiritual journey and is a late dream of every Muslim brother and sister. This spiritual journey has free of time limitations in a year except for Hajj days. Hajj is a compulsory duty for every Muslim person at least once a time in life. Allah Almighty says that Hajj is not obligatory on those Muslims who cannot afford it financially and physically.

Umrah is a little bit more effortless worship or journey than Hajj. Because a pilgrim only performs four rituals in Umrah. To comp

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How do I Find People who Travel for Business?


Traveling to different destinations not only enhances business relations but also opens up platforms for growth. The business world has grown tremendously over time. How to find people who travel for business is very easy and straightforward since links have been created as people have partnered in various ways either as suppliers, distributors or even stakeholders. In other cases, it is as a result of an establishment of a new company by a mother company in a different country. This sector is a

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Think of tourism in Scotland, and you can expect the countryside, hills, and breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, you’re likely to foregather images of skirling bagpipes, huge castles, and majestic highlands. All of these are part of the mystique of this uniquely fascinating country. Hence, this makes it the most attractive holiday destination for tourists. 

So, the next question is how you can tour this strikingly grand country? Interestingly, you can explore Scotland by boat, on foot, on scenic t

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The currency of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as many of its overseas territories, for example Gibraltar and a number of islands such as the Falklands. Subdivided into 100 pence, the pound sterling (ala GBP) is the oldest currency still in continuous use.

How Did the Pound Originate?

There are three main hypotheses. Perhaps the most obvious connects the name "pound sterling" to the weight of one pound of coins called sterlings, which were minted by Britain's e

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With its strategic position overlooking the strait that parts the Mediterranean from the Atlantic, Gibraltar remains in British hands. For tourists, it also makes an almost unique journey back to the colonial times when Britain ruled the world, reports Erik Bergin.


After the British handed back Hong Kong to China in 1997, there’s not much left of the former glorious British Empire, that once ruled land and seas around the globe.But one British outpost remains, undisturbed by Spain’s opposition

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