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The currency of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, as well as many of its overseas territories, for example Gibraltar and a number of islands such as the Falklands. Subdivided into 100 pence, the pound sterling (ala GBP) is the oldest currency still in continuous use.

How Did the Pound Originate?

There are three main hypotheses. Perhaps the most obvious connects the name "pound sterling" to the weight of one pound of coins called sterlings, which were minted by Britain's e

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There are small states in the world whose currencies play a role in the world economy that is incomparable with their modest size and small population. The entire state of Kuwait consists of the city of the same name and an adjacent piece of a lifeless desert with a length of approximately 200 kilometers from north to south and from west to east. Kuwaiti dinars are happy to accept banks throughout the Middle East, Europe, and North America. The Kuwaiti dinar is the national currency of the State

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Cool Facts About Vietnam

9009425280?profile=original Vietnam is an ancient temple, stunning nature, a warm sea all year round, the ability to go on a trip, play for real money in secured gambling sites for Vietnamese players and that's not all. Interested in? I suggest reading interesting facts about mysterious Vietnam.

  • Plastic money

Vietnamese money (dongs) is made of plastic (polymer money). They are more expensive to manufacture, but they do not get wet and do not tear.

  • Expensive pleasure

There are very few cars in Vietnam. If a Vietnamese wants t

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Successful Japanese Inventions


Japan is not only a country of the rising sun, kimonos, and sushi. This is the home of over 120 million amazing people. The Japanese have always been famous for their culture. And their ingenuity and responsibility helped the country become one of the most developed in the world. We present to your attention the most successful Japanese inventions.

  • The smart use of water

Washbasins in Japan are installed in such a way that tap water escapes into the drain tank. Reuse of water without any treatment

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