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Exploring Global Village Dubai

Hey there, fellow adventurers! If you're like me and always on the lookout for unique and exciting experiences, then Global Village Dubai should be right at the top of your travel bucket list. As a travel blogger, I've had the privilege of exploring this cultural and entertainment hub, and I'm thrilled to share my top 10 must-do experiences with you. So, grab your Global Village Tickets and let's dive into this extraordinary journey.


  1. Pavilion-Hopping Adventure: Global Village is like a mini world
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A Beautiful Bespoke Journey to Japan

1photo121.jpeg?comp=2&profile=RESIZE_710xPhotos: Linda Cooper

In Japan (or Nippon as the Japanese call it), broken objects are often repaired in gold, a practice known as Kintsugi.  As a philosophy, its flaw is seen as a unique piece of the object’s history, therefore celebrating its beauty rather than something to disguise. It’s this approach combined with a constant “nod” reflecting old and new blended so seamlessly into Japanese modern life that makes the Land of the Rising Sun one of the most travelworthy around the globe. 


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It’s baaaack! The 67th edition of the world’s largest, longest, and perhaps most anticipated/beloved music competition, pulling in a worldwide television audience of some 160 million and inspiring tens of thousands of fans to travel

On a personal note, although I haven't yet attended the Eurovision song contest in person, ever since I started traveling more extensively to Europe in 1977 – well before American Idol, The Voice, or The X Factor – it's always been a big deal for mor

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10951604873?profile=RESIZE_930xCharalambos Andronos/Timişoara 2023/Janos Illesi

Annually since 1985, the cultural poobahs of the European Union have designated one or more of the continent's cities (and as of last year it's been three), as Capitals of Culture, focusing on their own cultural offerings and allowing them to organize a series of wider cultural events (many with a strong pan-European dimension) - which bring in considerable additional revenue; foster urban renewal; and raise their international profiles and image

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9819699281?profile=original"Nature's Grace" along the Maine Sculpture Trail. Photo by Alan Stubbs


Some people are traipsing through lovely landscapes as others explore history from days of North America's earliest tribal peoples to the present. Avid birders use binoculars to spot colorful feathered friends in flight while canoers and kayakers dip paddles into the water. At the end of the day, many of these visitors to Panama City, Florida, belly up to an oyster bar to enjoy freshly shucked bivalves prepared in a variety

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11018875452?profile=RESIZE_930xJosé Balido


Congratulations are in order! UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) has just this summer honored Spain's capital city with its first World Heritage Site designation, elevating Madrid to the ranks of destinations with districts or monuments worth preserving for future generations (the larger Madrid community surrounding the capital already had UNESCO sites, including the royal complexes of El Escorial and Aranjuez, which make marvelous day

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Known as one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in China, Huangshan is situated in Huizhou region of the country's southeast-central province of Anhui. Millions of visitors make a trip each year to catch a sight of theses magnificent granite peaks cradled by beds of clouds and frequently depicted in traditional Chinese paintings. And named after the mountain, the area around Huangshan City (pop. 1.5 million, a 4½-hour drive west of Shanghai) is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: th

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Tibet art buildings--Blockhouse

As is known to all, Tibet is a sacred place of Buddhist culture. this is not only reflected in their customs or religious beliefs,but also in their buildings. such as “ Blockhouse”, known in Tibetan as "tnkhar" or "Zongkar" (rdzong–mkhar), originally meant to be a fortress, built on steep rocks, towering and easy to defend. because Tibetans are mainly distributed in Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu and western Sichuan. In order to adapt to the climate and environment on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, tradition

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Recent events have altered our lives considerably, but while our freedom to roam is on hold, we can still escape online and make plans for the future. Ready to inspire your itchy feet, leading adventure travel specialist, Acacia Africa has picked out a list of safari holidays that are likely to be in demand once we start to wander again, the operator including a selection of blog posts and YouTube videos, so you can indulge in Southern and East Africa from the safety of your sofa.

Arno Delport, S

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Cool Facts About Vietnam

9009425280?profile=original Vietnam is an ancient temple, stunning nature, a warm sea all year round, the ability to go on a trip, play for real money in secured gambling sites for Vietnamese players and that's not all. Interested in? I suggest reading interesting facts about mysterious Vietnam.

  • Plastic money

Vietnamese money (dongs) is made of plastic (polymer money). They are more expensive to manufacture, but they do not get wet and do not tear.

  • Expensive pleasure

There are very few cars in Vietnam. If a Vietnamese wants t

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Tibetan Tea

Tibetan tea has a special status in the Tea in traditional Tibetan culture. It is said to have been brought by Princess Wencheng as a dowry. Through history, the people here have developed a Tibetan diet, among which buttered tea is a wholesome drink known for its nutrition and unique making method. Buttered tea can produce high calorie which can prevent cold in high regions. It is a very suitable tea in Tibet. Until now, the tea culture on the Tibetan Plateau has developed over one thousand yea

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A Look at Africa's Traditional Cookware


                                              T.K. Naliaka

Traditional cookware is particular in each region of the world, because each has its own climate, and that affects methods of food preparation. In Africa, s
omewhere around 700 million individuals depend on customary biomass -, for example, wood and charcoal - for cooking, a lot of the utensils in the area are intended to withstand open fires and longer cooking time. So earthen cookware allow for more gradual cooking, enabling women to

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9296632863?profile=originaldiscover study abroad

The world we live in today is one of many varying cultures and traditions. Every community has its own rituals that make it truly unique, but the Danes perhaps stand out from the rest. Danish citizens are some of the happiest people in the world and much of that happiness can be attributed to the way that they live. Their traditions and rituals are showcased prominently in almost every social task and gathering. And for a country home to fewer people than Sierra Leone, they’

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit London


The capital of the United Kingdom is more than just a metropolis with a striking historical significance in the history of the world - it's a unique and exhilarating experience. London’s countless monuments, its royal panache and mind boggling architecture and beautiful streets that surprise you with prettiness at every corner are so inviting and irresistible that no traveller can miss out London from her bucket list. You can explore more with itinerary planner for awesome vacation. There are

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Flamenco, the Soul of Andalusia


The centuries-old traditional music and dance form of flamenco is deeply rooted throughout the culture of southern Spain, and still popular in both public and private celebrations. An inheritance passed down rally through the ages and only more recently via recordings and videos, today it has also become a cultural industry, an economic driver, a subject for study, and a tourist attraction. It is the present, the past, and the future, tradition and avant-garde, and one of world's richest cultura

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Ranches Fit For A Royal Tour


With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touring British Columbia this week, Canada expert Ranch Rider has put a horsey twist on the royal itinerary, the activities at its handpicked list of BC ranches mirroring those on William and Kate’s schedule. 


The Yukon also features on the famous foursome’s regal calendar, and as the tour operator offers add on fly drives to “The Land of the Midnight Sun,” adventurers can expect an action packed 2017 Ranch Rider holiday in the Great White North.

Tony Daly, M

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Ta’er Monastery, Kumbum Monastery in the Tibetan language, is the birthplace of Tsong Kha-pa, the founder of the yellow sect, is one of the six major lamaseries of yellow sect in Tibetan Buddhism. It is 26km away from Xining, the capital city of Qinghai Province and it was built in 1379.


Ta'er is a garden-like architectural complex of blending Han and Tibetan architecture. Its main buildings include eight pagodas; the great golden-tiled hall; a small golden-tiled hall; the grand scripture hall;

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Free Museum Hopping in New York City

There are about 80 museums in New York City. Most of them are in Manhattan,
and nine of those museums are located along what's called New York City Museum
Mile, along Fifth Avenue.



The American Museum of Natual History


Museum Mile begins with the New York City
Metropolitan Museum of Art at Fifth Avenue and 82 St. (1000 Fifth Ave,
New York City, NY, 10028) and ends with the Museum of El Barrio on Fifth
Avenue and 104 Street (1230 Fifth Ave. New York, NY 10029). In between, there
are the Guggenhei

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Any fan of motion pictures has a favorite film director. Recently, I was able to view an exhibit of one of the true masters of cinematography at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, or LACMA. A tribute to the works of one of the cinematic geniuses of all time, the perfectionist, Stanley Kubrick. More than 1,000 objects on display in “Stanley Kubrick” — a massive exhibition devoted to the legendary filmmaker.

Anyone who has seen a Kubrick flick must admire the filmmakers attention to every last d

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29 Must Visit Cities for 2011

Longing for some sunshine, want to explore a new culture, have a craving for new tastes or fancy a night out in town? City Breaks are an ideal and affordable weekend escape for you and your friends, your partner or the whole family. We have taken the most important factors: weather, cost, food, accessibility, culture and safety, and have rolled up a list of Must-Visit cities around the world. You just have to get up and go!


#29 Amsterdam


Did you know: Amsterdam has over 1 million bikes but only 7

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