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When you think of world art meccas, the likes of Paris, Amsterdam, New York, and London are what typically come to mind. But there are quite a few others which are home to surprisingly rich art culture, and a good example, just a half hour's drive from Baltimore-Washington International Airport, is Maryland's largest city (pop. 602,000). nd you will be surprised by the rich and impressive art culture found in this city. And here are four excellent examples:

The Baltimore Museum of Art

The ciy'

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Rome's Castel Sant'Angelo Museums


In Rome, the Parco Adriano Hadrian’s Mausoleum, more often referred to as the Castel Sant’Angelo, was once its tallest building, a towering cylindrical structure commissioned by Emperor Hadrian to serve both him and his family as their final resting place once they died.  However, over the course of time, the Castel Sant’Angelo was repurposed by the Popes as a prison and a fortress. 

Sitting on the banks of the River Tiber and built between 123 and 139 AD, its design was based on the mausoleum of

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Get the Most out of Rome’s Magnificent Colosseum

Even if you’ve never been to Rome, you will have heard of the Colosseum.  It is, without fail, the most important attraction in all of Italy.  And, for a good reason, the Colosseum not only highlights the majesty and romance of this most beautiful of Mediterranean cities, but the storied history of an entire nation.

Quick History

Located at the eastern end of the Roman Forum you will find the Colosseum.  The mammoth structure was commissioned by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty between 70-

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Founded on Florida's Gulf coast in 1888 - and, yes, named after the famed Russian city (on a whim of one of the city's founders, who actually flipped a coin to decide the matter with his co-founder) - "St. Pete" has fairly little in common with its larger Slavic namesake. But one major exception is that in both you could spend days on end exploring a wealth of fascinating museums. In addition to the classic Florida sun and nearby beaches that it's known for, the ever growing arts scene and art

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Terrific Turin, Italy


Torino (Turin in English) is the most important and major situated in the northern Italy. It is the capital of Piedmont region. The city is located on the left banks of River Po. Towards the front of the city is Susa Valley and towards the western part you have the Alpine arch. The population is approximately 911,000. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage. The city is well known for the various restaurants, churches, opera houses, galleries, museums, libraries, parks and various oth

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We found an American treasure in Reno, Nevada.



Hidden in plain view among hundreds of classic cars is the 1907 Thomas Flyer, the winner of the first and only around-the-world auto race, the New-York-to-Paris Race of 1908.


After decades of neglect, in 1964 the dilapidated Thomas Flyer was painstakingly restored to her original condition by 40 car craftsmen in the Harrah’s Classic Car Museum workshop.


The project took six weeks and the end result was the Flyer, exactly as she looked, when she crosse

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9008892894?profile=originalWith my penchant for museums, I was enchanted to visit the Hunt Museum in Limerick. Has nothing to do with hunting but everything with one of the greatest private collections of art and antiques in Ireland, right up to the the 20th century.

John and Gertrude Hunt were antique dealers and art historians and started, well, collecting and keeping those items they most liked for themselves. This went on for a good long time and suddenly they had more than 2,000 items on their hands. The next proble

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image | U.S. Federal Government

I'll say upfront, I'm horrified by the nightmare this country is installing in the Executive branch of our government, and wincing at the massive damage we're going to be taking over the next four (and hopefully only four) years. So it's all the more worth noting that given the outsize world influence of this country’s chief executive, travellers seeking insights into both U.S. and world history will find intriguing and often first-hand information at the librar

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From Mansion to Museum in Chicago

It’s always a pleasure to ‘discover’ some little known gem you’ve somehow missed in your own backyard.  Chicago is extremely rich with history and lore so coming across a treasure like the Driehaus Museum is a rich pleasure indeed.

Formal dining room with original table
 Unlike the palatial Biltmore or Hearst residences, the former Nickerson Mansion is an unassuming structure in modern Chicago’s downtown landscape of glassy highrises. Located at 40 S. Erie between Michigan  Ave and State  Street,
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No doubt about it - as you read this, Maryland's largest city, Baltimore, is going through its most wrenching moment in decades. But while like every single large U.S. city, it has its problems, the current difficulties are centered in West Baltimore, home to a fraction of the city's 622,000-plus residents - and caused by a thuggish element that's taken advantage of a tragedy to inflict yet more tragedy on an already stressed community.No doubt about it, this localized eruption was a long time

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We love Connecticut. It is a beautiful state that is teeming with interesting tourist attractions. Today we focus on the historic maritime coast of the Constitution State in “Mystic Country.”


The seaside towns and villages of Mystic County run 30 miles along Long Island Sound, starting at the town of Old Lyme and ending at the border of Rhode Island to the east. Our story begins with a visit to famous Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut.


The Mystic Seaport sign proclaims, “The Museum of America

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Why Philadelphia Is For Art Lovers


The 72 steps leading up to the Philadelphia Art Museum are called the “Rocky Steps” after Rocky’s run up the flight in the movie of the same name. It became symbolic of the ability of an underdog to triumph. Today some tourists run up the steps in Rocky fashion.  Others walk.  The view at the top is great. A 10-foot tall bronze Rocky statue was originally at the top of the steps and then moved to the bottom of the steps where it became a popular attraction.  However, it was considered a movie p

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A Plane and Simple Life

I often miss the delightful ignorance of childhood, when the most important things in life were the simple pleasures of life itself.  We keep those memories somewhere in the archives of our brains, to be brought out occasionally by specific triggers such as smell and sound.  Our childhood friends were the best we ever had.  Most of us have people we take for granted, they’re called “parents”. It’s almost expected of that ignorance to limit our ability to appreciate.  But as we grow up, we realiz

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join a group for a guided tour of the Pierre Cardin Museum, located in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Ouen. Organized by the Saint-Ouen tourist office, the visit represented an opportunity to take a peek into the world of high fashion.

The tour was given by Renée Taponier, who is not only conservator of the museum, but also the personal assistant of the great fashion designer himself. Her manner of presentation is informal and upbeat. Most importantly, she

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The Magnificent Museums of Madrid


In 2014, Spain's capital marked another cultural high point when the National Archaeological Museum reopened after a six-year, €65-million renovation. It’s still housed in the same handsome 19th-century neoclassical building on Calle Serrano in downtown Madrid, and still displays a wealth of world treasures including some unique to Spain such as a replica of the spectacular Altamira Caves prehistoric art and the iconic Celto-Iberian bust known as theLady of Elche (top). What’s different is a

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Wherever a trip may take you, it’s always interesting to get to know the history and culture of the natives. Museums are one of the ways to do this of course, so when I found myself in Paros island, I made sure to visit its  Archaeological museum in the city of Parikia.

My first impression of the museum was a beautifully landscaped exterior, decorated with a few carefully chosen exhibits that intrigued me enough to want to see more! It was there I first saw the mosaic from the 3rd-century BC of

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by Rusty Rae and Sheila Hunter

There is another “Greatest Generation,” although mostly long forgotten — the 300,000 men, women, and children who made the 2,200 mile trek from Independence, MO to Oregon’s Willamette Valley and beyond between 1846 to 1869. You can experience the trials and tribulations of these Americans by visiting the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center five miles east of Baker City, Oregon, off I-84 in the state's northeast corner.

Located in the middle of scrub desert on a hill j

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9008852287?profile=originalMy mother is a great Ernest Hemingway fan.  Her favorite book of all time is The Sun Also Rises. When I found out he was born and raised in Oak Park, IL, I thought she might enjoy a trip to the Ernest Hemingway museum and his birthplace. So my aunt, my mom and I took a field trip. It turned out to be better than we expected.

Only about a 45 minute drive from where we live, we were lucky enough to find parking right across the street. The museum is housed in a former Church – an imposing structu

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9296587266?profile=originalSan Jose, Costa Rica, has a new national Museum of Jade and Pre-Columbian Art. Open to the public as of May 26, 2014, the new Jade Museum is located in the Plaza de la Democracia (Democracy Plaza) opposite the Costa Rica National Museum.


Previously, Costa Rica’s impressive collection of ancient jade was housed since 1977 in a small wing of the National Insurance Institute (INS) building, which prevented the museum from displaying its full collection. The new museum spans 75,000 square feet over

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Discovering Dublin, Ireland w/1-min Video

I skipped down the stairs of our hotel, the Mont Clare, in fairly fashionable Merrion Square on a pharmacy mission.

I turned the corner, passed an antiquated, rather haphazard shop, and stopped.

A white-thatched, distinguished gentleman was sitting behind a counter, reading out loud to a few customers.

I stopped to listen.

It turns out this was the pharmacy I was looking for: Sweny’s.

Here in a 12 by 14 foot space, the gentleman reader, was one P.J. Murphy r
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