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9009360262?profile=originalWith a history spanning over more than 130 years, the city of Gopeng is older than many other cities in Malaysia.

Thanks to tin mining boom in the 1910 till the late 1980s, the city is known to give birth to many Chinese millionaires who work the mine and made themselves ally to the Malay Sultan.

But after the great tin bust in the 1980s, coupled with a new North South Highway built, the town was essentially forgotten. Though lined with historical buildings and stunning pre war architecture, the a

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7 Free Things to Do in Sydney, Australia

When you are on holiday, it is always a great idea to mitigate your budget by adding in a mix of free things to do in every city you visit. Incorporating some free things can help you achieve the holiday you want within the budget you can afford. Most cities have a list of things that you can do for fun that are free. Sydney, Australia is no exception; there are plenty of free things to do while in the capital city and surrounds. All you have to do is grab a car hire from Budget, and you are on

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Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is one of these important places to visit in Marmaris because it takes people back into the golden pages of history. It is estimated that the castle is in Marmaris dates back to 3000 B.C. but was rebuilt by Ottoman Sultan Suleyman in 1522 for his conquest to Rhodes which he won comprehensively and since then, it is a historical place for the tourists to visit. It is the only historical place to visit in a modern holiday town of Marmaris. There is a small museum included as well i

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“Well, this is another fine mess you’ve  gotten us into Stanley”

If you remember those few words you know who said them and why!


Part of the fun of growing up is creating memories that last a lifetime.  Dating myself a bit, no keener memory was when watching the antics of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy the hilarious comedy duo, and yes, Ollie (Oliver) said those words.

As a kid either at the theater or on television at home watching them in one of their classic movies I enjoyed their zaniness, pe

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When to visit Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a Californian city located in the United States of America. This place is full of educational institutions acting as an incentive to fields of fashion, media, business, art, technology, science and many others. It is a highly populated city of career oriented people always ready to live life to its full extent. Thereby, it is also known as the City of Angels. This city tries to find a constant balance between precipitation and sunshine and that is why, it has a Mediterranean clima

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Terrific Turin, Italy


Torino (Turin in English) is the most important and major situated in the northern Italy. It is the capital of Piedmont region. The city is located on the left banks of River Po. Towards the front of the city is Susa Valley and towards the western part you have the Alpine arch. The population is approximately 911,000. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage. The city is well known for the various restaurants, churches, opera houses, galleries, museums, libraries, parks and various oth

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Top 10 Reasons to Visit London


The capital of the United Kingdom is more than just a metropolis with a striking historical significance in the history of the world - it's a unique and exhilarating experience. London’s countless monuments, its royal panache and mind boggling architecture and beautiful streets that surprise you with prettiness at every corner are so inviting and irresistible that no traveller can miss out London from her bucket list. You can explore more with itinerary planner for awesome vacation. There are

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Scientists believe they have for the first time identified an ancient graveyard for gladiators.
Analysis of their bones and injuries has given new insight into how they lived, fought and died.

Gladiators were the sporting heroes of the ancient world. Archaeological records show them celebrated in everything from mosaics to graffiti.

Motifs of gladiators are found on nearly a third of all oil lamps from Roman archaeological digs throughout the Empire.

But how much did they risk every time they steppe

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Jackson Hole Deals for Spring Skiing



9008603095?profile=originalI've been skiing, dining, watching wildlife, and visiting spas in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I'm here to say that if you're able to get there before April 3, the last day of winter season, go for it. This area has gotten a ton of snow, so the Tetons look beautiful, the sled dogs feel good, thousands of big-antlered elk are still lounging on the lowlands (the National Elk Refuge) right outside town, and hotels in Jackson Hole and Teton Mountain Village,

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The Art of Europe

When one thinks of Europe, one tends to think of art. With its plethora of offerings including historical sites, museums, and even art galleries, the choices are truly endless.

Students in the Art History program at University of Redlands, a top Southern California university, spend time exploring the classics through studying the paintings and sculptures found in museums like the Louvre in Paris, British Museum in London, or the Vatican Museum in Rome.

But art in Europe doesn’t necessarily mean

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The Desert of Forbidden Art

MOSCOW — Later this week moviegoers in New York will learn the strange story of Igor V. Savitsky, an obsessive collector credited with saving tens of thousands of avant-garde artworks from Soviet authorities who forced artists toward Socialist Realism in the 1930s.


Savitsky Collection “Crimson Autumn” (1931), by Ural Tansykbaev, at the Nukus Museum in Uzbekistan. The museum is the subject of a documentary, “The Desert ofForbidden
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European Artwork in London

9008585280?profile=originalWhen travelling throughout Europe, one of the most enjoyable things is viewing the amazing architecture and artwork collections found in almost every major city.

Due in part to its free admission but more so due to its over 2,300 paintings on display, The National Gallery in London, England, is one of the most popular museums in all of Europe offering works from famous artists such as Renoir and Monet.

When visiting The National Gallery, it may seem almost overwhelming to think about possibly view
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A journey through the Kingdom of Ife

When German archaeologist Leo Frobenius first discovered beautiful terracotta sculptures and copper cast head pieces in Nigeria in 1910, he proclaimed that he had discovered Plato’s lost city of Atlantis. European attitudes were so negative to African abilities that he reasoned that the artworks must be the work of foreign settlers, inconceivable to be created by African hands.

Eventually as more works surfaced through further discoveries, explorers began to change their attitudes. The Western wo

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9009531497?profile=originalShops fashionable and funky line Key West’s Duval Street ;  photo by Dreamstime

Key West, Florida is more than a place. It's a spirit, a funky energy that enters your soul and takes residence in your worldview as well as your inner vision. A state of mind more than a city; a way of life more than a place to live. It’s a lifestyle as much as a destination. All expressed in the absurdist poetry that is Key west, a language not spoken anywhere else in the country.

But even recognizing all this, I di

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