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Malaysia for Families


Malaysia, a tropical haven in Southeast Asia, beckons families from India with its diverse landscapes, cultural richness, and modern wonders. As the desire for unforgettable family vacations grows, Malaysia emerges as a perfect destination, offering a seamless blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration. Malaysia tour packages from India for families cater to diverse interests, ensuring that every member, from the youngest to the oldest, finds joy in this enchanting jo

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10 of the Top Spots to Visit in Malaysia


A dynamic country in Southeast Asia with a population of some 34 million people, Maylasia is an increasingly tourist-popular country - tourism is now its third largest source of income - offering a mix of fascinating cultural, historical, and ecological attractions (not to mention some fine beaches). A quarter larger than Great Britain and a bit larger than the U.S. state of New Mexico, it consists of two separate sections: larger peninsular Malaysia occupies the southern half of th

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9009360262?profile=originalWith a history spanning over more than 130 years, the city of Gopeng is older than many other cities in Malaysia.

Thanks to tin mining boom in the 1910 till the late 1980s, the city is known to give birth to many Chinese millionaires who work the mine and made themselves ally to the Malay Sultan.

But after the great tin bust in the 1980s, coupled with a new North South Highway built, the town was essentially forgotten. Though lined with historical buildings and stunning pre war architecture, the a

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Are you planning for holidays ? South East Asia could be the best destination.  South East Asia offers both cultural and romantic sightseeing places. In ongoing travel goal audits, Asian get-away travel reservations were at their pinnacle and still keep on making upward patterns to most nations in Asia.

Rather than ancient culture, beach vacations in south east Asia are the most famous to the foreigners. Without  surfing and enjoying asian beach parties, your south east asia vacation would never

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Simons Holidays - Malaysia Tour Packages

Malaysia is just the perfect destination when it comes to spending your holidays or vacations in a fun-filled yet relaxing way. There are lonely beaches and there are jam-packed street markets. There are soothing sea waters of shiny beaches and there are caves full of bats of miscellaneous species. Whether you visit here for a short period of time or for a couple of days, no matter how much time you spend here, one thing is for sure. That is, you’ll take some wonderful bags of memories back home

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Shopping In Port Dickson

Port Dickson is a hidden tourist destination in Malaysia! it's a lovely place to hang out and  Relax. Port Dickson, have many nice attractions to visit. Enjoy shopping in Port Dickson with the below list of shopping places in Port Dickson

1. Regina Mall Port Dickson:


Regina Mall at Port Dickson is one of the famous malls, this was previously known as Oceanic Mall, you can experience the best here. there are many other exciting features along with shopping, restaurants,
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