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Thangka Paintings – the newest in Tradition

9009352854?profile=originalPaintings are used an adornment in homes, offices, or sometimes simply as a collectible. Even a lot of times, paintings would be something spiritual or divine to connect with. There are a lot of painting types that have evolved from throughout the world. Most of the places in Asia, Africa and so on have painting types that depict a face, or scene, and is mostly known to be traditional. Thangka painting is one such traditional form of painting on cotton or silk, that originated from Tibet. The pa

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Monsters at California's Borrego Springs

Monsters at Borrego Springs

By Jim DeLillo


The Serpent crosses the road using the Milky Way as a beacon on its attack of Borrego Springs, shining in the distance.

A journey to this fabulous location, the artist’s background, and how I crafted these wonderful images of the Milky Way.

A warm wind blows across me, but I still feel a chill run down my back. I am alone in the desert. I’m at one of the darkest places on earth according to my map. It is a little scary, especially while visions of coyotes,

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It is said that "the best place to learn about culture is at the dinner table!"


So starting your Thailand vacation with a Thai cuisine class or a course from a Thailand Cooking School offers you the cultural experience and other benefits. Some of these benefits are:

1. the trip to the market will teach you how to select fresh ingredients and which fruits make your body hot and which counter them by making your body cold and which not to combine together.

2. You will learn what makes the difference

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Chicago's Year-Round Public Art Show

by Mary Bergin

Scattered throughout Chicago, Illinois is evidence of creative minds at play: more than 700 pieces of public art. Although local artists get the most commissions, some of the biggest names in modern art — Picasso, Chagall, Calder, Miro -- have also made their mark here, turning “The City That Works” into a world-class museum of modern sculpture. Even better, this museum charges no admission and its works earn the appreciation of not just art experts, but everyone from toddlers to

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A journey through the Kingdom of Ife

When German archaeologist Leo Frobenius first discovered beautiful terracotta sculptures and copper cast head pieces in Nigeria in 1910, he proclaimed that he had discovered Plato’s lost city of Atlantis. European attitudes were so negative to African abilities that he reasoned that the artworks must be the work of foreign settlers, inconceivable to be created by African hands.

Eventually as more works surfaced through further discoveries, explorers began to change their attitudes. The Western wo

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