Thangka Paintings – the newest in Tradition

9009352854?profile=originalPaintings are used an adornment in homes, offices, or sometimes simply as a collectible. Even a lot of times, paintings would be something spiritual or divine to connect with. There are a lot of painting types that have evolved from throughout the world. Most of the places in Asia, Africa and so on have painting types that depict a face, or scene, and is mostly known to be traditional. Thangka painting is one such traditional form of painting on cotton or silk, that originated from Tibet. The painting that is backed as a Tibetan Buddhist painting, usually has a Buddhist deity or scene that is depicted. Most of the time, this painting is purchased by only devotees of Buddha, or monks, to hang it at their home, office or so on. However, with time, people have begun to understand the value of traditional painting, and Thangka has evolved as a popular type of painting. So, before you step to buy Thangka, here are a few reasons that will emphasize on the importance of buying the same:

  • For people who like or follow Buddhism, Thangka is not a mere piece of art. It is their embodiment of worship. They bow down towards it, and pray. They believe it brings good luck and prosperity.
  • In Buddhist monasteries or temples that enhance Buddhism, Thangka is used for worship and meditation.
  • Thangka, most of the times, are intended to serve a purpose, that is being a guide for contemplative experience. Thangkas are intended to be an iconographic information provider, in a pictorial method, during meditation and so on in a monastery.
  • In the Tibetan culture, Thangka is used for both death ceremony as well as a happy occasion like the marriage.
  • Though now-a-days, it is used as a decorative piece, Thangkas carry within themselves immense heritage. If one likes to study the Buddhist culture, religion, history, arts, paintings and so on, then the best option is to buy Thangka.

Authentic Thangka paintings are available online, easily, like in Exotic India. They range from as less as 1000rs to a maximum of nearly about 60000Rs as well. A Thangka, is a great creation, done by an artist with skillful meditative practice. The painting carries within itself a lot of value from the creator, which needs to be received by the other end as well. With contemporary and western designs taking league, most of the traditional forms of paintings usually take a back seat. With the evolution of technology, people can understand the importance of Thangka.

Before you decide to buy Thangka painting, check the below pointers:

  • The materials that are used for in the painting. When you say traditional, think of the cost that the artist bears to bring about the materials, like gold, cotton and so on. Valuation of the painting can easily be done with the help of the same.
  • If an artist works average of 40 hours a week, a Thangka would take about 6 months or so to complete. Depending on the intricacies of the painting, the duration might change, but a base of 6 months is assured. Most of the artists have come out of Tibetan search of work, and hence the work pace might differ. Considering their hardships, the valuation of the painting increases.

It is very important to bring traditional painting like Thangka to the limelight, as people of this generation will never understand the importance of the same otherwise. These kinds of paintings are original, and online shopping sites like Exotic India are some of the best places to buy Thangka. Not just the quality, the painting looks amazingly well due to the importance of their culture, and uplifting the same!