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  • Media Matters Media Matters

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    Writers, editors, photogs, and bloggers share tips, leads, ideas, news, gripes. PR reps/journos ISO press releases/trips, see also "PR/Marketing." Opinions stated are not necessarily those of Tripatini.

  • Tour Operators Tour Operators

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    A place to discuss common issues and let colleagues, media, and the public know what you're up to and what deals you're offering!

  • PR/Marketing Forum PR/Marketing Forum

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    Latest Activity: Dec 14, 2023

    A clearinghouse for anyone promoting travel/food/lifestyle, to discuss common issues & offer information to journalists & the public. You may also want to check the "Media Only!" discussion "Journalists Seeking Story Information."

  • Travel Agents/Advisors Travel Agents/Advisors

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    A profession very much in transition thanks to the Internet - and now, increasingly, artificial intelligence - travel's front-line retailers are some of the most knowledgeable folks in the industry. Here's a place…

  • Adventure Travel Adventure Travel

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    Latest Activity: Oct 16, 2023

    From the great outdoors up to xtreme sports, here it's all about nature - and of course adrenaline!


    cover photo:…

  • Ecotourism Ecotourism

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    Latest Activity: Mar 7

    Into the world's unspoiled natural places, with awe and respect, from dirt-cheap to hyper-luxe.

  • Foodie Forum Foodie Forum

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    We all know how much local foods and libations can define our travel experiences. Here we share some of the planet's most remarkable culinary experiences. So eat, drink, and be…

  • Luxury Travel Luxury Travel

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    Latest Activity: Jun 7, 2023

    The latest and greatest of the top of the line, from the world's most magnificent cities to its remotest deserts & jungles...

  • Inns/Guesthouses/B&Bs Inns/Guesthouses/B&Bs

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    Latest Activity: Jun 6, 2023

    For those who want a lower-key, more intimate (and often less pricey) alternative to hotels, motels, and resorts.

  • Hotels/Motels/Accommodation Hotels/Motels/Accommodation

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    Mom-and-pops; chains; boutiques; big, fancy properties -- whatever's great!

  • Family Travel Family Travel

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    Hitting the road with the brood around the corner and around the world!


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  • Italy Italy

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    Madonn', all of the bel paese is a mindblowing museum, foodie paradise, and more. Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily, Naples,…

  • Photography Photography

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    Whether you're an amateur or a pro, here's a place to discuss techniques, gear, great places to take pictures, and more -- whether about travel, food, or whatever your little heart desires. So click - and post -…

  • Cultural Travel/Tourism Cultural Travel/Tourism

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    Latest Activity: Jun 24

    Cultural experiences are among the key reasons many of us travel, and they are manifold, from performances to exhibitions to festivals. Here the topic is consumer-oriented cultural travel & tourism in all its…

  • Wine/Beer Travel Wine/Beer Travel

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    Latest Activity: May 29

    Winos - er, oenophiles - and beer lovers unite! Here we go galavanting after the grape and hopping after the hop - and there are of course scores of fetching (and sometimes surprising) countries and regions to…

  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Latest Activity: Jan 8

    Though having an increasingly rough time thanks to Brexit, Britain is still a treasure trove of travel treats, from England and Cornwall to Wales and Scotland.…

  • Australia Australia

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    Latest Activity: Apr 10

    Spectacular vistas and unique wildlife, welcoming locals, fabulous wine country, cool cities including Sydney, Melbourne, even Perth), bodacious beaches, fascinating aboriginal culture. So, to…

  • Florida Florida

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    Latest Activity: Feb 11

    America's top vaycay state is best known for its beach resorts and theme parks. But besides the ersatz thrills of Orlando, the nightlife of South Beach, and the well-marketed Victoriana of Key West and Amelia Island, quiet hideaways abound as…

  • Canada Canada

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    Wide-open spaces, sizzling slopes, cosmopolitan cities, and plenty more, eh?


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  • Cruising/Cruises Cruising/Cruises

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    Cruising can be one of the most value-friendly vacations going. But how the heck do you choose from all the choices out there? Here are some resources (including non-traditional cruising, like freighters) and…

  • Caribbean (Plus) Corner Caribbean (Plus) Corner

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    This fabled sea, covering more than a million square miles and 7,000 islands with diverse languages, cultures, and ecosystems, has become probably the planet's premier vacation playground. Here it's all about its regional issues and allures. And…

  • France France

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    Oui, c'est encore la belle France, from the bright lights of Paris to the rocky shores of Brittany/Normandy and the chic vibe of the…

  • California California

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    The USA's most populous state is practically a country unto itself, divided between green north and arid south. Highlights: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego,…

  • Air Travel/Airlines Air Travel/Airlines

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    Latest Activity: Sep 25, 2023

    All about airlines, airports, flying in general. How to navigate them, get the best airfares, maximize your experience in a sector that hasn't exactly been a joy in recent years...come fly with…