Madonn', the whole darn country's a mindblowing museum, foodie paradise, and more. Rome, Venice, Florence, Sicily, Pisa, Naples -- so many of the most iconic destinations in travel. If you haven't been here, you must remedy that immediately.

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Enjoying a vacation rental in a Tuscany vineyard

  Wandering the hilly, narrow cobblestone streets in our home base of Montalcino, a medieval city of interlocking passageways, steps, and alleyways curving around and through and behind and beyond the main square, I reminded myself I was walking through history spanning eight hundred years. Stopping for lunch, I ordered a glass of the house wine. A bottle arrived at the table. When I protested, I was told to drink what I wanted and I would be charged accordingly. Not a bad system, I thought.…

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Venice, Sicily & Clientan Coast cited in 'Using Astrology to Plan Travel this Holiday Season' Still vibrant and popular today, the five-thousand-year-old art of astrology can identify, say, business and romantic opportunities or challenges. And those celestial bodies slinking about the stars can also help pinpoint optimal times and places for travel. And since destinations have their own astro-charts -- which interact with yours -- astrology can even serve as a kind of spiritual travel agent. It can tell you, for example, about places likely to be harmonious or challenging…

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Sicilian cannoli in '5 of the Best Baked Desserts from Around the World'

mat's eye If you were to imagine the best dessert or baked item in the world, then your favourite would likely be very different from your friends and family members. From childhood treats to family recipes, there are many foods that are personal to each individual and this is especially true when it comes to desserts. Sugary, sweet treats hold a lot of nostalgia for most people and often these bakes and desserts use influence from local flavours. A lot of these “desserts” are actually…

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  • Having been to Genoa many years ago, I was interested to read this recent piece on the city in The Daily Beast - it's an often overlooked but well worthwhile destination!
    A Once Powerful Italian City Still Has Glimpses of Its Storied Past
    Genoa was once one of the greatest of the world’s movers and shakers, but lately it has been overlooked in favor of its former rivals.
  • "White Lotus" is one of the hits of 2022, and the Washington Post recently came out with a look at its locations in Sicily:
    Advice | Your ultimate ‘White Lotus’ itinerary for Sicily
    Plan a trip to the real hotel and locations from HBO’s ‘White Lotus’ season two.
  • Fodor's recently published an interesting article on foliage watching in Italy:
    You Might Not Expect This European Country to Be Perfect for Leaf Peeping
    A rainbow of warm-hued tones awaits at these incredible places.
  • In observance of Pride, The Guardian just came out with a piece on Europe's ten best gay-friendly destinations - and here's why Milan made the cut:
    10 of Europe’s best destinations for LGBTQ+ travellers this Pride season | Gay and lesbian travel |…
    From Madrid to Mykonos our writer picks the most queer-friendly holiday spots in Europe
  • Each year my home country celebrates an annually designated "capital of culture," and this year the honour falls to the small island of Procida (population around 10,000), located in Campania a short ferry ride from Naples along with Capri and Ischia (if you've ever seen the charming 1994 film "Il Postino", it was shot here, as were scenes for "The Talented Mr. Ripley" starring Matt Damon). Why did this quiet little island beat out Ancona, Bari, Cerveteri, Lake Maggiore, L’Aquila, Pieve di Soligo (Treviso), Taranto, Trapani, Verbania, and Volterra? Check out its tourism site as well as this travel video from a couple of years ago that showcases Procida:
    Discover Procida: The Italian capital of culture 2022
    Discover Procida: book accommodation, transfer and tours for your holiday in the island of Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture 2022
  • In May 2021, my home country's Ministry of the Environment and the storied Italian Alpine Club announced an ambitious €35m, 13-year plan to extend Italy's existing Sentiero Italia (the Grand Italian Route) by roughly 1,000km to form a new path connecting each of its 25 national parks, including those on the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. When it's completed in 2033, the new route, known as the Sentiero dei Parchi (Path of the Parks) will cross each of Italy’s 20 regions, pass through six ÚNESCO World Heritage sites and stretch nearly 8,000km. A BBC Travel piece provided more details and context around that time:
    The Sentiero dei Parchi: A new hiking trail uniting Italy
    The country that created the Slow Food movement is now championing slow travel with an ambitious €35m, 13-year plan to connect all of Italy's 25 nati…
  • Peter is one of the nominees from our Best Italian Summer Read Awards and we are absolutely delighted that he took the time and talked to us about his book "Vroom with a View". His book talks about his journey around Italy's countryside on his Vespa "Sophia" and is the perfect summer read on one of our painting holidays or Pilates retreats. To find more about Peter, Italy and his fantastic book, read our interview here: 

     Peter Moore Author Italy Vespa

    Painting Holidays in Italy | Art Holidays | Flavours Holidays
    Take a look at our painting holidays in Italy at carefully selected private villas in inspiring Italian countryside locations with Flavours Holidays.
  • La Notte Bianca in Florence - all you need to know about the white night in la bella Firenze

    ponte vecchio in florence

    Ready for La Notte Bianca in Florence? | Flavours Holidays
    It's time to celebrate in our painting, cooking and pilates destination Tuscany! It's la Notte Bianca and here is all you need to know about the whit…
  • What would you bring from an Italian cooking holiday?

    Our 5 top tips will give you some inspiration on what delicious food to bring home from your Italian cooking holiday!  

    What to bring home from your cooking holiday

    What to Bring Home from your Cooking Holiday | Flavours Holidays
    We often get asked by our guests what to bring back to recreate the taste of their Italian cooking holiday – here are our five top tips for you.
  • Italian Christmas tradition

    Traditional Italian Panettone

    Christmas traditions vary from country to country, however, how much do you know about Italy's festive customs? Today, we decided to put together our top 5 Italian Christmas traditions. What are your favourites? Read our blog today:

    Traditional Italian Christmas - Italian food, culture and lifestyle |
    How much do you know about Italy's festive customs? Today, we decided to put together our top 5 Italian Christmas traditions. What are your favourite…
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