The USA's most populous state is practically a country unto itself, divided between green north and arid south. Highlights: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, Napa/Sonoma wine country, Disneyland, redwood country, skiing, driving the Pacific Coast Highway, and lots more.

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13 of the top recreational lakes to enjoy in California

  Wallpaper Flare The Golden State is a bonanza for lovers of nature and the great outdoors, and in addition to natural beauty, its most stunning freshwater reservoir lakes usually offer a plethora of activities and amenities - swimming, boating, fishing, and various other pursuits on the lands surrounding them. And here's a round-up of some of the state's most popular with visitors from near and far:   read post  

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5 savory spots in San Diego for world cuisine

    Cali's second largest city is known for its seafood and Mexican cuisine (it is after all just 20 minutes from the border). But increasingly it's also home to a wide menu of world cuisine - including some you might not expect! Here are five tasty examples I came across recently:   read post      

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Indio's Coachella Valley Festival included in "The USA's Top 10 Music Festivals"

Redfishingboat (Mick O)   Spring and summer are prime music festival season, and after being largely suspended for two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for the most part they've come roaring back in 2022. The United States being the huge country that it is, there are dozens of options for all musical tastes. Here's a sampling of the top ten, in order of dates (all given for this year, but will be similar in 2023): read post  

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  • Cali is cool for road tripping, and here´s a pretty good round-up from - of all outlets, a British newspaper:
    5 of the best road trips in California
    Drive straight to the heart of the Golden State
  • Hey winos! Ever heard of the Suisun Valley? Like Napa and Sonoma it's in NoCal, but unlike them provides a more bucolic, down-home kind of experience. I recently caught a writeup in National Geographic:
    Is this California wine region the new Napa? Its vintners hope not.
    Suisun Valley has become a weekend destination for its top-notch wines and down-to-earth wineries—a reminder of how Napa used to be.
  • I'm been long interested in First Nations culture, and for anyone like me, this latest Cali initiative is a boon:
    Native California, a Just-Launched Online Database, Connects Travelers to the State's Indigenous He…
    It's a treasure trove of 500 attractions—including museums, restaurants, hiking trails, and shopping—all connected to California's native communities.
  • On your next visit to San Francisco, bring your doggo to Dogue, the first high-quality restaurant for canines!
    ‘Bone-appetite’: San Francisco’s latest trendy restaurant caters to canines | San Francisco | The G…
    Dogue, run by a trained chef, has garnered outrage for the high cost of pampering pups but pet parents have been supportive
  • Leave it to California to progressive, "woke," whatever you want to call it, but I think this is a great idea: Visit California has just launched a marketing campaign called Visit Native California to promote tourism around the state's 109 recognized tribes:
    New Visit Native California Program Encourages Travelers to Connect With State's Indigenous Cultures
    The new Native-led initiative seeks to showcase the rich cultures of the state’s 109 federally recognized tribes.
  • The Golden State is home to some of the USA's most iconic attractions, and this recent list of its top 52 includes not only them but a number of others you may not have heard of well - worth a read if you're California dreamin' on your next vacay!
    Home to some of the world’s most iconic cities, white-sand beaches, and the largest trees in the world -- California is a place where culture-savvy t…
  • The London-based travel-site recently came out with "The best cities in the world for art and culture in 2022", and you might expect L.A. to be on the list - and you'd if right, but how close to #1 do you think they rank it?
  • Next up in our tour of California Gold Rush towns is the home of Mark Twain's jumping frogs. It's Angels Camp, today at The World on Wheels.

  • Next up in our series about California Gold Rush Towns at The World on Wheels is Mokelumne Hill


  • We've added another trail to our Northern California list. We're up to 10 wheelchair accessible trails that you can read about at The World on Wheels.


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