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May 21

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  • I do care about the royal wedding! It's nice to have something lovely to focus on for awhile. It'll all be over soon!
  • Hi , I am martin from GAT travel vietnam
    very happy to meet you on tripatini.

    Welcome to Hanoi, Vietnam


  • Hi
  • Namaste John, in regard to ur comment, I understand it could seem at contradictory considering that marriage is fundamentally and originally a religious institution, truth be told, i don't care for the idea of official marriage itself, I'm fine with culturally or community sanctioned civil unions for everyone, be they straight or gay or what have you, but I respect he rights of people to believe in whatever religious or spiritual ideologies they care to and should have the right to fully consciously and consensually marry as they choose and not be restricted by any group outside of themselves who claim a higher authority over them and how they must live their lives and according to whatever antiquated social conventions, so long as they do no harm to any others in the process and don't go out of their way on imposing their convictions and cultural predilections on anyone else....Theres no contradiction in that towards an anarchistic lifestyle, its not total chaos, its not a lifestyle devoid of any order or structure its just one of your own choosing and generally on a community level so long as no harm is done to either the couple or the community..Got it? My brothers name is John btw, he's also still back on the East Coastnot too far from U, up around Boston....Have a great day man...Salaam :)
  • I just want to say I have mixed feelings over Spirit airlines but mostly its a mix of hate, disgust and repulsion with a small measure of appreciation for some pretty cheap flights. I have been through 2 major ordeals out of the three times I ever gave business to Spirit airlines if if at all possible would whole heatedly boy-cot and denounce this airline would very poor ethic business standards that belong under reign of a third-world dictatorship and not at all of a "1st world nation"...They are a sad and emblematic omen of a much lower quality of life and of customer expectations in progress of proliferating in our country to what should be all our great dismay and sadness...I won't get into details about my incidents with them, enough to have it said, they weren't pretty!
  • Hi John,

    Did you take that picture of the Tiger's Nest? Its and awsome experience isnt it? Hope you had a great time in Bhutan.
  • Good morning, John, and a hearty welcome to Go-Lo! It's great to have you with us -- and we think you'll find our site productive as well as interesting and enjoyable.

    To get the most out of the site, you may want to take a few minutes to join several of our many other groups which you might find of particular interest, such as New York State, Florida, Eating/Drinking the World, Eco/Sustainable Tourism, Movies & Travel, A Funny Thing Happened, Travel Photography, Shopping the World, Trail Travel/Rail Buffs, and various others covering many topics and most countries throughout the world.

    FYI, on your profile you'll see a blue bar marked "Text Box," which you can turn into a box containing not just text but also photos and even videos about yourself, your interests, travels, and outlets.

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    We wish you a great rest of 2009 and look forward to hearing more from you... !
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