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  • Hi Bara, I did not get the recipe or photo Did you send it to mdhill@noralyn.com? I also checked my spam.

    If you have any contacts with the tourism bureau, I could certainly follow through with them on a possible trip someday.

  • Yes Thinley, someday I hope to go to Bhutan. I'm sure it will be very special. It holds special importance to me because of Dilgo Khyentse R (previous). John (Damchö) john@TravelWritingAndPhotography.com
  • Hi, As this system does not allow me to send more than 2000 characters, I am unable to send you our full information.
    If you send me your email address I will send full details or you can find it at our site - TheTopTravelClub.com - email: tony@thetoptravelclub.com
    regards, tony
  • Hi Bara, That was fast. My e-mail is mdhill@noralyn.com. I'll look forward to what you send. I used to cook much more than I do now. I only cook know when I feel like it. But, today is a day with a lot of cooking as I'm having my son and his family for Thanksgiving.

    I meant to tell you how beautiful your photographs are. You capture the essence of the feeling.

  • Thank you for the information on Bhutan and Baralynka. If you would like to send me any recipes and photos along with tradition to go with them, I'd be happy to do some posts on them that get good coverage.

    Culinarily yours, Maralyn
  • If you would like to send a simple favorite recipe (with photo if possible), I'd be happy to feature it in a column. I cover food worldwide.
  • Greetings, Thinley, and welcome to Tripatini! It's great to have you with us -- and we think you'll find our site productive as well as interesting and enjoyable.

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    FYI, on your profile you'll see a green bar marked "Text Box," which you can turn into a box containing not just text but also photos and even videos about yourself, your interests, your travels, Bhutan, and Baralynka.

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    Thanks much for joining us, Thinley; we wish you an outstanding rest of 2009 and look forward to seeing you online.

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