March 10

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  • We do feel invited. Now how to get there. Let us know travel authorities to contact. Some of our team are eager
  • Thanks, Margaret! .
    Croatia is the closest we've come, but if we can get to Gdansk, we'd be very happy to create a Travel Video Postcard there :)

  • Hi Margaret, I'd love to learn more about your city. First question: how do you pronounce it?? Cool pics, btw.
  • Dear Margaret,

    Thank you for contacting me. I am very interested in bringing more of Europe to my readers as I contribute to several travel publications including a Russian-language newspaper in San Francisco, and I know that Europe is my readers' primary travel destination. My recent trip to Vienna and East Germany resulted in several stories in the making, and I surely hope to visit Poland soon (Been to Warsaw long ago, never to Gdansk). Please write to my personal email: ekrasov@yahoo.com with further correspondence.


    Emma Krasov,

    Travel journalist, San Francisco, California

  • I would be happy to feature something. Please contact me after July 15 at McGill@Noralyn.com.
  • Witaj Malogosiu ,dziekuje za kontakt i pozdrawiam  Iwona
  • Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for your offer, but the Templars were never involved with malta. It was the Order of St John that held the islands for 300 or so years.

    Thanks anyhow

  • This one would be good. I have a problem just lifting material and republishing from About.com, even though I know it is an excellent site. My original or featured posts and articles need to be original. Direct recipes from chefs or cooks work. I'd rather feature them and link to their sites. You could send the email to mdhill@noralyn.com.


    If that is too difficult, I understand. 

  • I forgot to give you my email. Mdhill@Noralyn.com
  • Hi, thanks for the ad. I would be happy to feature you as a guest blogger if you would like to send a recipe, photo/jpeg of it, and history of the dish. I would also like to feature a little about you, your photo and website.
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