Las vegas


February 17

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  • Very interesting.
  • Instructional viewing for this video-clip play-list: Simply TURN DOWN THE VOLUME ON THE VIDEO-CLIP BOX BELOW and listen to the music that s already playing on my music player above in order to be properly appreciated. Thanks everyone and happy viewing-Namaste :)

  • Instructional advice for best viewing of video-clips just below - Simply turn down the volume on the music playlist above as these videos will be best apprecciated while listening to as the content is of importance to hear. Thanks guys and Happy viewing - Namaste!

  • This you-tube play-list just below is a collection of very special songs to me that represent generally very sentimental periods in my life and therefore are quite meaningful to me- They also are different from the songs from my playlist at the top of the page only in that they tend to be harder to find on playlist.com but youtube did have them, ergo this here amalgamation of videos and or just songs- Happy listening guys - Namaste!

  • This here just below is an amalgamation of lots of pix that represent either particular interests of mine or they may simply be funny or cool and entertaining pics, some happen to be very good food for thought, at least they are for me and it is my hope they may be for U as well, Thanks for appreciating and happy viewing guys - Namaste and Salaam!

    xslide1.gif xslide2.gif xslide42.gif
  • This here below is a slide-show, an amlgamation of many of my pix from all my travels around the globe, I hope it might be enjoyed by whom ever may view it, Thanks and Salaam!

    xslide1.gif xslide2.gif xslide42.gif
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