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  • Backpackers & Hostels Backpackers & Hostels

    85 Members

    Latest Activity: Jul 7, 2022

    A budget-travel sector that grows year after year - and some hostels these days are surprisingly interesting and even fancy!

  • Voluntourism/Volunteer Vacations Voluntourism/Volunteer Vacations

    85 Members

    Latest Activity: Apr 20

    Add extra meaning to your holiday by helping the communities you visit. There are plenty of volunteer travel outfits out there that can set it up. It'll be an experience you'll never forget.

  • Spiritual Journeys Spiritual Journeys

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    Latest Activity: Aug 15

    Whether religious pilgrimage or less conventional "seeking" (New Age or otherwise), this corner of travel has been soaring to the heavens.

  • London Calling London Calling

    84 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 13, 2022

    One of Europe and the world's most dynamic, exciting cities (even post-Brexit), a brilliant mix of cool and  historic, tasty and gritty. And of course host to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Oi, let the good Thames roll...

  • Spirits of Travel Spirits of Travel

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    Latest Activity: Sep 19

    Many are the countries that offer their very own fascinating & tasty distillations -- Scottish single malts, Mexico's tequila, Kentucky bourbon, habushu in Japan -- you name it. An intoxicating way of exploring the world! And of course most…

  • Hiking/Trekking Hiking/Trekking

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    Latest Activity: on Thursday

    Over hill, over dale, all over the world...!

  • Egypt Egypt

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    Latest Activity: Jul 16

    The legendary land of the Pharaohs and its present-day Muslim and Coptic cultures offer one of the world's most iconic travel experiences. And there's a lot to like pricewise, too!

  • Skiing/Winter Sports Skiing/Winter Sports

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    Latest Activity: Jan 7

    In one hemisphere or another, mountains and cold weather add up to frosty fun practically year round - including downhill and crosscountry skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, ice climbing, snowshoeing, glaciering, and many other pursuits that…

  • Barcelona Barcelona

    78 Members

    Latest Activity: Sep 7

    One of Europe's coolest ad comeliest cities, with a Catalan-Spanish-international vibe; Mediterranean weather; history, architecture and culture stretching back to Roman times;and & of course kick-butt dining, shopping & nightlife.…

  • Brazil Brazil

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    Latest Activity: Aug 16

    South America's largest (and many would say sexiest) country has a lifetime's worth of experiences waiting, from the sands of Copacabana to the Amazon jungles, and beyond.

  • Kenya Kenya

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    Latest Activity: Mar 12

    One of Africa's great safari destinations, home to the reknowned Masai, and a nifty coast to visit, as well!

  • Nepal Nepal

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    Latest Activity: Jun 8

    Its capital Kathmandu, this rugged Himalayan land famous as home to Mount Everest and Annapurna is calm these days, and still pretty popular with the trekking and backpacking set. Great for Buddhist and Hindu temples, too.

  • Japan Japan

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    Latest Activity: Jun 15

    Simultaneously modern and traditional, with a culture that can take you into the future or deep into the past, the Land of the Rising Sun is truly in a class by itself.

  • Paris, City of Light Paris, City of Light

    77 Members

    Latest Activity: Apr 6, 2022

    One of the most appealing, storied cities in the world, it's magnifique for just about anything urban that interests you. What are your preferred picks in Paree?

  • Indonesia Indonesia

    77 Members

    Latest Activity: May 28

    One of the world's largest countries, this 18,000-island archipelago mixes Muslim & Hindu, & boasts an extraordinary culture & cuisine. Highlights: Java, Bali, Sumatra, Sulawesi. Borobodur is one of the world's most famous ancient…

  • Cuba Cuba

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    Latest Activity: Apr 22

    Despite everything, the Caribbean's most impressive island offers one of the world's great travel experiences, from its music and culture to Havana and its other cities, as well as beaches and nature.

  • Int'l Travel Writers Alliance Int'l Travel Writers Alliance

    76 Members

    Latest Activity: Jul 8

    The International Travel Writers Alliance is the world’s largest association of professional travel writers, editors, broadcasters and photographers worldwide.
    All Tripatini members are welcome to join this group.

  • Birds & Birdwatching Birds & Birdwatching

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    Latest Activity: Mar 8

    Birdwatchers/birders are of course a special breed, and many in admiration of our fine feathered friends will go to the ends of the earth. In this group, avians R us!

  • US Gulf Coast Travel US Gulf Coast Travel

    74 Members

    Latest Activity: Jul 4, 2020

    Tourism/travel news, updates & discussions about Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas & Mexico. Please add your own thoughts, questions & observations!

  • Agritourism/Farmstays Agritourism/Farmstays

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    Latest Activity: Jan 12

    Farmstays and other rural accommodations are a booming, value-oriented, and highly rewarding corner of travel - visiting and living on farms and in countrysides throughout the world. See " Hilton, Paris -- The Simple Life"

  • Online Corner Online Corner

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    Latest Activity: Jul 14, 2022

    Where the focus is on all kinds of travel-related sites - useful and fun or even useless and annoying!

  • Washington State Washington State

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    Latest Activity: May 8

    Seattle's one of the USA's best cities for visitors, but the lures here are many: apple-growing & wine country, Mount Rainier and the Cascades mountains, the eco-wonderful…

  • Argentina Argentina

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    Latest Activity: Mar 17

    There's tango and gauchos, of course. But there's also mucho más, che! The big-sky country of Patagonia, Mendoza wine country, skiing at Bariloche. And of course there's Buenos Aires, one of the world's great metropoli.

  • Sports Tourism/Travel Sports Tourism/Travel

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    Latest Activity: Sep 2

    Whether you're a fan following a team, have a yen to dip into the local sports culture, or want to get directly in on the action, here's a scorecard to help out -- baseball, basketball, cricket, football/soccer, hockey, polo, rugby, and more.