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7 wonders of U.S. agritourism

From AGDAILY, one of the top outlets covering agriculture and farming in the U.S.: from Alabama to California, seven great farms to both learn at and be entertained:

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DAILY DEPARTURES..BOOK YOUR DESTINATION NOW... 4 Days Wildebeest Migration Adventures Day 1: Nairobi-Maasai Mara Pick up from your hotel in the morning and head west for Maasai Mara adventure destination for lunch at the campsite, followed by afternoon game drive in the game reserve which is Kenya's finest wildlife sanctuary.Including migrants, well over 450 species of animals have been recorded here. Although July, August and September are the months when the Mara plains are filled with…

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Down on the aloha farm with Maui agritourism

The second-largest of the Hawaiian islands is of course famous for its resorts, beaches, and gorgeous scenery. But foodies in particular might also be interested to know that in addition to all those great restaurants, there are also numerous marvelous opportunities on Maui to explore where all that tasty stuff actually comes from. Across the island, local agritourism ranges from the classic Hawaiian pineapple to a goat dairy, even a winery in the interior upcountry - with a lovely lavender…

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  • As they say about almost any topic these days, "there's an app for that."Anyone interested in U.S. agritourism will want to keep an eye out on the app stores for a product coming soon from the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture, called the American Farm Trail App (
    The American Farm Trail App - Find Family Farm Fun
    An exciting new agritourism app is bringing people together who love fun on the farm.
  • Anyone interested in ag tourism in Hawaii?  I took a trip to Maui and wrote up some of the top operations that accept visitors: check it out in the blog.

  • Are you heading to the countryside of southwestern Ontario in the New Year? 

    Canada's top seasonal fine dining restaurant, Rundles, will celebrate its 35th year in 2012.

    Rundles reopens on Friday, May 25th, and closes after services on Saturday, September 29th, 2012.  

    Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

  • We have a Tripatini member looking for farmstay suggestions in Australia. To respond, please click on this link to Ask A Travel Pro.
  • Living a rural experience in Umbria

    From October 3 to December 18, 2011, you can spend a week's holiday in the countryside as cheap as possible participating in the activities of the farm.
    You will live like family, sharing their normal daily tasks and participating in agricultural activities for 3-4 hours a day, the rest of the time you can dedicate to walking, visits to the most important historical sites of Umbria, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, or reading, meditation, and in the evening, at dinner, sharing the experiences of the day with everyone enjoying the company and local products.



    including accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner:                                                                                   50€ per person per day


    Cooking course, 3 days,

    with the elaboration of traditional Umbrian and research recipes, focusing on the use of seasonal and local products:

                                                                 100€ per person



    -         by reservation only

    -         Minimum stay 5 days (Saturday and Sunday may be included)

    -         Depending on individual skills, participation of 3-4 hours day at the farm's daily activities is required

    -         Who does not want to carry out activities in the country will be a surcharge of 40 € per day


    for inormation:
  • For a perfect stay among untouched nature, yet very strategic to visit Umbria, Tuscany and Lazio, with breathtaking views next to Orvieto, one hour from Rome, stay at Farmholiday Conte Pompeo (
    Agriturismo Conte Pompeo
  • l am very happy to be part of this group , hope to benefit from your ideas Honeybadger Tours
    Best African Guiding through providing Safaris and Tours in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mt climbing, Mt Kil…
    Honey Badger Tours, your one and only source for complete, exclusive tours, safaris, photo expeditions in South Africa, touring Zimbabwe, Tanzania an…
  • Today in the New York Times there's an interesting piece called "Small U.S. Farms Find Profit in Tourism," about how important agritourism is becoming in many rural areas of the United States (but that's something all of you in this group already knew!).  An excerpt:


    ..."The United States Department of Agriculture predicts that this year the average farm household will get only about 13 percent of its income from farm sources. Agritourism is appealing because it increases the family’s income from the farm, potentially reducing the need for off-farm jobs.

    The U.S.D.A.’s census of agriculture, which is conducted every five years, estimated that 23,000 farms offered agritourism activities in 2007, bringing in an average of $24,300 each in additional income. The number of farms taking part fell from the previous census, in 2002, but at that time the average agritourism income per farm was just $7,200.

    California, the nation’s largest farm state, was among the leaders in agritourism, according to the census, with nearly 700 farms averaging more than $50,000 in agritourism income.

    The agritourism movement is fueled by city dwellers who want to understand where their food comes from or who feel an urge to embrace the country life..."

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    Interested and qualified parties must be willing to sign an NDA since our marketing plans and applications are far-advanced and ready to apply to the market. Interested parties must also be ready to attack the market since we are not interested in creeping forward and exposing our solutions without gaining a significant, first mover advantage. Please respond to

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  • Meet Danielle and Bernard from Border Jumpers. Currently they are travelling throughout Africa and visiting farms (among many other types of organizations) in order to learn and spread stories of hope and success from the continent:
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