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SEO for travel industry companies & individuals

scyther5 As a travel company - whether you're a tour operator, travel agent, hotel, transportation provider, destination management company, or whatever - or  you are certainly wondering how you can get the most out of search-engine optimization. With a well thought out SEO strategy, you can win over users. In addition, they rank higher in Google searches, which generates additional traffic. Search-engine optimization (SEO) basically includes all measures that help to improve the ranking of…

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5 of the most effective social-media sites for travel agencies

Allowing customers currently traveling to include their comments on a travel agent's social media site allows the travel agent to know right away what is happening. This has a number of benefits that allow the travel agent to: • Make any changes needed if it's a negative comment.. • Send the message to all viewers about the great experience the customer had if it's positive. • Better know what their customers want. An agent can improve customer service immediately and come out ahead of…

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  • Interesting piece from Skift on how some travel brands are bidding to rope in more "digital nomads" to their online communities: https://skift.com/2022/07/08/the-struggle-to-make-free-spirit-digit...
    The Struggle to Make Free Spirit Digital Nomads Your Travel Brand Ambassadors
    A host of travel brands are ramping up efforts to tap into remote workers and digital nomads. Their number one challenge? Authenticity.
  • Letter of Request


    Dear Sir/ Madam:


    It is a great pleasure for me to extend my greeting to you on behalf of our company Amran Ethiopia Tour and Travel Agency.  Basing its head office in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Amran has come to be one of the very renowned companies on the tour and travel industry.


    I am, therefore, writing this request letter hoping there could be a possibility for us to work together – being partners. Forming a partnership with us, your company will have a much easier access to the wonderful tourist sites in Ethiopia. For we have quite an adequate equipment that the tour industry necessitates, you partnership would certainly be of a great benefit.


    Services that any tourist may require have always been ready; waiting to satisfy their needs. Tour guiding, ticketing, hotel room booking, car renting are few of the services that our company provides. Modern and comfortable vehicles that are friendly to the country’s climate are available. Our tour guides speak English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian with fluency.


    Our company, as you will soon realize, has immense potential on the tour and travel industry. Therefore, I have attached the sample packages of our tour and travel services hoping that it will give you a more elaborated sight in to the company’s massive potential.


    My heartfelt gratitude is in advance for your consideration of our company to be your partner on our effort towards excellence.





    Sincerely yours,


    Bruik Tariku, Managing Director

  • A Tripatini member has posted a question in Ask A Travel Pro about opinions re mobile e-guidebooks vs. traditional guidebooks. If you'd like to offer your two cents please click this hyperlink.


    Thanks much!

  • A fellow member from the U.S. has posted a question in Ask A Travel Pro about non-U.S. Web sites for locally-based travel deals. If you'd like to respond, please click on this link.
  • We would like to see Veni Vidi Travel group on our website at TheTopTravelClub.com.
    The 1.5million members of WorldPrivilege.com now have free access to all of the travel savings for direct bookings in over 100 countries.
    Full info onsite for our 'no cost' offer to any travel business.
  • Veni Vidi Travel' offers variety of exclusive tailor-made cultural & historical tours, sightseeing travel packages, family vacations, private or group guided custom trips, honeymoon holidays, escorted tour packages, hotel bookings, cruise shore excursions, holiday package deals within Istanbul & Turkey. Take The Vacation Of a Lifetime in Turkey. Discount Turkey Package Tours!
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  • Interesting case study re hospitality/dining marketing & social media, now on the Tripatini blog. Click to read.
  • Just joined the tripatini group and wanted to let people know about our website where air and rental car consumers have the ability to TruPrice their ancillary fees prior to making a travel purchase decision. We're relatively new but getting a lot of press including the USA Today, Frommer's, Washington Post, MSNBC, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. By mining over 10,000 fees in-house, we are experts at fees of all kinds. See truprice.net before making your next travel decision.
  • Please check out our travel planing tool at You can Plan, manage and share your trips.

    Send us your feedback, we are constantly working on improving it!
  • Free members-only travel site to check out: TripAlertz.com.

    TripAlertz uses the power of group buying to sell members-only travel deals at deluxe hotels & resorts, and will launch in beta on October 5th (you can preview deals now). The multi-night deals are up to 75% off prices found on public online travel sites. And right now, they’re giving away 250 free trips to the first 10,000 members! Plus, you earn credits for future bookings (Trip Tokens) by referring friends.

    How it works: Members reserve private travel deals within a one-week booking period (two weeks for international hotels). The more people that book, the lower the price goes, and everyone pays the same price when the deal clock hits zero. Once booked, members can opt to meet and share advice with their fellow travelers on a private collaboration page before and after their trip (not everyone travels on the same date).

    There’s some great deals featured at hotels like the Trump International Beach Resort in Miami, the Crescent Hotel in Beverly Hills, and the Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort in Riviera Maya. Check it out! TripAlertz.com
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