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  • China China

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    Latest Activity: Jul 28

    A gargantuan mix of modern and primitive, free and authoritarian, China boasts some of the most impressive and iconic sights in the world, as well as some spectacular scenery. (We hear the lo mein's not bad, either!)

  • Turkey/Türkiye Turkey/Türkiye

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    Latest Activity: Dec 8, 2021

    Simultaneously European, Muslim, and Middle Eastern, this is a land of friendly people, delicious cuisine, and absolutely awe-inspiring sights, from Istanbul to capital Ankara to Cappadoccia to…

  • Deals & Packages Deals & Packages

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    Latest Activity: Jul 24, 2022

    Travelers, tour operators, and others clue us in on today's top bargains!

  • Senior Travelers Senior Travelers

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    Latest Activity: Oct 21, 2022

    Many older travelers have special wants, needs, and interests. So folks, this one's for you!

  • Greece Greece

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    Latest Activity: Feb 22

    Whether it's glorious ancient and medieval history; scrumptious cuisine; or the myriad sun-splashed islands of the Aegean and Ionian seas, Hellas is hot - opa!

  • Cultural Tourism Industry Cultural Tourism Industry

    101 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 1

    Experiencing culture is a passion, a science and a business. This group is for professionals creating the best cultural tours and travelers who want to find their next dream trip focusing on culture. Share and promote cultural tourism…

  • Spas/Wellness Spas/Wellness

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    Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2022

    Who doesn't love a little pampering? And the exploding number of spas across the world these days ranges from crazy-pricey to surprisingly affordable. Here we massage the whole lot of 'em.

  • Solo Travel & Travelers Solo Travel & Travelers

    98 Members

    Latest Activity: Jun 11

    Going it alone? Male or female -- and especially female -- you face your own special issues, problems, and of course joys. Let's hear all about 'em.

  • Online Marketing Ideas Online Marketing Ideas

    95 Members

    Latest Activity: Feb 2, 2021

    This group talks about how to increase your online business and think of new, alternative ways to market your products and services online.

  • Golf Travel Golf Travel

    94 Members

    Latest Activity: Mar 15

    Links lovers, this one's fore you!

  • Beach Bumming Beach Bumming

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    Latest Activity: yesterday

    Vamos a la playa! The best beaches you've ever been to, all over the world, from hopping to hideaway.

  • Ireland Ireland

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    Latest Activity: Sep 17

    From buzzing Dublin to the remote Aran Islands, the Ould Sod offers some top-notch and diverse travel experiences, from low budget to high luxe to high adventure.

  • Apps 4 Travel Apps 4 Travel

    93 Members

    Latest Activity: yesterday

    With phones and tablets these days, it's all about the apps, and travel is a hot category! Let us count the ways...

  • Germany Germany

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    Latest Activity: Sep 17, 2022

    From castles on the Rhine to Berlin's Love Parade, you could do far wurst!

  • Health & Travel Health & Travel

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    Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2022

    From vaccines for exotic tropical destinations to simply keeping in shape on the road, here's a forum for everything that concerns two of the things nearest to our hearts: travel & staying healthy.

  • Tech for Travel/Hospitality Tech for Travel/Hospitality

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    Latest Activity: Jul 3, 2022

    This is both a forum for anyone interested in technology as it relates to travel and a B2B resource and clearinghouse about booking, yield management, accounting, and other tools and systems to make tourism professionals' lives easier and more…

  • Peru Peru

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    Latest Activity: Apr 2

    The Andes' (and perhaps of South America's) most compelling country, thanks to attractions including bustling capital Lima with its colonial core; remnants of ancient civilizations like the…

  • Vietnam Vietnam

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    Latest Activity: Jul 14, 2022

    Yes, it's still a (more or less) communist country, but it's also a lovely corner of Southeast Asia with truly enchanting scenery; tasty cuisine; nice beaches; plenty of exotic architecture & historic sites, & buzzing cities.

  • Biking/Mountain Biking Biking/Mountain Biking

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    Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2022

    There's no better way to see some parts of the world than two-wheeling it, on- or off-road.

  • USA Forum USA Forum

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    Latest Activity: on Friday

    Tripatini has forums covering all 50 states plus several territories, but here's a one-stop shop for discussing issues relating to travel to the country as a whole. Visas, prices, itineraries -- bring it on!

  • Thailand Thailand

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    Latest Activity: Aug 15

    Siam, I said... This Buddhist kingdom remains a stunning destination, from the hurly-burly of Bangkok to its Golden Triangle to its voluptuous beaches.

  • Accessible/Disabled Travel Accessible/Disabled Travel

    88 Members

    Latest Activity: Jun 15

    Being physically challenged doesn't have to keep you at home! Here are ways to "trot" the globe, so to speak, for less.

  • Diving/Snorkeling Diving/Snorkeling

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    Latest Activity: Mar 13

    Dive, we said: Down into the deep blue, all over the planet.

  • Travel Reads/Books Travel Reads/Books

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    Latest Activity: Nov 18, 2022

    Books and apps to travel with and because of. What's helpful, hot, or simply cool in print out there these days?' Weigh in on our comment wall and discussion groups below!