Going it alone? Male or female -- and especially female -- you face your own special issues, problems, and of course joys. Let's hear all about 'em.

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The joys of solo travel: embracing independence and self-discovery

  Seeing the world, learning about other cultures, and making memories that will last a lifetime are all benefits of traveling. Although visiting familiar places with loved ones is always enjoyable, there is something special in discovering the world on one's own. Independent travel is a great way to learn about yourself, develop independence, and meet new people. So here's a look at the benefits of solo travel and it can enrich your travel and your life in general.   read post    

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5 of the world's best countries for solo travel

Travelling alone can be bliss and traveling alone might even change your entire life. If you are a wanderer and looking for an escape from your routine, solo travel is the best thing you can do. But it's important to choose the right destination. Here are five of best countries that are ideal for solo travel. read post

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5 tips for solo travel

First off, an itinerary: If you are going to be travelling solo, it’s a good idea to make an itinerary so that you always have something to do. Take a look at Google for some of the best things to do in the area, whether it be museums, restaurants or night life. That way you’ll always be busy! Make sure to also note down any admission prices, times and ticket requirements so that you are prepared. Travelling solo means you’ll have a lot of off time where you’ll be lost in your thoughts (which…

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