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3 tech tips for golf fans traveling this summer

Golf fans across the globe have a lot to look forward to this summer, which starts with the 2018 US Open today in the Hamptons of Long Island, New York.If it were possible, all the fans would travel to watch the US Open and other upcoming competitions in person. However, for various reasons, watching the games from home is the available option for most fans. Unfortunately, fans traveling this Summer will lack the opportunity to watch the games in person or at home. So, what should they do for…

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My last post got details wrong. The real deal is better.

Its $19.11 PER PERSON a night and the good news is that isn't just for tonight. it's all weekdays november 1 thru december 22 at the Shawnee Inn And Golf Resort. You just have to book today. They're doing this $19.11 deal to celebrate their 100 anniversary. I've played the golf course and want to play it again.

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