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Revolutionizing travel planning with ChatGPT: a step into the automated future

  JUTTHANA JAIDEE Imagine planning a vacation by telling your smartphone, "I want to take a four-day trip to Los Angeles in June" and having it spit out a perfect itinerary. That future might not quite be here yet – but with the power of AI and software like ChatGPT, (GPT being short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a big step in that direction has definitely been indeed taken. read post  

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The advantages of offline restaurant-billing software

AndreyPopov Billing software should allow both onetime and recurring billing. Since you cannot predict your customers' financial situations, and they are willing to buy your offline billing software, it would be easier to work with them instead of against. Basically, if a customer is unable to pay everything at once, (one time billing) allows an option for this customer to pay over a certain period of time (recurring billing). read post

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5 of the most effective social-media sites for travel agencies

Allowing customers currently traveling to include their comments on a travel agent's social media site allows the travel agent to know right away what is happening. This has a number of benefits that allow the travel agent to: • Make any changes needed if it's a negative comment.. • Send the message to all viewers about the great experience the customer had if it's positive. • Better know what their customers want. An agent can improve customer service immediately and come out ahead of…

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Booking apps/websites in '4 Helpful Hotel/Resort Tips - Plus You Don't Need a Travel Agent to Land a Great Property'

A fair number of factors need to be taken into account when planning a vacation, from picking a destination to deciding upon your dates, putting together an itinerary, and booking transportation. And of course you also need to figure out where to stay - and this can be especially challenging if you are traveling to the destination for the first time. read post

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  • The conventional wisdom is that social media has been kind of "ruining" travel. I don´t follow Tik Tok, but judging from my Instagram feed, the CW might have a point. Yet here´s a contrarian view - what do you think?
  • I follow a consumer-tech site called, and just the other day they came out with piece on the top travel gadgets for 2023:
  • Talk about artificial intelligence is all over the media these days, of course, and just yesterday Time took its own look at its potential in the travel industry:
    How AI Could Transform Travel–and How to Take Advantage of It
    A third of travelers say they would use ChatGPT to plan their vacation.
  • ChatGPT has been all the rage for the better part of this year so far. So naturally inquiring minds have been looking into its applications for travel planning. And here's what USA Today recently came up with:
    Can you use ChatGPT as a travel agent? Here's what I learned about AI vacation planning.
    I compared my trip-planning experience with ChatGPT to a human travel agent. Here's what I learned from the experiment.
  • Travel-new site Skif reports on how tour operators are finally more widely embracing technology to give themselves a much needed post-pandemic boost:
    Tour Operators Embrace the Long-Elusive Software Solution
    Tour operators are making technology advances at last with software platforms necessary to ensure survival coming out of a crippling crisis.
  • Three weeks ago in Amman Jordan, the World Travel Tech Awards feted this year's top vote getters, and top standouts included Amadeus for best travel technology provider, IBM for best AI travel tech, KAYAK as best hotel comparison website, for best tourism authority website, and Mastercard was named best B2B travel payments provider. See the complete list at
  • Not a moment too soon, with horrific summertime crowding in airports, the U.S. Transportation Security Agency is introducing scanners that will eliminate the need for passengers to show TSA agents their boarding passes. Will it help?
    How The TSA Is Using Technology To Cut Wait Times
    Tired of security wait times and live in the US?
  • Iberia has launched a high-tech program to make Madrid Barajas Airport's Terminal 4 the world's most user-friendly airport terminal. Here's how we're doing it.


  • A fellow agent and Tripatini member is looking for recommendations for a CRM to replace ClientBase. If you have any suggestions, please respond not on this wall but rather at this link to our Ask A Travel Pro forum.  Many thanks!

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