Allowing customers currently traveling to include their comments on a travel agent's social media site allows the travel agent to know right away what is happening. This has a number of benefits that allow the travel agent to:

• Make any changes needed if it's a negative comment..

• Send the message to all viewers about the great experience the customer had if it's positive.

• Better know what their customers want.

An agent can improve customer service immediately and come out ahead of competitors who do not use social media. And in order for social networking sites to be useful to the travel agency, it is important that the travel professional engages the customers regularly and consistently. For example, this means that the agency must find ways to motivate their clients to leave comments on the sites.

There are of course myriad travel oriented social-networking sites worldwide (including this one, Tripatini). But here the "big five" which travel agents can use to amplify five of the most popular sites:

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