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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite! 7 Tips to Keep Them from Ruining Your Holiday

  Picryl They're baaack...well, actually they never really left. Ranging from around seven down to just one milimetre (a quarter to 1/32 of an inch).in size, cimex lectualarius lurk on mattresses and sheets an feed on your blood - usually at night while you sleep, and can cause reactions from patches of redness to good-size blisters, usually accompanied by itching and occasionally allergic symptoms. Bed bugs are tenacious - able to survive nearly a year without feeding - and getting rid of…

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Observations and advice about jet lag

  Many of us who travel across various time zones experience jet lag, and some are more prone to it than others. Circadian rhythms (your body's internal clock) tell you when to stay up and go to bed, and because they're pegged to to your home time zone rather than the new time zone you've gone to, you experience jet lag if you cross more than two or three time zones. Flying from the U.S. East Coast to Europe, for example, when you arrive around 8 AM your internal clock still thinks it's 2 AM,…

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U.S. Centers for Disease Control warn against cruise travel as omicron spreads on ships

Scottslm   As clusters of COVID-19 cases continue to emerge on cruise ships since the omicron variant emerged, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned travelers against taking cruises. "Today, CDC increased the Cruise Travel Health Notice (THN) to a Level 4, recommending people avoid cruise travel regardless of vaccination status," the CDC said in a statement provided by spokesperson Dave Daigle.  Read more here.    

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Should you cancel travel plans because of the coronavirus’s delta variant?

The hyper-transmissible delta variant of the coronavirus has forced some would-be travelers to cancel trips and others to consider whether it’s safe to follow through with their plans. As hospitalizations surge across much of the US - mostly among the unvaccinated - Americans are trying to adapt on the fly. So this Washington Post article posit several questions you should ask yourself whether considering whether or not to go.

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  • Guarding your health on the road begins before you hit the road, so Fodors has some pretty good suggestions on that front:
    Worried About Getting Sick Abroad? Do These Things BEFORE Leaving for Your Trip
    Fodor's provides expert travel content worth exploring so you can dream up your next trip. The world is a weird and wonderful place—we want to show y…
  • A Travel+Leisure writer advises us on how to protect our health during winter travel:
    How to Stay Healthy While Traveling This Holiday Season, According to a Doctor
    Everything to know about staying healthy this holiday season while traveling.
  • Such a funny coincidence: I had just bought my first compression socks, and suddenly I come across this article on why for health reasons everyone should wear them on long-haul flights:
    The Flight Essential Not Enough People Bring On A Plane
    Here's what you need to know about this crucial carry-on item.
  • Nha Trang beach in Vietnam 



  • Do you know what women travelers want? If you are a girl you might have your suspicions, but do you really know? To find out read Girls That Roam’s Women’s Travel Survey:

  • Have a hospitality or travel business? Reach women travelers through Girls That Roam’s Travel Business Directory:

  • Just a quick tip for anyone going to Malaria prone areas. You might want to have some MMS or other strong oxidizers with you. Do a search on Jim Humble's breakthrough research on Malaria.


  • Wellness Tourism Worldwide Announces

    Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2013

    1st annual forecast to be released January 11


    Los Angeles, Jan. 11, 2013 -- Wellness Tourism Worldwide announces its 2013 forecast of wellness travel trends. Each trend bears relevance to today’s consumer, focusing upon new wellness designs, programs and service levels in air transit, hotel accommodations and destinations.

    Camille Hoheb, wellness travel industry expert and founder of Wellness Tourism Worldwide, noted "Health opens the door to a whole new world.  We’re looking at wellness domains that contribute to better traveler experiences.  We think this forecast will encourage individuals and industries to expand their perceptions on wellness and improve quality of life.”

    The forecast is based on an analysis of factors including consumer and B2B surveys, site visits, feedback from travel suppliers, destinations and sellers as well as extensive research, all of which have been consolidated to bring practical knowledge to both individuals and businesses.

    Snapshot: Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2013 (full descriptions below)

    Wellness Takes Flight

    Health-Focused Hotels

    Digital Detox

    Reconnecting through Nature

    Sleep at the Forefront

    Spiritual Seekers

    Indigenous Healing Experiences

    Rewarding with Wellness Travel

    Celebrity Instructor Retreats

    Intergenerational Family Holiday

    For a free download of the “Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends for 2013”, please go to

    Media Contact:
    Camille Hoheb

    Wellness Tourism Worldwide Home Page
    Wellness Tourism Worldwide is a WELLNESS TOURISM CONSULTANCY. Wellness Tourism Development | Wellness Tourism Strategy |Wellness Tourism Promotion
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    Great to see you on this site and thanks so much for the referral. Do you have her email by chance? 

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  • Hello Camille,

    Please contact Jean Rica in Seoul:

    LuxElite Inc.

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