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Diving/snorkeling is Bonaire's number/one draw

Stockvault This of course is Bonaire´s number-one attraction, with an abundance of coral reefs harboring colorful tropical fish as well as giant sea turtles, rays, and octopi. The entire island is surrounded by the Bonaire National Marine Park, with many dozens of sites and dive shops all up and down the coasts (though there are more of them on the west than the east coast, which is windier and rockier).  Even more appealing is that many are accessible from the shore, without having to take a…

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Diving/snorkeling in ´5 Fabulous Australia Destinations for Water Lovers´

  With nearly 26,000 kilometre (more than 16,000 miles) of coastline, this continent unto itself, surrounded by three of the world's great oceans: the Pacific, the Indian, and the Southern Ocean. It´s most famous for the surfing culture along its eastern coast but also offers an incredible array of aquatic adventures, from adrenaline pumpers to simply bathing off gorgeous beaches in crystal-clear seas. And here we focus on a quintet of places that all marine mavens should have on their…

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Belize diving in '7 Awesome Active Vacation Ideas for 2023'

Andy Blackledge If you like some action on your vacations, there's no doubt our planet is packed with all sorts of active, adventurous, and sometimes adrenaline-pumping options. Some are "soft," requiring no great skill or physical fitness, while others will delightfully challenge you. How to narrow it down to just seven? Well, let me give it a try!   read post  

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  • A pretty good list - and with several that even surprised me a bit: https://www.timeout.com/travel/worlds-best-snorkelling-spots
    It's official: these are the world’s most beautiful snorkelling spots
    Have you visited any of these underwater worlds?
  • There are so many awesome dive spots around the world that it´s sometimes hard to know where to go next. AFAR recently lent a helping hand by offereing their top ten: https://www.afar.com/magazine/best-places-in-the-world-to-go-scuba-...
    The 10 Best Places for Scuba Diving Around the Globe
    Here's where to go for incredible underwater views.
  • You can almost not go wrong snorkeling anywhere in the Caribbean, but Lonely Planet recently pinpointed what its writer declares are the best of the best. If you've done the mask-and-fins thing down here, do you agree with her choices? https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/best-places-to-snorkel-in-car...
    The top 8 places to snorkel in the Caribbean
    Kaleidoscopic tropical fish, spectacular coral reefs and year-round warm waters make the Caribbean one of the best places for snorkeling.
  • Pleenty of great diving/snorkeling all across the Caribbean, of course, but a writer for the Daily Beast shows why Aruba is extra special:: https://www.thedailybeast.com/this-caribbean-island-is-great-for-un...
    This Caribbean Island Is Great for Underwater Adventure
    It wasn’t until I descended into the depths of Aruba’s clear waters that I realized something new and exciting was about to happen.
  • Travel+Leisure recently heralded the fantastic diving on the little known Dutch Caribbean island of Statia (St. Eustatius): https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/beach-vacations/st-eust...
    This Lesser-known Caribbean Island Is Just 13 Square Miles — and Has a National Marine Park With Un…
    Looking for the perfect Caribbean vacation? Put St. Eustatius on your travel list.
  • Iceland sure isn't on anyone's list of top snorkeling destinations, but here's a unique experience here which just might intrigue you (with a lot of insulation, of course!): https://www.globeguide.ca/silfra-fissure-iceland/
    Snorkeling between two continents in Iceland’s Silfra Fissure
  • For those of you who have not done a wreck dive, we have quite a few off St.Kitts.9012384280?profile=original

  • 9011171283?profile=original

    Just joined the snorkeling / diving community and look forward to hearing from all of you!


  • Now on our blog: the allure of wreck diving.

  • I was wondering if anyone knew some great diving spots in North America, Canada in particular? Any social media contests or sweepstakes I can enter for a dream diving vacation? I just tried scuba for the first time this summer in Akumal, Mexico, and I think I'm hooked. Saw giant sea turtles, squids, nurse sharks, schools of fish and a sting ray! Then saw hundreds of sea turtles hatch on the beach! Ahhhh, the life aquatic.

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