From buzzing Dublin to the remote Aran Islands, the Éire offers some top-notch and diverse travel experiences, from low budget to high luxe to high adventure.


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Experiencing Dublin on St. Patrick's Day

  MediaProductions Every March 17th, the 5th-century Romano-British missionary who converted the Celts to Christianity, then became a bishop and eventually Irland´s patron saint is celebrated in more countries than any other national holiday, and of course it has special weight and significance here, where it´s a public holiday as well as a cultural and religious one. And if you happen to be visiting on this special day, you´re in for a treat, with various forms of festivities shamrocking the…

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Ireland's national cemetery, Glasnevin in Dublin

If this was not in fact the highest point in Dublin, it certainly felt like it. After climbing the 198 steps to the top of Glasnevin Cemetery's Daniel O’Connell Tower (below) -  Ireland's highest round tower - I was able to gaze over the entire city, laid out almost like a map. It stretched from the western limits, past the airport to the north, by way of the Hill of Howth, the Irish Sea and the Liffey River mouth round to the Dublin Mountains in the south. This amazing revelation was the…

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Kinsale, jewel of Ireland's south coast

With its deep water harbour and a population of a bit over 5,200, the town of Kinsale in County Cork has been an important sea port for more than 1,500 years. St Multose founded a monastery here in the 6th century, and the early Celtic settlement that grew up around the estuary was later supplanted by a Viking trading post. The Normans fortified the town in the 13th century, and over the next 200 years it developed as a centre for fishing and shipbuilding. read post

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  • Time Out International recently published its list of the world´s "coolest" neighborhoods for 2023 - and find out why Smithfield in Dublin came in at number two
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  • Nat Geo weighs in with an ¨essential¨ guide to Éire:
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  • Next year I´m hoping finally to get to the homeland of my grandmother Lizzie Duffy. So this NatGeo list of Éire bucket listers will definitely come in handy!
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  • As an immigrant to another country myself - after all, that's what a so-called "expat" is - I keep an eye on the trends in this area, and the international financial services company HSBC has for 14 years done a survey of expats (though they've never gotten around to me lol), and Ireland recently came in 7th on financial services giant HSBC's list of top countries for expats:
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  • Further researching my fall trip, I'm going to my ancestral home town of Carrickmacross, up north near the border with Northern Ireland and especially famous in Ireland for its lace. And Ireland tourism has a great section on this part of the country, County Monaghan - which is definitely off the beaten track but harbors some appealing-sounding allures indeed!
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  • I'm finally - finally! - getting to Eire later this year for the first time, and in the course of researching the trip came across this piece by Tripatini member Mary Jo Manzanares about sites relating to Dublin's rich history of writers. And gosh, maybe I'll even take another stab at Ulysses!
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  • Here's a look from Condé Nast Traveler on how Dublin has been becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and exciting of late, and highlighting some of its cooler hotels, restaurants, and such:
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  • In observance of Pride, The Guardian just came out with a piece on Europe's ten best gay-friendly destinations - and here's why Dublin made the cut:
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  • Maureen Blevins has a question about Ireland in the Media Only group. Can someone help her out?

  • Heading back to Ireland in a week.  Want to spend more time along the Atlantic coast this time from Burren down to Country Cork.  Any suggestions?

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