Vamos a la playa! The best beaches you've ever been to, all over the world, from hopping to hideaway.

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The Perhentian Islands´ are among the beautiful beaches in ´10 of the Top Spots to Visit in Malaysia´

Achilli Family | Journeys Located in Terengganu state, on the northeast coast of the Malay Peninsula, this handful of scenic, laid back tropical isles feature gorgeous white-sand beaches and shallow, crystal-clear water perfect for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea kayaking.Visitors also get to witness nesting of green and hawksbill marine turtles - under careful supervision, of course. The two main islands, Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil (whose Long Beach is pictured above)…

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Beaches are at the heart of ´The Enduring Appeal of Montego Bay, Jamaica´

Mattes   Served by its own very nearby airport (the Caribbean's biggest and busiest), the third largest city in Jamaica (as well as the English-speaking Caribbean, with a population of around 110,000), MoBay has since the 1960s been an anchor of Jamaica's tourism industry, and one of the island's most visited spots, as well as a very popular cruise port of call. Located in the island's northwest, the city's main draw remains the gorgeous, white-sand beaches with tranquil, aquamarine waters…

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Spain's 21 niftiest nude beaches,   Thinking of coming to the playa in Spain this coming summer? Well, if you're also a fan of all-over tans, nude beaches mark nearly a half century in this country, which has sprouted a whopping 400 where you can swim starkers and sun your bum to your heart's content. Here are nearly two dozen of the top choices!   read post  

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7 of the top beaches on Barbados The Caribbean's easternmost island, located in the southern corner of the Lesser Antilles, is home to powdery sand and turquoise waters on the Caribbean coast and perfect swells on the rugged eastern, Atlantic coast, a haven for surfers and for the naturalists away from the upmarket resorts. There are more than 60 beaches along 70 miles of coastline, made up of powedery coral sands both pink and white. Here's a quick look at seven of the post    

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  • Euronews recently came out with a look at several of Europe´s best ¨under-the-radar¨ beaches - and as you might be able to guess, most are in the East:
    Budget beach breaks: Skip tourist hotspots for Europe’s hidden gems
    From Albania to Ireland, these are Europe’s best under the radar beach destinations.
  • It's that time of year again, when coastal scientist Stephen Leatherman - aka Dr. Beach - comes out with his annual list of the USA's best. And not surprisingly, at least half of them are in Florida and California:
  • Up till now, NYC denizens hankering for a beach have to go out to Coney Island or even farther out on Long Island's south shore, but this summer plans are to open an artificial "beach" right in west Greenich Village - the one catch is no swimming:
    New beach to open in Manhattan this summer
    The same firm that brought New Yorkers and visitors the High Line will open Gansevoort Peninsula this summer for warm-weather outdoor thrills.
  • As this article notes, beaches probably aren't near the top of the list of allures that come to mind when you think Canada, but this huge country has plenty of coastline and also plenty of lakes - meaning also plenty of strands. So here are nearly a dozen of the best:
    11 Astonishingly Beautiful Beaches In Canada
    Canada is home to more shoreline than any other country in the world and its beaches are a well-kept secret worth discovering.
  • Many visitors to this country get no farther from capital Montevideo than the fancy nearby resorts of Punta del Este and José Ignacio. But up the Atlantic coast toward the border with Brazil lie a string of smaller beach towns wild some of Uruguay's wilder and more bohemian charms, such as Punta del Diablo. The UK news website The Week clues us in here:
  • On their website, a U.S.-Cuban couple cover the world, and bring special expertise on Ecuador, where they met while living. And here they give recommendations on an aspect of the country that most people know less about: its Pacific-coast beaches. Check it out:
  • Of course the Caribbean's number-one draw is its beaches and limpid waters, but currently those throughout the region are enduring a rise in a smothering golden algae called sargassum, and it's affecting both health and tourism in various countries:
    Caribbean Matters: A stinky 'golden tide' of Sargassum seaweed strangles the Caribbean
    The environmental threats faced by both island nations in the Caribbean Sea and the mainland Caribbean basin are not limited to just hurricanes. Curr…
  • The Guardian recently published a great survey of Europe's top beaches - can't wait for summer!
    40 of the best beaches in Europe | Beach holidays | The Guardian
    From flamingo-pink shores to wild coastlines and everything in between, our travel writers pick the continent’s finest sands, and places to stay near…
  • Find out why Catalina is important to our family today at The World on Wheels and take a tour of the landmark Casino.

  • It's an important spot in our family's history but did we jump a bit too soon in grabbing up a cheap trip? Find out today at The World on Wheels as we return to Catalina Island after an absence of 34 years.

    The World on Wheels
    An ongoing adventure of travel and living while using a wheelchair. Tim has been disabled from birth. Darryl is his father and caregiver who travel…
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